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  1. This RP is a reboot of the old edition I made years ago. It never got off the ground as much as I hoped, so so today is a new day for this story to become a series! I've taken aspects from another RP I made to add on, seeing as the two seemed somewhat similar to each other. Enjoy! :)


    Heaven and Earth, an all-standing dragon and legendary maker of worlds. He one day found his power to bend the universe to his will as all too powerful. To lessen his grand position, Tenchi shed his powers into five siblings of his stature.

    Pink Dragoness of Wind

    Black Dragon of Darkness

    Green Dragon of Earth


    Blue Dragon of Water

    Red Dragon of Fire

    They were worshiped as kings and queens while the child-race gave themselves to their guidance. It was ever-present to the Six that humans were inferior to them, even with the blessings they are given from their power. Yami, the black dragon, sensed his greatness and abandoned man to the fate of destruction by conspiring a foul deed in the darkness.

    He created a force of his own; the world was built upon the shadows and souls of the fallen in the past centuries as mankind thrived and flourished. The Shadow Realm, Yami's throne and kingdom, and the land of the dead. Over time, Yami had amassed an entire legion of cursed souls from passed followers of his brothers and sisters. Their souls made him stronger as they were fed into his domain. Soon, he torn open a portal into the human world and hurtled them into war.

    When his equals caught word, Yami had already taken steps into defeating not only his siblings, but he siphoned Tenchi's power and sealed him within mortal form. Without him, the world was ravaged and conquered within two seasons.

    In secrecy, Ai, Mizu, Seikatsu, and Kasai united their powers to revive their lord, Tenchi. Upon restoration he immediately took into action and created new races to rescue the crippled race of man: Dwarves, Fae, High Elves, Wood Elves, and Cheethari. The races thrived while their makers assisted the humans with their war effort. From each race was chosen a single being to become a champion of their power.These champions were allied with dragons in order to properly combat Yami and his forces. These chosen were known as Burners, Sky Burners. Together they fought and defeated Yami, sealing him with ancient magic inside of his own realm; and with him they locked away his black army, and previous worshipers.

    After this great war came a great time of peace and porsperity. The world was once again vast and open, the country's grass ran green and it's creatures would inhabit it once more. After witnessing how direct influence of their Godly power endangered the many races, Tenchi and his disciples hid themselves among the people, and forbid themselves from giving any direct influence in the affairs of the child-races. The last known gift they were left, were the dragons that now roamed the earth freely. Some as guardians while others chose their own path.

    They waited and watched over them as they took it upon themselves to give and receive guidance. Churches were built in their honor, Nations were declared, politics were discussed and governments were established. A council consisting of all races was created using the highest respected avatars of each nation. These councilers would name the nation...




    Haestrom is the central capital of Tharia. Here is the home of the Dragon Trials, a series of tests for new Sky Burner Initiates. Haestrom is home to all races in Tharia from humans to the Cheethari alike, representing a sense of unity and peace. It has a sizeable market district and a stable economy, but is known mostly for it's military strength due to having one of the largest interracial army. Haestrom symbolizes what Tharia will forever be in the future. The armies are very diverse, enlisting warriors, rouges, healers, and mages into their ranks from all races.

    552_max.jpg Aria is the standing home for High Elves, Wood Elves, and Cheethari. This kingdom is much more organized and lush compared to some others. It's location near open water making it the largest producer of seafood and vegitation. The open land gives Elves opportunity for being one of the largest farming lands, specializing in raising cattle and giving them close proximity with animal life, allowing them to grow crops ranging from herbs to special breeds of plant life. Aria bares the world's largest herbalism market, and occasioanlly is paid a visit from wandering Earth dragons in the area. This town's military power consists mostly of archers and rouge-class fighters and healers.

    Ascilla is Tharia's largest trade-market district, consisting of mostly humans and dwarves, with a small fraction of fae in the area. Ascilla is known for producing an abundance of Tharia's steel and other metals, supplying most of the nation with the materials used to make weapons and armors. It's significance is its constant discovery of rare ores, such a Valkarie Steel, a steel that takes longer to melt than regular steel and is virtually indestructible. Ascilla's military consists of mostly dwarven warriors and rouges.

