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  1. So, we all know of that fun game Mafia, right? Maybe you've heard it called assassin, werewolf, or cry wolf? It's all the same.
    The basic premise of the game is that the majority of the people are innocent and a minority, usually one or two, are the guilty parties. The guilty kill innocents while the innocents try to vote out the guilty during a night and a day phase respectively. You get the idea, right? If not, here's a link to the wikipedia article ->

    Anyways, the setting of this roleplay is a summer camp. Camp Deep Wood, often mocked for its borderline suggestive name, isn't exactly the most posh camp on the block. To start out, it only allows campers ages fourteen through twenty-one, and the majority of camp counselors aren't much older. There's a long and proud history of alcohol being smuggled in, some soft drug use, and condom machines in every bathroom. It's cheap, it's easy, and depending on how gullible your parents are, might even be educational.
    Well, this summer, the students are about to get an education in one thing: fear. You see, Camp Deep Wood is waaaay out of cell range, thirty-odd miles away from the next closest habitation, and one week into a month-long stay someone's pictured the gas tanks of every vehicle and gut the phone line.
    Oh, and the head counselor was discovered in the staff bathrooms with his throat slit. That might throw a damper on things.

    So, this is how it's gonna work. First round, no special roles, just Campers and Slashers. I want to get at least SIX people to start with One Slasher. If we get nine people, two Slashers.
    No one will know the identity of the Slasher/s except the Slasher/s themselves. During the DAY phase, everyone will vote. The person to receive the most votes will be kicked out of camp- not a majority, the most. If your character does not wish to vote, they can either refuse to vote or they can vote not to boot anyone out. In any case, when your character makes their vote, please color the text RED. Do not use red in any other circumstances.
    During the NIGHT phase, the Slasher will PM me their next victim. I will then inform that roleplayer, who will have ONE HOUR to post their own death on the board or I will write one for them so we can continue with the game.
    Once your character is dead or kicked out, they can no longer participate. As you are only allowed one character, this means that you, also, are out of that round. Once that round ends, though, we may very well choose to have another one, which you may participate in. ^^
    Role-Calling (claiming to be a Camper/Slasher/any other role added later on) is acceptable.
    Bribery, threatening, pleading, violence- there is no cheating. Characters are permitted to do whatever necessary to ensure their survival. Relationships between characters are encouraged, though be wary that betrayal is the name of the game.
    If the Campers vote out the Slasher, they win. If the Slasher is left alone with one Camper, the slasher wins. The Winner's List will be updated after every round to give the winning players glory. Bragging rights are directly correlated to the Winner's List.
    Once you've been added to the character list, wander on over to the IC thread.
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    empty :c​
    Make it pretty, add to to it, whatever you like. Don't remove anything and don't make it unreadable. Also, post it on here, not on the IC board.​
    RELATIONSHIPS (Optional, but the characters have been here a week so you're more than welcome to propose romantic entanglements, friendships, and rivalries to spice up the roleplay a little bit)​
    Once we get six characters we can begin. Characters that are slashed are deceased.​
    Tori Avalon
    Lacey Thomson
    Eliza Bueller
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  4. NAME: Tori Avalon
    SEX: Male
    AGE: 19

    PERSONALITY: Tori is an angry child, and it shows in how he acts towards people. The boy has an opinion on everything, and is not shy about sharing them, even if it will spark animosity between him and others. He has a couldn't care less attitude to what people think of him, and would rather start a fight than admit he's done wrong. However, Tori hates to be alone, and will seek out the company of other campers or counsellors. He may hate them, but he hates being alone more.

    HISTORY: Tori is the middle child of a family of five, with an older brother and a younger sister. He is also the product of his mother's infidelity, causing tensions between the other members of his family. For as long as he can remember, he and his 'father' have never really gotten along, as his existence reminds the man of his wife's betrayal, and while the two managed to work things out and remain happily married, it is a reminder he doesn't wish to have. The tensions didn't explode until recently, when his sister became old enough to understand just what had happened and begin to use it to make him angry. With things spiralling at home, Tori welcomed the chance to leave for a month, spend some time away from everything.

    RELATIONSHIPS: (will fill in as more characters are made)
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  6. NAME: Lacey Thomson
    SEX: Female
    AGE: 16
    PERSONALITY: Shy to everybody. Her parents forced her to come here because her siblings went too. Lacey stutters when she talks to boys. She is a lonely child and spends most of her time reading and day dreaming. Is quiet and mumbles when she does talk to others.
    HISTORY: Was adopted when she was 7 so she knew what was happening. Her parents try to put her with other people so Lacey is more social, but it never works out. Lacey has 2 'brothers' and 1 'sister' and she is in the middle. All her 'siblings' pick on her and bully her. Everybody gets along except for her. Lacey`s foster parents try to make them get along. When they are all together around her foster parents, her siblings act like they DO get along.
    RELATIONSHIPS: None yet. Lacey is shy
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  8. Am I accepted or should I modify it?
  9. I am interested. I am afraid I haven't read it yet but just posting here to say from the first couple sentences I love it <3
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  10. ( Just because she has a dark mentality and a dark past doesn't mean she is the slasher! )
    Eliza Bueller
    Twenty Three
    Eliza had always looked like she was an older teen. Her raven black hair went down to her shoulders and tended to be unkept. Eliza's green eyes were wild like fire. She was sexy, and not just her appearance, it was in the way she walked and talked too.
    Show Spoiler
    Eliza had a cruel past but she had been getting over it lately.
    Eliza's parents had abused her all her life, her school life wasn't any better. She had cut herself and even attempted suicide but couldn't pull through. When she was fifteen she had decided it was enough and she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and murdered her parents and ran away.
    At sixteen she lied about her age and began to work in a strip bar. It paid for a car, food and heroine addiction. Then at eighteen she had fallen in love with a boy but he was no good for her, he stole her heart and ran away with another girl.
    Eliza hated everything.
    But by twenty one she had learned to like life again, Eliza found a few friends, most of them did odd jobs. They would all go to a club and then go to work, Eliza had first done the craigslist jobs with her friends but soon she was offered a job with a friend at a security company as a software engineer. She also had a friend who sold her the heroine she relied on and that same addiction got her kicked from her job two years later.
    That was when her drug dealer offered her a job in his business. He had heard about this camp from a friend, lots of minors go and it's all a good time. Her drug dealer gave her a huge bag of weed, pills and heroine to go to sell. She decided that she needed money and she went for it.
    The things I love...
    ( I think a relationship would be good! Also if anyone would like her to be their drug dealer just ask me! :D )
  11. Looks good! We're halfway to starting. ^^
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    Time to make a she male ..
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