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    Disclaimer: If you would like to roleplay with this character, I, as the roleplayer of the Joker, bear no responsibility for any surprise deaths that occur during the RPs. I bear no responsibility for any injuries inflicted upon your characters or the characters of others. It is the Joker being the Joker, and if you're not fully prepared to deal with the psychosis, I suggest you leave the asylum now.

    Birth Name: Unknown
    Primary Alias: The Joker
    Secondary Aliases: Jack Napier, Clown Prince of Crime, Harlequin of Hate, King of Arkham Asylum, Public Enemy #1, Ace of Knaves, Thin White Duke of Death, Mr. Rekoj, Nemesis of The Knight, The Bandit, Mr. Face Paint, Patient 0, Patient 223, Prometheus, Red Hood, Joe White, Jocund Jack of All Crimes
    Age: Unknown
    He appears to be early thirties, although with the face paint and scars it is hard to truly determine his age.
    Birth Place: Hell Unconfirmed
    Current Location: Gotham City, New Jersey
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Marital Status: Widower but assumed to be Single
    The Joker sometimes tells stories of his having a wife
    Species: Demon Human
    While nobody's ever been able to test him and there's no DNA ever on his clothing, based on what's known of his outward appearance, it is assumed that The Joker is human.
    Ethnicity: Unknown
    Occupation: Agent of Chaos
    Former Chemical Plant Engineer
    Education: There is no proof anywhere that the Joker ever went through the trials of a formal education, he has shown an intense knowledge in the subjects of chemistry, physics, and mathematics and had to have learned it from somewhere.
    Languages: English, Russian
    Religious Views: The only deity he believes in is the symbol of Batman. Otherwise, he believes that there are no deities, only chaos and those who are victims to it or those who cause it.
    Political Views: The Joker, while an anarchist, knows that anarchy is impractical in the way the world works now. To make up for this difference in opinion, he's taken to corruptions and eliminations of prominent political figures. He loves to take the prestigious and bring them down to the level of the lowly criminals.
    Family: Most of his family is unknown, but it is widely believed that he has a deceased wife named Jeannie and would have had a son had Jeannie not died.
    Mental Disorders: Antisocial Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder), Intermittent Explosive Disorder, symptoms of ADHD
    The only one of these that anyone can tell for certain from the outside would be his Antisocial Personality Disorder. Even without an available to the authorities diagnosis, it is evident that he fits any and all criteria.

    Favourite Colour: Purple
    Favourite Food: If it has sugar or lots of colours, then odds are it's alright with him.
    Favourite Movie: Freaks
    Favourite Book: A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
    Favourite Quote: "Then why do you want to kill me?" - Batman
    Favourite Song: "I Live in a Split Level Head" - Napoleon XIV
    Theme Song: "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" - Napoleon XIV
    The Joker video of "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!"

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 157 lbs
    Hair Colour: Dyed Green but is really dirty blond
    Eye Colour: They're naturally brown, but his face paint makes his eyes even darker so they look black.
    Scars: There are the two prominent ones that the Joker possesses, one on either side of his face, assuring that he's always smiling and always sees the joke. Other than that, his scars are only the ones from various encounters with the Batman or when his "therapy sessions" with Dr. Quinzel got a little too intense.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Physical Description: Obviously the Joker is a very distinct individual who poses a very striking image. He is one of the most interesting people you could ever hope (or fear) to look at in your entire life. His outfit is what draws your attention to him if you're looking from the back. He always wears a custom purple and green suit with no labels of any kind with multi-coloured socks that would make any person with any kind of taste jealous. Within the pockets of his suit or the suits of his shoes, the Joker has a seemingly infinite amount of knives loitering, just waiting to be used. Of course, people have learned to be a little more thorough in their searches of him now. You stab one guy with one knife in a shoe one time and everyone loses their minds. Focusing on the man himself rather than what he wears, the Joker's cheaply dyed green hair stands in dark contrast to his blackened eyes and white painted face. Nobody's ever seen him without his "war paint" unless he's been held in a police station for long enough or if he's just in one of those states where he becomes so absorbed in catching the Bat that he lets himself go; somehow in Arkham he's still managed to find ways to keep himself looking sharp.