    Illia is the home of all Fae in Tharia. It's a lush, tropical jungle world built using expert herbalism and magic in perfect combination. The Fae house a monarch economy and rival Aria in herb production. The culture is like that of naturists, only without the expression of nudity. Fae believe the lands around them are alive and allow them to speak to Seikatsu. This belief leads them to value nature in a religous sense of prophets, called the "Great Cycle" while still worshipping the Great Dragons. Fae military power consists mostly of Mages and Healers, while creating a unique school of restoration magic that allows Healers to bends vegatation to their will.



    Huamns (open)

    Humans were the first race born of Tenchi's creation. They are the most populated race, but also the most in-fighting and the political of races. Most humans live their days as every day citzens. As for career choices, they mostly number as merchants, blacksmiths, knights, or sell-swords. Humans have a natural sense to command and conquer, and varies them in beliefs, relion, ecenomy, and governmanet.

    Elves (High and Wood) (open)

    Elves(High and Wood) are a people much more in tune with magic than all other races. High Elves have a natural affinity with mana and spells from having mana in their blood, making them experts in it. Wood Elves have enhanced sight and hearing, giving them excellent reflexes; making them perfect archers and knife fighters. Most Wood elves have the occupation of Hunters or Elven Scouts. High Elves manage churches and economic disputes, along with government due to a higher itelligence compared to Wood Elves.

    Fae (open)

    Fae, or faries as they are known in lore, are a naturist type of people. They value nature more than they value money or other worldly possesions such as gold coins or weapons, due to them using their magic for most of their daily habits. Their religon is based on how life is not taken or given, but barrowed; and they call it 'The Great Cycle.' They believe anything given life is obligated to use it rightfully to bring peace and follow the old ways of Seikatsu, the Green Dragon of Earth. They are usually noted for their skin in varied blue colors and stange, glowing facial tattoos, along with the white of their eyes being pitch black with the iris of any given color-- mostly blue, teal, green, or sometimes even white or red. Some Fae born without these features are considered outsiders, but with the Fae being a gentle people among their own polotics, they tend to keep these outsiders in case they prove themselves worthy of Fae blood.

    Dwarves (open)

    Dwarves are a merchant people who live for being rough, dirty, and extremely hard headed. They are a bold and 'no regrets' type of people who stand a general 4 ft' 8 in to 5 ft 4 in. Dwarven males are also noted for their impecable beards. They specialize in ore and other materials capable of making weapons and armor, and excel and mercantalism better than any thief or con.While they do not have the affinity or overall ability for magic, they specialize in alchemy and craftsmanship. They are known for creating bombs and other combustables of legendary effect.

    Cheethari (open)

    Cheethari are a humanoid-cat like people who seem to wander the Earth aimlessly regardless of housing with Elves and Fae, suggesting they are a nomadic people. With their cat-like accents, they have a love for fish and an unmatched agility system. These people are noted for their ears, cat eyes, tails, claws and some are born with stripes. Their armies amass mostly as hand to hand fighters, and specialize in guerilla warfare. They have no sense of government or economy, so they share that of the Fae and Elve but do not share their social views. They are a naturally playful people, and show it casually. They also have a strange addiction to string and shiny objects.

    In this time of peace, the Queen of Haestrom, Elizabth Carver, senses a grate evil is on the rise somewhere in the shadows after a horde of Orc attacked Haestrom two weeks ago. While the attack seemed like a simple raid, they focused most of their ranks towards the Sky Burner barracks. This resulted in many of the Burner Army being slain. With too few to guard the world of Tharia, Queen Elizabeth has called upon the land's best and brightest to guard them. For she fears an even greater darkness is preparing to reveal itself.

    You are one of the lucky beings to have been picked for your skillset. Your swordsmanship, magical prowess, healing experties, or unique intellect has lead you to be discovered and selected to be apart of the next batch of Burners. As you progress through the trials, events will transpire to test your might. And upon surviving it all, you will recieve your prize and partner-- your dragon. Upon completing your enlistment, you will be issued a weapon of your choice and be customed made for your character. All of you will travel Tharia as one unit on missions from the Queen to help boster the kingdoms.

    Welcome to Tharia, Burner.


