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Would you sacrifice health for better dreams?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Sleeping position is interesting in terms of physical, and dreaming... and not what I fully wanted XP

    Sleeping on your side for example (left) more prone to nightmares, bad on posture, more wrinkles due to your head being pressed on your pillow, and sagging breast due to gravity. Thinking about it, my few recurring nightmares were from laying on my left side. So if you insist on sleeping on side, right side is recommended as you'll have actual dreams... but still on side XP

    Stomach- wrinkles due to being pressed on your pillow, bad on posture and terrible for back pain, ESPECIALLY neck as your neck is forced in one position all night. and bad breathing, BUT the best for dreams. As in good dreams. Fun, intriguing, sexual, etc etc. (Go figure -.- best mentally, worst physically)

    And on back. The healthiest. Best for posture, least amount of pressure (unless pregnant) good for not getting wrinkles, and most perm/healthy breast. And most variety with dreams. Also prone to not remembering most of them.

    Personally, I sleep on my back. And I've had all sorts of dreams. I tend to forget most of them within 45 minutes, but I can hold on to the big points.

    But this leads to My delima. I LOVE dreams. I've had a dream in all sorts of settings. Ancient temple/civilization underground with 3 feet blue people fighting a Insect army, flying futuristic cities in civil war where I have the force (kinda). odd dream where this ice cream truck had a guy with a literal pizza slice as a face. Just to name a few ^^

    Thing is though, do I want to sacrifice health benefits for better dreams? I have pretty good genes in terms of age, so I don't think I need to worry about wrinkles too much, I don't have breast so I don't have to worry about those downsides. but posture, breathing, things like that. O.O is it worth?

    I wonder what some of you think. Is amazing dreams worth sacrificing a bit of your body health for?
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  2. I sleep on my side. Left when I want to stay warm and right for comfort. Don't really have a lot of nightmares, but interesting dreams.
  3. I always sleep on my side, unless I'm sick and congested and have to sleep propped up on my back (like the last two nights :I). Usually on my right side in the fetal position. I just can't sleep very well any other way. Also, your tits gonna sag thanks to gravity either way, man.
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  4. Sleep on the side: Good sleep GOOOOOD SLEEP

    Sleep on Back: Chance of sleep paralysis increases from 5% to 99.9% : |

    Sleep on stomach: Skin is as wrinkly as a sultana...
  5. I sleep on the right and left. Don't have nightmares. Where did you find out about this stuff? It's interesting!

    This. So much.
  6. I sleep like my body doesn't understand how it's supposed to work. It ranges from curled up sort of fetal position but on my face rather than my side to being on my right side or stomach whilst my head and one or both shoulders are mashed up into the wall and the weight propped up by elbow(s) on the pillows. The latter is the most common sleeping position I wake up in, and I actually have a bruise on the right side of my forehead due to my head being pressed to the wall for hours at a time at night. It's been there for many years, and it'll probably stay until I get some sort of padded headboard.

    Classify that nonsense however you will. I can't recall the last time I remembered a dream upon waking up. 8D
  7. I can completely attest to this x.x No matter which position I sleep in, I always end up on my stomach and wake up feeling like a giant bruise x.x

    Hm... I tend to have more nightmares than good dreams. Last time I dreamed was a terrible one and I woke up on my stomach. Even right now I just woke from a stupid dream and I was on my stomach. Maybe it's time I make a conscious effort to stay on my back or right side.
  8. Well yes XP But it'll make the process much quicker.
    like being lazy, and eating junk food. Being lazy will get you unfit, though having junk food as well will get you to that point much quicker.

    It's not a guarantee, just makes you more prone to it.

    As for where, just google sleep positions. The sleeping positions also seem to co-exist with personality traits. Even room temperature. I didn't sleep last night, little did I realize, my room was like a million degrees DX The ideal sleeping conditions are like 61 degrees or something. That doesn't mean it's the most comfortable, just means people tend to get the best sleep in that temperature. (Like me for example, I sleep quicker and better in colder environments, though not so well when I consider it freezing. My mom always considered my room a freezer XP

    The Best Sleep Positions
    Me personally, switch between "The yearner" and "The Soldier" and "The starfish" (Though finally get to sleep, or at least wake up as the soldier) And all those personality traits I find within me. While my friend is a Fetus sleeper, and that specific trait fits him pretty well, at least before he fought through it to change himself in highschool to become an extrovert.

    For more detail though,
    Which Sleep Style Is Healthiest?

