Slender man fiction becomes real

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  1. Preteens stab their friend 19 times to prove loyalty to fictional monster

    RT news Article

    Fijo thoughts:

    ....just wow,
  2. If Slenderman was real, he'd probably be doing this right now;
  3. Can we all just sit in a circle and let out a collective sigh?
  4. And this is why parents need to watch what their kids read online. /sigh
  5. Because twelve-year-old never consider parental disapproval a huge bonus, amirite?
  6. Pretty sure you can't hold a child away from their parents on bail - also saw another version that said they're being tried as adults? I'm calling hoax on this one.
  7. I read this yesterday and my jaw dropped. As I recall, I raged at the screen, too. :I Makes me thankful that I'm so familiar with the internet. Familiar enough that I'll know what to forbid my kid to read/make inaccessible when he's old enough to appreciate the world wide web. At least, until he understands what's real and what ain't. Those girls and their parents just... Why? Whhhyyyy?
  8. Honestly anyone who solely blames this on the media that may or may have not have inspired these girls needs help, professional help ya dig. These girls obviously had a preexisting condition, psychopaths are not born of a single sensory input but rather a life time of mental and often physical abuse. I would look to their past because this Slender Man thing is their way of coping and or justifying their actions to themselves. But that does not mean it is to blame. People this unhinged will find their justification in due time and in whatever form is convenient for them.
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  9. All I know is
  10. I agree completely Hisoka. I grew up, watching Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween and stuff of the like since I was 5 years old. I have not had the urge to kill anyone in cold blood, or any history with violence. This is most definitely the fault of their parents.

    I feel so bad for the victim. She's going to have a rough life trying to cope with this. Probably won't trust anyone ever again. It is a miracle she survived that many wounds.
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  11. *sigh* I have grown up with many of the horror like creatures for years, and this is just crazy. To believe in it so much that someone would do such a thing...just shows us who the real monsters of the world are.
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  12. Those Parents are certainly not doing THEIR JOB.
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  13. Indeed, I couldn't agree more. It's simply a myth, a good scare and yet these kids have taken it to far. Where in the world were the parents? *groans or sighs out of annoyance of bad parenting*
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  14. This is that Warlock movie all over again.
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  15.!? That's horrible and freaky oh geez, that's so creepy...and super disturbing...but those little girls... I hate to say it were completely crazy!
  16. Well I was pretty sure this was a hoax from reading the article Fijo linked, but looks like it's legit. There's court footage.


    I agree though that this isn't a matter of controlling what your kids read. Video games and movies and stories do not make you violent. These girls- or at least one of them, as it's possible for people (especially young people) to be swayed by a dominating charismatic personality- have preexisting mental conditions that led to this incident. What we SHOULD ask about the parents is whether they noticed the signs that their children obviously need psychological help and if so, what did they do about it?
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  17. Well, I never used the word control, my mother regulated and when she didn't feel right about something I was reading or viewing, she talked to me and asked me why I thought about those things. My mom also was super busy and seemingly didn't pay attention to me. She had this admin tool and could root through my history whenever she wanted basically connect to my computer and use it from her own. Maybe it was extreme of her and I don't suggest that parents do what my mom did, but the point I am trying to make is the communication part, talking to your kids is most important.

    @Ozzie Chanter I have also noticed that creepy pasta is changing around because of it, with age warning semi sign in thing, much like YouTube does.

    And these kids are at the "unpredictable and hormonal" stage if life, suddenly stabbing your friends is beyond crazy @_@
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  18. I agree to pretty much what everyone else said up there.

    My mother and father took time to tell of that the stuff I read and the games I played are things of fiction.

    A lot of the problem with more and more "modern" parents is that they don't take time to spend time with their children. Even the little things count. So that when the kids grow up they know they can rely on their parents and the parents can be more understanding of what their children feel.
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  19. How can they....they have to WORK ALL THE TIME to SUPPORT THE KIDS. ..........GRUH!!! Now i have to point my finger at the education system AND the parents....this stuff should be taught in schools and the home....
  20. It's a deep-rooted social issue that the current education system really can't be expected to fix. It's there to teach basic ethics, not deep-rooted morality.

    This is how I see the problem:
    Money is how everything functions. You graduate from college, get your first job, and start making serious money. You meet someone, move in together, and your income doubles but your expenses only increase by 30%. Suddenly you have a lot of income and can afford all that cool stuff- new TVs every year, a new high quality car every 3, going out every weekend, etc. Your career is set so your income is never going to go down.
    BUT WAIT. Then you have kids. All of a sudden you can't work as much, but your expenses have increased. Some people cut back on spending, some don't. But it would require a complete lifestyle change to support kids on reduced income. In fact, most parents need to work more to pay for the laptops and smartphones and tablets their kids want, and still put them through college. Because without college, the kids can't make any money. Money is how everything functions. The parents spend more time at work and less time at home to make more money so the kids will be set up better for life.
    So those kids grow up, go to college, start making money, get used to a lifestyle, then try to introduce kids to it...

    Nobody wants to spend all their time at work, but nobody wants to go from driving new BMWs to used Hondas. Nobody wants to be a slave to the paycheck, but moving out of the gated community sounds even worse. Everybody wants to have time to teach their kids fiction from reality... but if that time means no smartphones or tablets and sharing an old family computer, all of a sudden it looks a lot less appealing. Downsizing is difficult. And having kids young, before you get used to the DINKS lifestyle, usually only means more financial problems down the road.
    It's a lose-lose situation.
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