Slasher Tourney.

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  1. Situation||

    You're a criminal, the kind which... Well, you should be dead by now. But this emperor, by the name of Osirus, has given you a chance to get out of prison, all previous crimes omitted and thrown away into the pages of a book of fire.

    You've got to fight your way out of this mess.

    The Important Bits||

    There'll be ten battles, each of which your character will fight in. There'll be a two day gap between battles, in which other competitors are free to, well, fight you and others, but a smart warrior wouldn't allow their hand to lay upon a weapon while away from the battle ground.
    There is no way out, no matter how strong or smart you are. Osirus has a guard at every entrance, exit, and even each of the warrior's rooms. They're no pushovers, and will subdue you should you try anything stupid.
    You'll have facilities which would be arguably better than being outside, but they're only available for a few hours a day. These include a gym, a hot spring, a reading area (think scrolls and the like) and an area to relax. All but the relaxing area are closed off at 10pm and open at 6am every single day. The relaxing area is open 24/7, but it is rare for a warrior to be able to visit it when all the other facilities are closed, because everyone is to be asleep by 11pm, else they'll be knocked out by force.
    Your weapons will be, well, not very good. They're be a few gems in the stack of weapons, but there won't be any magical weaponry or weaponry which gives a solid edge over another weapon. The weapons include: Iron Sword, Iron Spear, Iron Axe, Iron Greatsword to begin with. Winning a battle will grant either a sharpening of their current weapon, a free handle upgrade, an overall (but not as good as the other two in their specific areas) upgrade, or the choice to switch to a Steel version of the weapon or switch to an 'exotic' weapon.

    I'm looking for someone who would be able to be the opponent as well as the player here. So, what will happen is that I'll be your first opponent, BUT, as a character that isn't my main character in this. I'd ask you to do the same, so in total there'll be 18 battles to do in this way, with two decided on the spot. That'll mean, 9 other characters for you to use (with maybe one coming back to fight, who knows) who don't need to be fleshed out or anything like your main character, but need a name, age, body type and weapon used.
    Your main character and my main character will fight in the NINTH round. Whoever wins this match will kill the other, unlike all the other rounds where the opponent is either severely injured or mortally wounded. The winner will battle a final opponent, one who has been there for a good amount of battles, something in the hundreds. No one has ever won against him, and he is going to be overpowered compared to our characters. Worry not; there's obviously a way to beat him. In this final battle, you'll be able to use any weapon you wish, and even dual wield.

    A few things to note is the amount of violence and the like within this - don't even try to bother here if you're overly squeamish. I don't want explicit details of this and that, but a good amount of detail is needed to add to the general feel. There will also be the off battle times where things can happen. There'll be male and female warriors, they're all connected by the hideous crimes they've committed. There will be room to make love and whatnot, but this isn't the focus of the RP, and is to be kept to either a minimum, or expanded upon if it makes sense; I.e., not happening after the first, second or even third battle.

    Things To Know About Myself||

    I'm prone to having bouts of laziness, bad moods, anger and the like, so it may be within your interests to tread a touch softer than you usually would! I'd like to hope I'm not an overly overpowering person; feel free to tell me in a kind and passive manner. I hope we can really click together! I like feeling comfortable with my partner, so, that's obviously a must.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you!
  2. THIS IS AMAZING. What a fantastic idea. Well the idea is as old as the romans, probably even before that but thats how far my knowledge reaches. The setup however.. very well though out. I love rp battles and if you think i will do then please send me a message.
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