    I sleep on my back, and I never wake up in pain (Occassionally lower back, which is a down side to back) unless I find myself waking up on my side, or in a way my arm is asleep from blood flow cut off (Scared myself one night because my arm lost blood flow and hit my face, though I couldn't feel my arm and felt like someone elses o.o) I take very light breaths, so I do VERY light snores (As well as not being able to smell bad smells at intensely. I COULD once I start taking deeper breaths... but come on, who would voluntarily smell bad things worse? XP

    In terms of dreams too, right side sleepers report more positive dreams and less nightmares than those who sleep towards their left. That has something to do with how pressure is applied to your body. There's more vital things on your left and thus, sleeping on your left applies pressure to those, your body doesn't like that, which is why your more prone to nightmares. While on your right side, you're opening up more blood flow/airflow/better position, thus why your dreams are more satisfying. On your stomach, your applying more pressure to your over all body, and makes it more stiff, giving your body more of a trapped feeling. This makes your dreams more prone to being erotic due to your body referencing the type of pressures to erotic feelings.

    And those are just a few things. Some things I said probably contradicted its self between my first post and this one, that's because different studies show slightly different results due to the people being used. Like one study showing no pain with back sleepers, while another showed minor back pains. Not to mention, we all toss and turn in our sleep so when we're on our back, we tend to also go into a pseudo left side/right side sleeping positions which is why our dreams are more random, as opposed to stomach sleepers who's generally stuck in one position which causes for more consistent dreams. Of course outside influences take part too. If you had a shitty day, your dream, regardless of position, will probably be more on the taxing side.
  9. I sleep in all positions and haven't ever noticed my dreaming to be affected by it. Honestly when I sleep on my stomach it's for pain relief, be it my stomach or chest or back are hurting. It hurts my neck sometimes, but I never wake up with back pain.

    Sleeping on your side can give you bad posture but if you do the pillow leg hug (it sounds weird but it's the same as using a body pillow) it fixes the problem.

    And uh, I haven't noticed any body sagging issues either (I usually sleep on my left).
  10. I can sleep on either side, and rarely on my back. I have to hold something though. I usually hug a pillow, and when I slept with a woman, I would hold her. I can’t sleep with my arms dangling.

    I have slight PTSD, so I got used to nightmares, and I learned how to somewhat control them. I use certain air freshness if my mental state is a bit wavy and I may have a nightmare. The scents subconsciously soothe me, even when asleep.

    I tend to have to hold my arms in a straighter than 90 degree position. My biceps are so large, that anything more than that puts pressure on them and cuts off circulation. I wake up a few hours later and my arm is painfully asleep from the elbow down.

    I also have to sleep with the tv on. Unless I am with someone else. Then I can feel their presence and it is alright. I hate darkness.
  11. More than half the time this is how I sleep
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  12. Until recently my sleeping positions were al over the place... side, back, prone, and everything in between.

    Lately though it's always on my side... whether alone or not, it's always that way now.
  13. I tend to be everywhere when I sleep. I am a total sprawler and more often than not, I'll wake up stretched out diagonally. That being said, I usually fall asleep on my side - normally my right but sometimes my left - curled in the fetal position. I rarely sleep on my stomach and I can't sleep on my back.

    I always have weird dreams - nightmares or otherwise - no matter which position I sleep in. They are a fact of my life and usually give me endless amusement if I remember them.
  14. I always wake up in a different position than what I fell asleep in. I toss and turn a lot, so I guess I'm going to get all the down sides no matter what. Admittedly the only one that bugs me is the posture. Wrinkles are just wrinkles and my breasts - well, as long as they don't develop the dreaded cancer bumps I'm happy. The unplanned back pains I would rather go without.
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  15. Hm, that bit on sagging breast got me doing a second take I admit. I sleep on my side though, though I never really had a nightmare (maybe once ages ago and it wasn't all that terrible). Or even dreams for that matter in general (at least, not many that I actually remember).
  16. I have nice dreams and nightmares no matter what position I sleep in but I find comfort in the side to side back positions.
  17. I've always slept on my left side, and I generally don't dream. When I do dream, they tend to be very realistic and revolve around situations I dread happening IRL (becoming classmates with someone I've avoided for years, being chased by a rabid dog... I'm boring). Funnily enough, if I wake up mid dream I can usually continue it if I go back to bed within the next hour. It's a drag since I'd sometimes wake up feeling like I had a terrible day already.

    The boob sag part doesn't really bother me as I'm flat enough to walk out without a bra. However if I did so my friends would realize I'm actually flat af. :') I have several pillows. One for between my legs, one of my back, one for my head and one on the wall because more than once I've woken up to hitting my head against it in surprise.
  18. I sleep on my back, oddly enough. I usually have like super unrealistic dreams, that I usually refer to as fever dreams because they never make any sense. From me marrying one of my friends and sliding down a broken frozen ride on my butt, to me going on some sort of amazing race thing as a elementary schooler, they just, none of them make any sense. Some I remember well, usually the weirdest ones, and some just fade away into nothing. I am known to be a cuddly person so I usually use my big fluffy cat plushie to squeeze so I don't end up killing my cat
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