    Personality: The Joker... What can be said about the Joker? In case his appearance didn't give it away, he's a very eccentric and neurotic individual. He's almost always laughing, and it's up to you to determine whether or not you get the joke or you are the joke. He takes his fun at everyone's expense, but don't worry because sometimes that includes his own. The Joker isn't afraid to laugh at himself so long as Bats or the mob is involved; after all, they both just make life so funny. His humour is twisted just like his image, but nobody can ever say that he's unhappy with life. The Joker, contrary to what the schemers and the "good" guys of the world would believe, is one of the most successful (in his own mind) and happiest people in the world. He is doing exactly what he wants to with his life, and wouldn't rather be doing anything else. He's got goals, and he likes to accomplish those goals. While he's not a conventional schemer like Gordon, the Joker is more than well aware of the fact that all his plans to cause chaos and bring Gotham down to his level are schemes in their own right. The only difference between his plans and the plans of others are that he's got no consequences for his success nor his failure. There's always another way out if he gets caught, there's always another objective he can find for himself, and all of it is thanks to Batman. Ah... Batman. His obsession with the Batman is one of his most defining traits, not that anyone could ever discover the true scope of his obsession. Ever since their interrogation together, Joker found himself drawn to the Dark Knight in ways that he hadn't ever been drawn to a person before.
    Strengths: The Joker's motivation never seems to cease. There is nothing that can stop him from reaching a goal that he wants to achieve because there are always other ways around whatever might be stopping him, even if sometimes that way means cutting everyone out of the plan and doing everything yourself. He always prefers to do everything himself because he can't put his faith in the people who can't even be trusted to see the joke. If they can't even laugh at the punchline, then what's the point in giving them the setup? There are only four things that he trusts in the world: himself, Batman, gasoline and gunpowder, and human nature. Why? Because they all do the same thing, and they always fulfill their purpose and do exactly what they were supposed to. That's why they were so much fun. He's relentless, and most definitely crazy, but you can always count on him doing whatever he wants to do and doing it well. Somehow he even continues to do it efficiently despite his very unorthodox style of operations. Not to mention he manages to somehow get every insane person (or fun person, rather) in Gotham on his side and working for him... well, all the stupid ones anyway.
    Weaknesses: Everything you're about to read cannot be repeat to his face or behind his back because of he hears it, you will be fed to a Komodo dragon; don't test that, he knows a guy. His arrogance and his constant need to put on a show for the Bat (because at this point his creative career as Clown King of Crime is solely for Batsy) are what drive him more than anything else. He doesn't give a single fuck about anyone except his audience, Batman. Of course, he isn't the most impressive Gotham rogue even if he is the most distinguished and definitely the most handsome. The Joker is a tall man, yes, but he isn't incredibly athletic. His fighting skills are good for quick short bursts of conflict but don't serve him too well in the long term. He has to rely on his men if he wants the stupid muscle while he's the brains of the operation. He relies on his knives, his tricks, and his jokes to get himself a leg up in a situation. However, even he knows that in a direct conflict he couldn't stand a chance against most people unless he has an ace in the hole. Or unless they're afraid. Then he can take a page from the Hay-Sack's book and use their fear against them. After all, he's not scared. And nothing is scarier than a man who fears nothing.

    Likes: Where to begin, where to begin... Oh, right! Batman! Of course, how could we not begin with Batsy? How silly of him. There's so much to say about Batsy and so little time to say it. Well, for one he's pretty sure their horoscope signs are compatible. Without Batman life would be incredibly void of anything because there would be no incentive to do what he does. Batman is the yin to his yang. Batman completes him in every sense of the word. But beyond the Bat, there is so much more. But as much as he loves likes Bats, he loves fucking with him and making his life complicated so much more. Then again he loves fucking with everyone. As part of that pastime, it is never known if the Joker is going to spare your life or kill you after you sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb". He loves to keep people on their tows, and that is exactly why you'll never know if you cross paths with him, you never know whether or not you'll walk away. And to be completely fair, sometimes if you do walk away, you'll wish you hadn't. The Joker loves pain both inflicting and receiving so long as he's inflicting at the same time. Nobody can hurt him unless he lets them hurt him, and Batman happens to be the best example of that.
    Dislikes: First on this list is also, you guessed it, Batman! Because fuck. that. guy. Batman is always showing up at inopportune times and spoiling his fun. While Batman is a constant thorn in his side, an unraveling hem in his suit, or a bad joke, there are other people and things he's also not fond of. Bad jokes are also terrible, unless they're the intentionally bad jokes that are so bad that they're great; he loves those, mainly because it's usually him making them. He's noticed people like to call him a freak... he's not a freak. Everyone is just too scared or too unaware to realize that he's the only normal one, but he isn't a freak. He's normal. Gotham's general public is pretty bad, but he can improve that. Everyone can improve... except him because he's always at the top of his game. The mob, too, is terrible. Disgusting and pitiful is a more appropriate description though. They're a terrible example of what the world has to offer crime and what crime has to offer the world. All they want is money. It's such a shame how all of these "people" come to matter so much, how much power they have, when money controls their little unimportant worlds. They could strive for something much better, like him!
    Aspirations: Joker needs to prove a point. But rather than calling it proving a point, the Joker believes that he needs to lead Gotham to an epiphany. They need to get the joke! But he knows a joke isn't funny if you have to explain it... You should never explain a joke. But, he's learned that the people of Gotham are really, really stupid. They're so stupid, in fact, that he needs to keep telling the same joke over and over again just waiting for them to get the punchline. He spends so much time delivering the joke in different ways trying to get them to laugh, but they don't, and it makes him angry almost more than the Bat. And speaking of the Bat, he'd love to be able to kill the Bat once and for all and maybe make a bat-skin rug or hang his cowl over his mantle or use it as a mug. With some patching it looks like it could be a nice mug. Even though he's never been able to do it, as deep down he knows what could happen, he still dreams of that goal one day. But nobody else can do it. Batsy is his and will always be his. Nobody can take that away from him.
    Fears: It has been scientifically proven that the Joker has no true fears. He's been sprayed with Scarecrow's fear toxin and proceeded to laugh it off and then beat the inferior rogue unconscious with a nearby folding chair. Plain and simple, Joker has no fears. However, the Joker demands that people notice him. How could they not? He's a clown in a purple suit with green hair. In the middle of Metropolis the metropolitan city of Gotham, the Joker is a very noteworthy individual, and they'd better remember that. And, of course, as with all his qualities... There's Batman. Always Batman. He's worried once in a while that someone will take down Batman before he gets to be able to. Maybe Batman will reveal himself, or maybe he'll die! But no... Nobody is allowed to break him before he can. While he may be the most able-bodied villaindark knight in the entirety of Gotham City, sometimes chaos has a funny way of doing things and changing things.

