Sleepy Village (modern Harvest Moon?)

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  1. So I was thinking of doing a sort of modern Harvest Moon RP, that takes place in a rainy little village in Britain. The idea is for it to be kind of a slow paced, cozy, everyday slice-of-life story about the residents of said village trying to breathe new life into it. Romancing will be very welcome, because after all it's about trying to save a village from vanishing, and by establishing bonds with other people they can act as anchors to slow down the emigration. That being said it's not all "We need to repopulate! Make kids, quick!" so it doesn't all have to be heterosexual couples.

    I'm going to think about it some more, but I want the initial reaction from people, because if noone is interested from the start then there's no point in continuing with it.
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  2. I would be interested! Problem is I haven't actually ever played Harvest Moon >///<
    If this gets to be a thing I'd at least read up on it more though.
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  3. Ah, well Harvest Moon is more reference material than anything. I'm not planning to make it a fandom roleplay, so it's okay not to have played the games. The general idea of Harvest Moon is to work hard and bring new life to a village where the population has severely decreased, which is what I was aiming for. But rather than focusing on farming, I was thinking that each character could own a small shop or something like that. Oh, and since it will take place in a country side type of location, running a farm would be totally OK as well. I'm really glad to hear you want to join! ^w^
  4. I really love that idea! I pray this gets more attention! I mean basically not everyone needs to run a shop too, maybe a simple job as well, but yeah..I wanted something like this forever..I will really check into this and send the link around a little :3
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  5. Oh stop it you! >///<

    Yeah, any occupation would be fine, really, as long as it's not something typical for larger cities. For example, having an author would be pretty cool. And any advertising is much appreciated, thank you! ^w^
  6. Sounds interesting. I'd be down for this!
  7. Yay~ welcome!
  8. Great! I'm going to ask my friend to make a banner, and see if that generates even more interest.
  9. o-o Definitely an intriguing idea, I guess I'm in!
  10. You are still on that o-o thing xD
  11. :P Derp, I guess it's a habit.
  12. Ah, before I ask someone to make the banner I want your guys's opinion on something... What do you think the name of the village should be?
  13. Do you want it Japanese style namish?
  14. No, since I was planning on having it set in Great Britain. But people would rather have it play out in Japan, I can move it there :P
  15. I just have a few in my head for Britain
    Dunno if those are actual names...but it sounds British to me soooo ya :3
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  16. Mm I feel more inspired now. Blyth and Fordwich does sound cool, but I looked them up and it seems there are already some places called that :O

    I really like the "x upon x" names for villages located near a river. How about Maple upon Trent?
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  17. Sounds nice! Well, I guess I'm not as creative..I just checked and all these names are...already existing :P
  18. Nono, not at all! As I said, I really liked Blyth and Fordwich, and I guess someone else must've liked it as well because they chose it as the name for their village :P
  19. *Sigh* So my friend is busy meaning they can probably not make a banner for this, and I don't know anyone else who makes custom banners like the one I had in mind without a background picture... So either I have to rethink my idea for the banner and ask someone else or we're going to have to do without one :/ That is unless one of you has an awesome idea and can as someone to make it, or even better, if you can make one yourself :3
  20. I'm totally down for a harvest moon RP if you are still looking for people. Also I'm not that great at making banners and such, but if you need someone to make something I can see what I can do.
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