Skyrim (Nate Taters & Raven)

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    Leaving the Orc strong hold Grazrz Yakfish made her way into the land of Tamriel. Not expecting to go back to her home ever again. It was time for change she wanted to become an adventure or a hunter. Not someone bound by her Stronghold or a city's rules. Traveling down hill she saw what river her people gathered water and fish from.
    Already learning that there was much she had never seen before beyond a short distance of her home. Grazarz had an orc bow, arrows, and sword on her. The armor she wore was leather and she had a small pouch to carry coin. Her hair was long reaching to the middle of her back, placed in braids. Like all orcs her skin was a shade of green except it was a brighter green than some. Grazarz had jewelry like most of her people, and two teeth stuck out on her bottom lip.

    It wouldn't be long before she would need to find a place for camp. As the sun began to shift in the morning sky. It wouldn't be long before nightfall would hit making her more vulnerable in the new area. There was much to learn traveling the lands of Tamriel people to meet, friends, and enemies to make.​