    "Do you wanna know how I got these scars?"

    ...Well so would he.

    The Joker has only been around Gotham for a little while now, but that doesn't mean he came from anywhere. As a matter of fact, he didn't. One day he just showed up with a suitcase in hand, kicking the door open to the mind of his former self and raiding the kitchen because he lived there now. Whoever the Joker happened to be before he became the Joker was evicted from the mind and never came back to collect his things. There was no sense of transformation because a transformation required a process. One day, there had been a tall, slim man with dirty blond hair in somewhat tattered clothes. The next day, there was a man with green hair and a purple suit with an obsession of the Batman. From there, it took only his intellect and his guts and his agenda to rise through the ranks of the underbelly of Gotham City. The Joker may have been the alias he'd chosen for himself (or maybe this new entity came with a badge that read "Hi My Name is The Joker" when he kicked the door in), but before long the other nicknames kept rolling in. Some of them were ones he gave himself. His favourites happened to be Jack Napier or Joe White. He doesn't know why he enjoys picking the letter J for himself; it may have something to do with the name of his former being.

    Now there are various stories he tells his playthings about growing up... about how he got the scars that have carved a smile into his face forever. Sometimes they involve an abusive father... Sometimes they involve a wife... Those memories are all real or maybe they're not. That was the thing about having so many lies, he supposed. He was caught like a fly in the web of his lies just like everyone else was. Whatever entity the Joker is, it took over everything and left no evidence of the former man behind. Whichever memories, or "memories", he chooses to bring up or relive happen to be the ones that will evoke the strongest reaction. They could be the most false, and nobody will know because even he doesn't know. He can't pass or fail a polygraph if they ask him about information that he doesn't possess. Much to the frustration of Commissioner Gordon (thanks to all of the conflicting information he's allowed to be put into his numerous files at Arkham), there is no true information on the Joker except what has been recorded through various sources since his rise to power within the City of Gotham. Even then stories are conflicting because his goons are all told different things and are barely trusted to tie their shoes, making it difficult to get information from them to corroborate eye-witness accounts.

    The only real recollections he sometimes gets are nightmares. They don't happen very often, or if they do he doesn't remember them, but sometimes he will wake up with a memory from a nightmare that sticks with him for hours and hours and only after he's thought about it and thought about nothing except that does it go away. And then it's like he's never learned it. You could ask him two days later and he wouldn't have the slightest idea of what you were referring to, or at least that's what he would let you believe. The question really comes down to whether you believe he remembers anything. If you believe he does, then that makes Joker the most skilled and convincing liar you've ever come across because there is no way of extracting any information out of him. And if you believe he has no recollection of anything... well, then you've stumbled onto just another joke whose punchline you're not getting. The Joker doesn't get it either, though, don't worry... because he himself is the ultimate joke, and not in the way he's always perceived himself to be.[​IMG]{/td}
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