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  1. Upon the snow-laden paths south of the Red Road Pass, where giants set their encampment and tended to their mammoths; south of the town of Dawnstar, the quiet harbor garrison upon the northern coast of Skyrim, lay the Hall of the Vigilant. To any who may pass the building in idle travel, it would look little more than an abandoned inn. Inside, however, one would find not only a shrine to Stendarr, the god of mercy, but accommodations for the two dozen-odd members of The Vigil. There were bunk rooms and tables with food and drink, donated by various parties and bought by The Vigil themselves with the hoards of treasure they found in various crypts and dungeons throughout the land of Skyrim and abroad.

    The Vigil itself was a mixed bag of racial and cultural backgrounds; however, most of the members here in Skyrim were of Breton and Nord background. There were a couple Imperials and a Redguard. There were a few Dark Elves and Wood Elves. Then there was Hassiri.

    Hassiri had been an orphanage-son in the town of Dawnstar since he could remember. He had always been told that he had been abandoned by his caravan. If not abandoned, then he had been lost or separated. At any rate, the toddler had been found, nearly frozen, in the snow and ice near Dawnstar. It was a wonder, the matron of the orphanage had told him, that he had not fallen prey to the biting cold, to elementals or to the many wolves of Skyrim's hills and forests.

    The khajiit grew into an ostracized young man, and that lack of belonging or want drove him to a love of music and a thirst for a life of adventure and wanton as a bard. That, and no small amount of wanderlust present in the veins of every khajiit. There was a spurring in his soul to find the warm sands of his people, and a spurring to weave songs and tales of great men and women from all over Nirn.

    So he wandered. And he wandered until he came no further than due south of Dawnstar, his drum and pack upon his back and his lute and blade at his side. He would tell tales here, he told himself. For a time, at least, he would sing of The Vigil and the horrible creatures they vanquished. Vampires, werewolves, daedra and evil witches would fall by their swords and Hassiri would be there to chronicle every drop of vile blood upon the snow.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    The khajiit wandered through the snow near the Hall of the Vigilant, a wood cutting axe in tow and not much else. His blade was at his side and he wore his rather plain clothing consisting of a tunic of dark green under a vest of brown leather and breeches to match the vest. The breeches disappeared into his leather boots, and his wild mane blew about in the snowy breeze, catching the frozen crystals as they swirled about.

    "Always with the snow. I should move to the tundra, to some place warmer. Maybe to the Empire," he muttered. "No, no. I guess it's charming, the snow," he added, still speaking to himself as he made his way away from The Vigil's headquarters and out to a stack of logs and a stump. "I could do without the chopping, though. Always with the chopping and the cooking and the cleaning."

    "It's no good. ...restless, I suppose."
  2. "It's not a good idea."

    Aaomi expected the sigh and didn't look over, brushing her hair behind her ear before she continued to write on the parchment under her fingers, black eyes constantly rising to scan the shelves around her; taking inventory. The subject of this conversation and Niimark was very persistent in his argument. The blond vampire always was, Aaomi would give him that.

    "We need the supply of fresh blood, Aaomi. The deer aren't going to last much longer and winter is coming. This might be our only chance before the ice and snow trap us here."

    She knew he was right and that's what the dark-haired vampire hated. He was right, but his solution wasn't easy. Still, she finally looked up from her parchment and leaned back in her chair, arms crossing and Niimark moved a little closer, leaning against the cold stone walls that always surrounded them. Here in the caves of the mountains, they had gone undetected for nearly three years. A short, pitiful time if anyone was honest with themselves, but it was three years they'd remained alive, three years the Vigilants had passed them over and Aaomi would not take that for granted. She did not. She'd seen their destruction firsthand.

    Hence her reluctance to undertake this mission or send anyone else on it, not now.

    "I am aware of the Clan's needs, Niimark, but I am also aware of the dangers those needs bring with them. The Vigilants have grown more aggressive over the last year, wider-spread in their searches and far more thorough and the people of Skyrim listen to them. It matters not to them that we've not claimed a human life in the three years we've been here among them. To them we are monsters."

    A sigh. "I already knows this, Aaomi. You're simply making excuses."

