GROUP RP PLOTTING Skyrim RP?(also interest check)

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  1. I just really want to get into a Skyrim RP, but we(those interested) would have to come up with some sort of plot that would unite the characters towards a common goal to keep the RP going so it doesn't die from having no direction(as all Skyrim RP's in the past have done).

    Involving actual in-game plot or quests, including the main ones(DragonBorn, Imperial Legion, Stormcloak Rebellion, etc) is not a requirement. If you guys have any ideas that fall outside of that, don't be afraid to put them forward!

    So who would be interested, and what sort of plot would we want? I'm open to any and all kinds of suggestions :3
  2. To be honest, it would be very difficult to come up with an intricate plot that doesn't involve something already covered in the game itself. But I'll try to brainstorm and come back to you.
  3. Ill try to think of ideas that might work, but I generally find RPs with a too-tight plot tend to fail because people don't have freedom to do what they want to.
  4. Well I didn't mean a "tight" plot, but I just meant that if we had absolutely nothing as a goal for the character's to band together and work towards then it falls apart too because it ends up being nothing but aimless adventuring around.

    And anyway, it doesn't have to be necessarily huge and grand. If that plot comes to an end, we can come up with another to continue, if people want :D
  5. YES! Count me in guys. I'm a bit weird with Skyrim so i would love to do an RP about it.
  6. @Khaleesi I probably spent around 2000 hours in total on skyrim. Now tell me you're a bit weird with it. I didn't say this necessarily would be a tight plot, I just pointed out that tight ones tend to fail.
  7. I think it is just the best game so i'm hoping this works because i'm sure it'll be AMAZING!
  8. I remember the last time I tried to start an RP, someone professed a great hatred/dislike for involving dragons.

    What are your guy's' opinions on it? Because that could have an effect on what sort of plot we come up with.

    Yay or nay?
  9. Well i don't think it would be the same without them.
  10. I'm not sure if I'll join (though I love the game).

    A possible story-line (and feel free to change or rework):
    The tension between the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloak Rebellion has become more wide-spread; the tendrils of war have begun to wrap around the smaller (and underground) organizations, effecting Skyrim in devastating ways (political, economical, societal, etc). However, strange and troubling news has begun to spread: the IL and SR are being controlled by darker forces -- the same dark force. Are they being manipulated to their own destruction or is it a rumor to cause more trouble?

    It'll take a brave sort to find the truth behind the shadows.

    It's a bit cliche, I know, but it would tie player characters together under a common goal, and it leaves room for the original plot.
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  11. I'll definately take that into consideration.

    I'm just leaving a little time for others to come forward with ideas before making a final say on it :) With any luck, we can incorporate a little of what everyone wants/thinks up into a singular plot(without crowdsourcing it too much though, of course)
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  12. Er you could narrow it down

    Say all players are members of the Dark Brotherhood. Follow some kind of assassination plot from there.
    On that note, you could maybe do the aftermath of the assassination of the Emperor. Maybe put a member in?

    You could take a Companion angle. Say the companions are being persecuted by an unknown group with a vendetta. Maybe werewolf hunters? That would set it up for a bad guy, and if everyone is a companion, or a hunter, you still have lots of freedom because that's the point of the companions.

    You could take what Dawnguard started and maybe have another vampires vs humans or vampires vs werewolves thing happen.

    The thieves provide interesting opportunities as well. Have the players all be after a certain object of immense power. That way your create conflict.

    And then, we could always come up with a plotline based on one of the daedra. Maybe Molag Bal? One of the really nasty ones.
  13. Hm yes but limiting it to a particular guild such as the Brotherhood, Companions, College, or Thieves Guild I feel would maybe be too restricting. Not everyone might want to play an Assassin, or a Werewolf/Vampire, or Thief, etc.

    I don't want people to feel restricted to anything particular and either be unhappy or just not join at all.

    Month of May's suggestion got me thinking though.

    What about something like this:

    The war between the Legion and the Stormcloak's is escalating and beginning to effect way more than just the two warring forces. First it caused a lot of trouble for rogues and bandits, both sides putting pressure for rogue groups to join them or be wiped out, and news of this spread.
    Some joined the war, other resisted and were killed, and others yet either fled Skyrim or decided to join one of the smaller factions thinking it would be a safe bet, so the smaller main factions have been growing in size and numbers recently, becoming more noticed than ever before.
    Both the Legion and Stormcloaks are becoming afraid that the other factions growing in power will become a threat, and either side wants them to join their side to gain the upper hand, so they call the leaders/representatives of each Guild forward to some meeting and offer them basically an ultimatum: to either join them, or be be enemies and wiped out if they take sides against them, where individually, the factions still aren't large enough to win against the Legion/Stormcloaks and COULD be wiped out, but were they to take sides with one, or band together their guilds, they could be a major threat to either side of the Stormcloaks or Legion, which would either determine one side winning, or make a whole new third side of the war.

    It could make for an interesting dynamic and shifting alliances.

    We could also include the Deadra in it somehow, like Tanzinite said. Perhaps some plotting of manipulating both sides, maybe with the end goal being to have the humans divided and fighting each other to the death, so they're easier to conquer/destroy and take over? I could see one of the Deadric Princes turning all the humans against each other to later take advantage of the chaos, if they wanted.
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  14. yeah, but narrowing it to Stormcloaks/Legion is the same thing. You have to pick a side. But otherwise, not bad.

    You could also have two Deadra using the humans as pawns in their games. Maybe they have a grudge against each other or something.

    I just don't see how long a simple conflict like this could survive? Unless someone is pulling the strings.
  15. Well I meant the other guilds could end up allying together against the Legion/Stormcloaks, as a sort of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" sort of thing. So not necessarily that they like each other any more than the Legion/Stormcloaks, but that they don't want to get involved in either side but end up being forced to take up arms either way because of both the Legion's/Stormcloak's threat of destroying them if they don't join one side or the other.

    Of course that also leaves opportunities, for whatever reason, for some of those guilds to later decide to pick a side or what-have-you, depending on how it goes and who the characters are, so it might make things interesting, but would allow everyone to decide more freelly what type of character they want to play since all four guild's would cover most if not all possible character types, rather than being limited to ONLY assassin's, or ONLY theives, or ONLY mages, et cetera.

    And along the way at some point, they could discover the Deadra's involvement in the war and try to put a stop to it?(and naturally some characters would have more of their own ulterior motives involved that they might see benefiting from in being a part of the third-party guild alliance, mayhaps).
  16. Would you want someone to be the Deadra?
    Also, i get what you mean at this point XD

    And then would all characters be dragonborn? Would only one? Would none?
  17. Undecided on if we'll even have Dragonborn at all or, if we do, how many people will be allowed to be it, or if everyone will be allowed if they want.

    I guess it kind of depends on if people want it or not
  18. I don't think it should be too important. Dragon shouts are cool, but if the plot has little to do with dragons, it's sort of a moot point.
  19. In my opinion we shouldn't have Dragonborns as they are just too OP...
  20. I might allow Dragonborns, I might not. Again, I haven't decided.

    If I do though, I'll definately set some limitations, like number of shouts they can have, or how powerful the shouts can be, et cetera so someone won't be able to just have an unlimited arsenal of all the shouts or something. Idk, we'll see.
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