    • No overpowered characters and no overpowered posting, such as wiping out an entire army with one spell. Or punching the ground and making the Earth split in half.
    • Posting must at least be a pragraph, and on a constant of once a day or two. Do let me know if this is a problem, and I'll be sure to accomidate! ^^
    • No one has their dragon's right off the back. You'll have to earn them through the trials like the others. Once the trials are complete, you can update your CS on when and how you aquired your dragon. Also, keep in mind dragons hail of different types and of different species. So if someone has a water dragon and someone else has one, they could possibly be of a different species. Feel free to provide their appearance and general species info.
    • All Iwaku rules apply here.
    • Satire is in this RP, so don't be afraid to have a comedic moment in the middle of a fight. Such as summoning your dragon, and it prapres to attack but suddenly passes out from eating a bad lamb last night.
    • Romance is in. But it is not instantaneous unless you've announced it in your CS and discussed it with the other player you're romancing.
    • 1-3 characters per person.
    • Have Fun! And Always have fun!

    Character Sheet:
    Age: [All ages apply]
    Race: [Human? Dwarf? Wood Elf? High Elf? Or Fae?]
    Class: [Warrior? Rogue? Mage? Healer]
    Appearance: [All pictures fit: Anime, Concept Art, Realistic, etc.]
    Dragon Appearance:
    Dragon Info:
    Extra(s): [Theme Music? Extra info? Etc.]

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  2. Name: Jake Garrison

    Age: 21

    Race: Human

    Class: Warrior

    Jake (open)


    Dragon Appearance
    Jake's Dragon (open)


    Dragon Info:
    • Type: Fire
    • Species: Northern Plain
    • Height: 30 ft tall
    • Weight: 3,980 lbs
    • Wingspan: 60 ft
    • Attacks: Fire breath, Claws, Tail, and Teeth
    • Extra(s): [SOON TO COME]

    Traits/Personality: Jake is known for being very young in spirit and mind, yet he show maturity when a situation seems much more grave. He's clever in wit and can be very dicisive. He's also noted for his leadership skills and natural born agility the rivaled a Cheethari Skyball player. Jake is outspoken and has a defiant drive of courage, and old classical soul that enjoys merryment and celebration.

    History: Jake was born in Haestrom's outskirts on a farm. His father, Gabrial Garrison, was a legendary Knight reputed around Haestrom as the 'Orc Cleaver'. His mother, Hera Garrison, was a powerful Healer from Ascilla known as 'Earth's Grace'. They were brought together during an epic battle between a remenant of Yami's army; Gabrial was fataly wounded, but Hera's magic was able to heal and keep him in the fight, naming this a chance of fate.

    Being born from Haestrom's most reveered,it was easy for Jake to receive praise and high expectations from his parents.When Jake could walk, his mother and father started training him in their old ways. His mother taught him of herbs and elixers, while his father taught him everything he needed to know about a sword and shield. As he reached the age of seventeen, tragedy stuck as Gabrial was slain in combat by Torlain the Bloody, and Orc Warlord and an old nemesis to Gabrial. Depression settled into Jake's soul learning the loss of his father, his mother was distraught but there was nothing she could do. She remained strong and reserved knowing if she were to go after Torlain, she may fall as well and that would be too much for her child to bare.

    Jake attended his father's funeral wearing his old knighting robes, and gave his eulogy. After the ceremony ended, Jake buried his father in his old armor, but kept his trusty sword 'Faith' and shield 'Honor'. However, Jake's heart was still heavy with grief and hungry for revenge. He let this fire spread inside and fuel him as he trained for years straight, allying with mercinaries, knights, and warriors of all types. Eventually, Hera noticed his vengeful behavior and tried to cut it off at the head, by forbidding Jake to train with a sword and ceasing to teach her herbalism to him. Thereafter, she neglected any of her husband's comrades from coming to see or train him, in worries it would ignite his spirit. However, Jake had already plotted and ran away from home and lived on his own.

    As he progressed on his rogue career, Jake became more colorful in personality as he experienced most of his adult life early including: Killing, Drinking, Celebration, Sex, and many other aspects of adult life as he traveled across Tharia seeing everything that needed to be seen.

    On one lucky day, he would be tested to his highest ambition as he came across an old enemy, Torlain came upon Jake and a caravan he was traveling with, backed by an army of Orcs. The civilians were dispatched with haste, and Jake was left to fend for himself with just his sword and shield. He stood unafraid against the powerful army who sicked soldier after soldier against him, each falling to his might. But it seemed the more he killed, the longer it took. Jake had defeated the army, bloodied and beaten, only to have one last battle in his way- Torlain. He amassed whatever strength he had left and gave his all as he clashed against his father's killer. The fight lasted for hours until Jake ended up with a broken sword and a shattered shield; worn out and bleeding heavily with a bloodied and bruised Torlain.