    A sharp hiss and a brief snarl, fangs flashing silenced the male as the female stood, their faces close in an instant. "No, I am keeping us alive! The Winterhold Clan isn't going to welcome me again if I bring destruction and death to their doors, and moving out there, over so far a distance, is a death sentence. I will lead the Vigilants right to their door."

    "They will kill you before that. It's what they've always done." the blond insisted, blue eyes adamant and Aaomi stepped back, shaking her head and moving from the stone chamber into the tunnels, Niimark following wordlessly, more than used to the female's need to move, especially when she spoke. "No, they are growing smarter, more adaptable. They aren't satisfied with just killing us anymore, Niimark. They're trying to annihilate us, not just keep us in check."

    There was silence then as they came to an overlook where a large cavern opened up, showing the underground 'city' below. It was simple and rustic, nothing grand, no great wonders...but it was home and it was safe, and that was all Aaomi cared about. There were perhaps thirty-five vampires here. Thirty of her species still alive and as their leader, she took great pride in that, having kept them safe for three years. Aaomi wanted to KEEP them that way.

    "We still need the supply."

    And then came that inescapable truth from her Second again and a hand wracked back through dark hair, frustrated and calculating the risk against the facts she already knew. Shit.

    "I know." But she'd be damned if she was sending anyone else out to get it and risk their lives. "I'll leave within the hour."
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  3. The khajiit walked some small distance still until he came to the wood shed of The Vigil. He began to go about his work, moving logs out of the shed and chopping them into smaller pieces upon the block. It was not the easiest work upon one's shoulders, but it was a tedious and rhythmic work. That much he could appreciate about chopping wood for the fires. He hummed to himself as he worked at the logs, splitting them first into halves and then those halves into halves themselves. After a time, he would gather what he had chopped and take it to the shed, save for a pile which he was to bring directly back with him upon finishing his job. That, though, would be some time away.

    Hassiri worked like this for some time in relative silence, only the occasional humming or mimicking of a snow-loving songbird breaking the silence.

    That was, until a song not of his own composing dug, from nowhere, into his brain and needed to be let out. He began to sing, out loud rather than to himself. He had no room for worrying of someone hearing his voice.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    O! My sweet love, she waits for me
    Through storm and shine
    'Cross land or sea
    I run to her and together we
    Sway as we kiss
    Sway as we kiss

    Her graceful shape I heave up high
    And in one hand I hold her nigh
    Her waiting lips are never dry
    Sway as we kiss
    Sway as we kiss

    Come the morn she goes
    The taste of her remains
    And in my mind, I see us sway
    Sway as we kiss
    Sway as we kiss
  4. Her breath crystallized in the harsh, chilled air of the mountains and Aaomi reigned in the side-stepping stallion beneath her, black eyes meeting the blue that watched her, awaiting orders in her absence. The female was loathe to give them, feeling every time she did it like she was signing her own death warrant, admitting she wasn't coming back. But it was logical, practical to give Niimark some idea of what to do if something should delay her....or even keep her permanently.

    "Keep close to the caverns, but send out Britaana, Erion and Sevorrn to further hunt. With any luck they will find more for the Clan."

    She knew his question before he asked, could feel the turmoil in the air, far better than anyone else her Clan could, and Aaomi anticipated her answer, knowing it was not going to be what anyone would want to hear, nor encouraging. But it was fact and that kept people alive - not wishful thinking or fantasies.


    "And if they find nothing?"

    Black eyes looked away, looked ahead, far less detached than she would have wanted Niimark to see. "Then start rationing immediately. Those strong enough to deal with the hunger will survive the winter." Aaomi didn't await a response, kicking the gray horse beneath her into a leap that took them thundering away from the rocky terrain near the caverns and into the wooded slopes of the low mountains beyond. She would be required to travel to the northern reaches of The Pale before heading east into Winterhold and the mountain range there where the next and second-largest Vampire Clan dwelt.

    It would be a long trip and she prayed fruitful at the end for it very well could mean her death going so close to Dawnstar.
  5. (OoC: I know we've only just started, but I can't seem to get in the swing of the roleplay we've got going here. I don't know, I'm just not really feeling it, and I'd hate for us to get really far into it before I voice that. Sorry, Dude. :c)
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