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  1. **Tags are always tentative, depending on what you prefer.

    OKAY, so firstly, I'm wanting someone who is ACTIVE, good at and/or experienced with roleplaying, and is okay with doing a mature rp in the thread. If you really wanna do this, but not in the threads, I'll make an exception.

    1] Do not touch or harm the slaves without the permission of the seller. There is a set of rooms for sexual testing, but you must have permission first.

    2] The market is to be unknown to the outside world. Speak of it to anyone else and well, you'll go missing for the rest of time.

    3] As said below, your kinks are welcome, but if I am uncomfortable with something I'll let you know.

    4] I would love if your character is a vampire, but if you wanna be a human, that's cool too.

    5] You can have my char do things other than sexual activities, such as clean, cook, etc.

    6] I'm wanting at LEAST a little bit of plot to this. Pweeeaase?

    1] Please no one or two liners. Thanks!

    2] Anime and illustrated photos only. If the image contains nudity please put it in a spoiler.

    3] No godmodding please! You only can if it's assumed, like if I say my char walked away, you can say they're gone in your post.

    4] To join, please post a character sheet here!

    5] Any kinks you have are allowed. I won't/don't judge, but if I'm uncomfortable with something, I'll let you know.

    6] This rp with be cool as a group one, so we'll start off with this being 1x1, and if we feel we want more people, we can do so and put it in the group rp section.

    7] First come first serve, but also best roleplayer best chance. I will do this rp with multiple people, but the first one to apply and/or the first person to make a char I love will rp this with me in threads. Everyone else will do this rp in PMs.


    AGE (18-28):
    KINKS (if you want, you can ignore this and just put it into the rp as we go):


    PICTURE: NAME: Audrey "Auds" Leer
    AGE: 16
    HOW YOU GOT HERE: Her stepdad knew about The Estate through an old friend, and didn't get along with Audrey; he believed she was ruining his relationship with her mom, so he volunteered her and made it seem like she got kidnapped so her mother wouldn't get on to him and find out.
    PERSONALITY: She's a sweet and kind kind of girl. A trusting friend who is there for you when you need her, though whenever she needs someone, she keeps to herself. She is outgoing with making friends and such, but she is also to herself and introspective at times, reading, thinking, learning things, etc.
    KINKS: (Virgin) Biting
    LIKES: Food, being alone, making friends, cuddling, being spoiled and pampered
    DISLIKES: Being hurt in any way, being rude, being pinned down, being tickled, put in small places (she's claustrophobic), when people call her out on her mannerism, which is biting her nails when she's nervous.

    And NOW... the rp info!

    Somewhere in plain sight and out in the open of a medium sized city, is a giant building. This building is a mall, restaurant, theater, and more. Many amazing things happen there, though that only is upstairs.

    Downstairs, there is a basement, one nobody but special people know about. These special people happen to be vampires (or not if your char is a human), who sell and purchase humans as slaves down there. Down there, it's a vampire's mall, full of maids, sex slaves, blood slaves, and anything else they want to use them for. Cells and cells full of human property fill the long hallways, as well as rooms for testing them out. This is the hotspot for most vampires, because slaves are the most diverse here, the market being downtown in the middle of Pierwood Grounds. What you make of it is up to you.

    Hmmmm.... I think I covered everything. Yeah...

    Happy roleplaying!
  2. Are you meaning for this to be a group roleplay?
  3. No, this is intended to be 1x1, but I made this in the group rp section too.
  4. I'll join...but can there be furries? Just asking.
  5. Sure, I don't see why not!
  6. Please PM me so we can do this!
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