    The War Lord however had enough strength left in him to walk, and used it to appraoch Jake. As Torlain prepared to deliver the final blow, Jake's sword arm suddenly reacted and stabbed the bastard though his throat. Jake growled as he visciously plunged the blade deeper, listening to Torlain choke on his own black blood.

    Since then, Jake has been known by many names. The Fae call him "Bashiran," The Undying, Elves call him "Surasa" The Mighty, and Cheethari call him "Kal-Cur" Fierce Claw. But around Tharia, from human title, he is known as 'The Champion of Tharia'.

    Fighting Music (open)

    Flight Music (open)
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  3. I want to join, I just have a few questions.

    With fae you mean anything that can be categorized under it and not just something like fairies, right? Because I once had a big discussion about it and I don't want to cause trouble.
    Will the trials take place IC or are they already done and over with? Maybe I should read better that is also a possibility.

    I think that were all my questions for now. Oh, but meanwhile I will make a character even if the questions are not anwsered yet.
  4. @loviebeest That's actually a very good question, and I thank you for it. I've been meaning to update the Races information so that people would be able to properly construct a CS without question. I've just been busy with school studies, but I'll sum the Fae up for you in order to help out!

    The Fae, or faries as they are known in lore, are a naturist type of people. They value nature more than they value money or other worldly possesions such as gold coins or weapons, due to them using their magic for most of their daily habits. Their religon is based on how life is not taken or given, but barrowed; and they call it 'The Great Cycle.' They believe anything given life is obligated to use it rightfully to bring peace and follow the old ways of Seikatsu, the Green Dragon of Earth. They are usually noted for their skin in varied blue colors and stange, glowing facial tattoos, along with the white of their eyes being pitch black with the iris of any given color-- mostly blue, teal, green, or sometimes even white or red. Some Fae born without these features are considered outsiders, but with the Fae being a gentle people among their own polotics, they tend to keep these outsiders in case they prove themselves worthy of Fae blood.

    If you're having trouble imaging what they look like from the description, I've provided a spoiler tag below ^^

    Fae Appearance (open)
  5. Thanks for the information ^^ I will pack my old character up and save her for another time. Now, it's time to make a new one.
  6. Mariell "Deathsmith" Frigg Fleiszig


    Name: Mariell "Deathsmith" Frigg Fleiszig

    Age: 27 years old

    Race: Human

    Class: Blacksmith/Mercenary


    Mariell has a big scar across her back.

    Dragon Appearance:
    Dragon Info:

    • Type: Wind
    • Species: Southern Mountains
    • Height: 14 ft tall
    • Weight: 2646 lb
      Body span: 85 ft
    • Wingspan: She has no wings, however, Sirath can fly by controlling the air around her.
    • Attacks: Wind tornadoes, she can use her body to crush her enemies, air/wind control, Teeth, impalement by using the thorns on her neck/head.

    • ----------------------------------•----------------------------------
    Traits/Personaility: Mariell has an ego the side of a full grown dragon, and perhaps this is enough to describe her. The foul mouth and narcissistic behavior are two of the most notable traits, sarcasm and cynicism not too far behind. Being a genius at the Blacksmithing art, Mariell takes full pride of her creations, and, surely enough, they do not disappoint. The blonde won't accept any kind of bullshit regarding her gender, especially not from a man, otherwise, knowing her --rather unnecessary-- violent persona, she will kick him mercilessly on the balls.

    The woman will show her love and fondness by giving one a pet name and getting ridiculously protective over them, something that can be misunderstood as a show of superior strength. She won't hesitate risking her life to save somebody else that might be dear to her, or to save someone that is important to somebody dear to her. To know if Mariell is truly mad or not, just listen; if you hear nothing, no cursing, no yelling, no sarcastic remark, you'll know that the woman has reached her breaching point and is about to explode.

