Skills you have online and wish could carry over to real life.

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  1. While brainstorming new topics for the forum, I realized that when it comes to coming up with quick little questions and conversation starters in the cbox or here in General, I am AWESOME. Plenty of ideas for simple things to get people chatting with each other.

    ...But then if you put me in a room of people in real life, strangers or not, I totally blank out. I am TERRIBLE at chit chatting and beginning conversations. If left up to me for getting the room talking, more often than not I am awkward and suddenly saying something stupid just to break the ice. XD

    What are some things you're really good at online, but wish you could apply out there in the physical world?
  2. Everything.
  3. My cult of personality.
  4. I am more social and open minded online. Traits I find hard to carry over into real life for various reasons.
  5. I am usually far more interesting in text format. However, this "skill" gradually wanes as the number of physical people rises.
    I lose interest in large groups, and after a certain point I fade into the background and will make my escape!

    I'm also a lot smarter online thanks to Google.
  6. Start conversations and not be shy. Hell, be social in general... Online, I'm always eager to talk to people and can think of stuff to say! But in real life, I get bashful, stuttery and kind of like this: "OH GOD. O-OH GOD, THIS HUMAN IS T-T-TALKING TO ME! WUT DO!??!?" n__n;; My personality online is so much more outgoing and fun. However, it's also my true personality when I crawl out of my shell. (Which I seldom do.)

    Like ViralFiend, I also wish I could be more intelligent away from the internet. With Google and stuff to access, I can translate what some of you dorks are talking about! D:< But away from the internet, I go "Derp, whatchu talkin' 'bout?"


    I also wish I could magically make cupcakes appear. :| People around here are always producing baked goods out of thin air. I wanna be able to do that in real life, plzkthx.
  7. I want to be able to smile a little more and not hate myself for the way I look or how my mind works.
  8. The ability to circle jump everywhere.

    I'd probably get a heart attack after the 3rd jump, though. >_>
  9. That is exactly how I am. :/
    I was at camp the last four days, and found it extremely hard to start talking to people. v.v But I've always been like that. Over on the net though, it's easier. No one's staring at you or anything while you talk. It's easier and you don't feel as overwhelmed. x.x
  10. I like to think my habit of learning a new skill or starting a new hobby every year has kept me in good stead at having a more cross-class skill points than a D&D 3.5 bard, but if there's one thing I'd like in real life:

    Free running.

    I know how to use a saber, I know how to fight barehanded, and I'm generally atheltic and dextrous, so I have all of Altair's skills...except the damn free running. I really, really, really want to do that. Alas, no big buildings in Indiana.
  11. Being able to kick people out of existence would be nice.

    So would /ignore.

    And the ability to change the colour of everything with nothing more than a hex code.