Skyrim gameplay!

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My words fail me.
The amount of fapping I did to this has ensured I don't need sex for the next few years.
11 November can't come soon enough. That's all I gotta say.

Skyrim is going to be a very special game. Although, I must say I was disappointed to learn the price for the special edition is $150 (via Amazon). I bought the special edition of Oblivion, and it only cost me ~$15 more than the regular edition. The figurine you get with Skyrim special edition, understandably so, is much more valuable than the coin from Oblivion, but I don't know if it's worth paying $90 extra for.
That price is RIDICULOUS.


Gibs must have his supreme computer for this game. O___O Must...
The regular version is only about $60. I'm hoping to snag at least one new video card for that game, though I'll probably wait until Black Friday to buy a new video card.
So damn EXPENSIVE...... Well, good thing I have a job now! I just hope I can play it on my laptop..... I feel so dirty for not having a gaming machine for this...
I don't think pc gamers will be too happy with Skyrim. First off Bethesda is tailoring this game to the power of the 360, so pc gamers won't be able to gloat over how much better it is on the pc. Second, Bethesda is working on getting fan made mods to work for consoles (something which all of my pc gaming friends always point out when comparing pc to console). Third Microsoft has secured exclusive rights to the first two DLC's. Bethesda is pimping for Micrososoft. I have also heard that pc gamers are complaining about the new menu system, which confuses the hell out of me. I think the new menu system is amazing.
Compared to the PC, the 360 doesn't have much power at all. Old technology vs. rapidly evolving, new technology.

Mind you, I'm not interested whatsoever in getting into a PC vs. Console debate.

The PC will always be far more open and mod-friendly than consoles. However, it's good of them to try and develop something console users can use to get mods to work. That's something I've really wanted to see. It will be interesting to see how Bethesda manages to implement it.

Third, the DLCs are of no concern to me. Someone will find a way to make them work on the PC version. "Reverse engineering" might be against the license agreement, but a license agreement has never stopped anyone before. Even then, I doubt those DLCs will be completely exclusive, much like Apple's relationship with AT&T and the iPhone. They'll eventually be released for PC, likely on a disc similar to Oblivion's Knights of the Nine. I don't put much stock in this "exclusive content" thing, obviously.

As far as menu system complaints are concerned, if you haven't used it, you have nothing to complain or compliment about. From what I saw in the videos, it looks pretty snazzy. Usability is another story entirely, and it will be interesting to see how useful those are on the PC.
You know, it honestly depends on whether I get a new computer in the next few months or not whether I get it for the PC. I love my Xbox, almost too much, but as Okami and I both know I hardly ever get to touch the damn thing, I have too many children, not enough T.V.s. On the other hand, I've always found PC gaming touchy and obnoxious due to button overload. My head gonna explode.