    History: Born in the district of Ascilla, Mariell has known weapons since her childhood. Her father, Balder, was a known Blacksmith and was the owner of a rapid growing local weapons' store, however, he died before the business could become something big, bigger than it actually was. At the time of his death, the girl was 20 years old and was at the middle of her warrior training, which was something that she had fought hard to conquer. But, a letter from her mother, Freyja, sent her back home, forced to take over her father's business. Honestly, Mariell wasn't that disappointed; she loved the work of a Blacksmith, but that didn't mean she had stopped her training as a warrior. By equally splitting the roles of Blacksmith and Warrior, she had grown in both of them, and in less than 4 years, Fleiszig Weaponry had grown famous in the whole of Ascilla, not taking too long to start exporting weapons outward. Meanwhile, Mariell's skills as a warrior were also getting famous, though not as much as her Blacksmith reputation.

    At the age of 25, Freyja died, which left her daughter in a state of devastation. Leaving her store aside for a long while, Mariell succumbed to alcoholism, a vice that lasted a whole year of her life. What pulled the woman out of her state of misery was an almost death experience, that resulted in a ugly scar at her back. She still does not like to talk about that incident. After digging herself out of the dark hole that her life had become, she had to face the consequences of her recession: Fleiszig Weaponry was in crisis. Unsurprisingly, the store couldn't be saved. Upon selling it and whatever had lasted of it, Mariell tried to keep the alcohol at a bay, though she did have relapses, and they were getting more constant. Nowadays, the woman works as a blacksmith at a simple store, sometimes doing little jobs here and there, such as guard this, protect him, protect them, jobs that soon became kill him, kill her, steal this, kidnap them. The only thing left for her was her ego and her pride, which is why she won't let go of them in anyway.

    Extra(s): Soon to Added
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  7. @GreatWest accepted! I can ignore her dragon's name and the details in their abilities, for this once. She's one of the rough looking women I was aiming for in this group!
  8. Green=Galilahi Blue=dragon red=unknown

    Name: Galilahi Cochise

    Age: 123

    Race: Wood elf

    Class: Healer and a bit of archery for self defense.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Her hair is always brown at the roots but has a green tinge at the tips. Doesn't matter how it grows or even if you cut it, it will remain.

    Dragon Appearance: [​IMG]

    Dragon Info:
    • Age:
    • Type: Water
    • Species: deep cave A.K.A. Ice or Crystal dragon
    • Lenght: 60cm (1ft 11") 80 cm including tail (2ft 7.5")
    • Height: 55cm (1ft 9")
    • Weight: 27kg (59lbs)
    • Wingspan: 40cm (1ft 3,75")
    • Attacks: Purifiying small amounts of water, hardening water as a shield, teeth, talons and spike on tail.
    • History:
    • Extra(s): He is still a baby and he likes to be carried around. His kind hardens water on their skin, explaining their crystal like appearance.
    Traits/Personaility: Galilahi does not take everything that seriously. She has always been playfull, curious and sometimes just loud and annoying. Even in the middle of battle she would still crack a joke. But that is only when she is around people. When she is alone or around strangers/uninteresting people then she is not that talkative and barely smiles. Most of the time when she is alone she let's her tought wander a long road.

    History: Born as the youngest among many siblings made her invisible in her own family. She grew up with the hand me downs, the last scraps and the least of parental love. Of course her family loved her it was just that she couldn't make herself be noticed much. Her sisters had the looks, her brothers had the skills and she was just herself. Eventually she was old enough to practice an art and she didn't hestitate for anything. This was her chance, they would finally notice her. It just didn't really go as planned. She wasn't good in fighting, the only results were cuts and bruises. Hunting also wasn't her thing, she was to loud to sneak up on anything. She even tried farming and weaving but she dropped the thread and pulled out the wheat instead of the weed. At least archery was something she was reasonable with, so she stuck with it for a few years. In all the failures was one bright point, she was finally being noticed. As the first clumsy wood elf in years that is. She was happy with her archery but she still felt that it wasn't her thing and fell in doubt. To not worry her friends she would act happy and playfull as a cover.

    In those years of self doubt she met a guy who introduced her to magic. At first she was hesitant, saying that she was always told that it was for high elves. But he convinced her to try anyways. It took her a few tries to perform the small spell he had shown, but she really enjoyed the small magic she performed. After that she spent more and more time with him, practising magic and just having a good time together. The problem was that she never came further than basic spells. He then suggested to go to a place for healers and ask if she could learn something there. She did just that but first she told her parents so they knew that even someone like her could learn something. Of course they were against it at the start, believing that she would be dissapointed again. In the end they let her go without a fight, a bit to her dismay. With that done she went to learn healing and healing magic, and suprisingly excelled in it. Again she stayed a few years to learn this new art and she was happy, in those years that guy who thaught her magic became her lover.

    She soon became a healer good enough to acquire knowledge on her own. She left her lover behind to see the world to learn more and help other people. He gave her a gift that would bind them even from afar, an earring with a red ribbon and a matching one for himself. With a kiss and a promise to return Galilahi left.
    On exactly her 121st birthday she returned home, discovering he had dissapeared. She asked around what happened but nobody knew, not even a whisper or a rumour about him. As if he never existed in the first place. Galilahi still doesn't know what happened to her lover. She only knows that he didn't leave for another and isn't dead, even if that's just a feeling she has.

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  9. @loviebeest Get her history up, and she's in!

    Also, I've updated the Races and Rules in case anyone needed to check back for something.

    ANd for those who are putting down the name of their dragons and their powers, I'll highlight on that briefly.

    @loviebeest and @GreatWest First, our characters know NOTHING about dragons other than the fact that they exist, and that they are dangerous. Drasgons are new to you, so your chracter knows nothing about them- let it be type of species. They will learn about dragons in the trials, and upon completion they will be given chances to search and bond with the dragon of their choice.
  10. @Tenchi Thanks for the info. I will keep in mind that they know nothing, but is it alright that i keep it there as a reminder for myself? And I was almost finished but my stomach had other priorities >.< (Fooood)
  11. @loviebeest Yes you may, I just wanted to remind you-and anyone after-how it works.
  12. @Tenchi Yay! You accepted Mariell! And about the dragon, I know that she will only know about it after the trials, but since I already was on a roll I wanted to leave the dragon ready. If you want, I can put its details in a spoiler and just take it off when Mariell has it.
  13. @GreatWest nah, you can leave it as is for now. So long as those that follow don't make the few minor mistakes.

    Welcome aboard you two!
  14. Has Jake already gone through the trials, because that is the part that confuses me now.
  15. @loviebeest Jake has not been through the trials. It may confuse you however due to his dragon's info. ^^;

    I've put down his dragon's general info on the basis of what he'd see of it. As for details such as it's name, age, behavior, and history; I've left that blank due to him not knowing anything about his dragon.
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  16. Damdamdam!

    Crimson Elegion



    (non combat Mage)
    Enchanter practice the Magic of Enchanting One's Battlefield.
    Their magic specializes on casting heals, buffs on allies and debuffs, charms onto the enemies.
    They do not make use of any damage spells, the path of damage spells has been blocked by the requirement of using the magic over a large area.
    Every single being within the area is considered to be a target, no matter if they are allies or enemies.


    Dragon Appearance:

    Dragon Info:
    No details presented as of yet.

    She does not come with any Traits to start with, she is a common enchanter, has no fighting skills and uses a scroll as a cataclyst to strengthen her magic a bit.
    Personality will be determined on the IC.

    Amelia is the bastard child of the Royal Family of Ascila by motherly side.
    Her father is unknown.
    She was legitimized by her mother, whom send her for training as an enchanter, a non combat class, one that is considered to be a different form of a healer.
    She also received training in swordplay so she could defend herself a little bit.
    While Crimson had everything she needed, she never received motherly or fatherly love.
    A while ago she was send to become a Sky Burner.
    The purpose of this was to take all claims on the throne that she could had possibly had as becoming a Sky Burner is a devotion for a lifetime.
    "The Duty come's first"

    (Just because you asked!)

    Note: She wll still get the blade and it will become her only mean to defend herself properly. I think it is given by a stranger... but rather as a gift from her father. SHe would not know of this of course nor even get the tiniest hint og recognizing him.

    If you desire she can be Jake's love interest.​
  17. Can I join in?

    Also, is there anything special about the Cheethari?

    (I will try my hardest to keep with the Adept writing level. If anything about how I write needs to be changed, just let me know.)
  18. @G3n3s1sR3b0rn sure. Just post a CS up!

    As for the writing level, I'll be sure to help you out if I see a shortage. If you'd like practice, you can message me in PMs, and practice.

    Also, all information about the races can be found in the introduction post in the spoilers ^^
  19. reserving space, will put sheet up later today.
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