Skies of Keizaal

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  1. The Dragonborn had finally rid Tamriel of Alduin, the World-Eater. He had destroyed Miraak, and restored the peace and tranquility to Solsthiem. Now with Paarthurnax in charge of the dragons, all seemed to be perfect. The dragons and the Nords were almost one with each other. Though they hadn't gone back to ancient times of old, the Nords began to respect the dragons, and likewise, the dragons respected the Nords.

    Relations between Skyrim and the Aldmeri Dominion became increasingly uneasy. Over time, the Aldmeri Dominion marched on Skyrim, hoping to take it by force, and eradicate the worship of Talos entirely. With this, the Dragonborn requested the assistance of Paarthurnax, and other dragons, against the approaching forces. Upon hearing how the Thalmor felt about the other races, almost all the dragons told, joined in the aid of Skyrim.
  2. "Drem Yol Lok, Thuri, my lord. Now that I am free from the ul do faal Zaakan In, the eternity of the Ideal Masters, I will become your servant." Durnehviir said, appearing at the throat of the world. With help, Maranwë had found a way to free him from the emptiness and isolation of the Soul Cairn. She smiled, knowing that her hard work had paid off, and this dragon could finally roam the skies of Tamriel once more.

    "The Thalmor are planning to iidah, to attack from the North. They mean to take Okulom, Solitude, in force." Paarthurnax stated, perched on his word wall, as was his norm. The Dragonborn, an older Nord fellow, stood leaning against it. He seemed to be meditating on something, perhaps a word, or maybe a strategy, but not once opened his mouth.

    Mara bowed before Paarthurnax, thanking him for the information. "It's vital that we make our way there, Durnehviir. While dragons to move far faster than mortals do, I'm sure there's plenty of time from there to here, that they could have to put their plan into motion." Mara said, hopping on Durnehviir's neck.
  3. Cassandria fastened her armor, buckling her sword behind her. When she had heard word that Solitude, her home town, was soon to be sieged by the Thalmor, she knew she could not sit idly by and let it happen. She was on her way to Winterhold so that she might learn some new spells for herself, but upon hearing the word of attack in Morthal, there was no way she was going to stand by and let that happen. Thus, her and QoNosVahzah, or as she preferred to be called, Qonov (Quo-Nov) headed back to her home town, holding fast at the front gate with the guards.

    She began enchanting herself and the guards with spells of Iron Flesh, preparing them for the battle ahead. Qonov was ready to shout storm call on Cass' command, and the guards had their swords and bows at the ready. She wasn't sure what sort of force the Thalmor might be sending, but she had such a strong hatred for them, she was ready to face anything. In one hand she had Thunderbolt prepared, in the other chain lightning. She would zap them until they couldn't move, and once they were close, they would feel the sting of her sword.
  4. "When the word of the return of Alduin's return, faas, fear spread to all of Keizaal, of Skyrim. The joor, the mortals, cowered in fear. Now that the Dovahkiin has established peace and the Elves, Fahliil, wish to attack, now they have gained Ahkrin, courage. Attacking the dovah to force them into Quiilaak, submission. Even mighty Paarthurnax has given in to the will of the Dovahkiin..." Ulsahmaar said as he sat at the foot of the unclimbable mountain that lead to Skaldafn with an injured and unconscious Khajiit at his feet. "Hmm... I defy this Drem, this peace and yet I have chosen to save him from three other dovah..." His meditative speech with himself was cut short as he heard the unsheathing of a sword and another 'hero' shouting at him. "Dragon! I've come to battle with you and force you into submission! Ready yourself!" The nord stood ready to charge with his blade held high and his shield readied but wouldn't get the chance as Ulsahmaar swung round, mindful of the person under him and let out his thuum "Fo - Krah Diin!" His voice hurled forward in a barrage of snow and ice. Once it ended the body of the nord dropped to the ground, frozen stiff.

    "I, a son of Akatosh, am not about to admit defeat to a Joor!" Gently picking up the wounded Khajiit the phantom jumped into the air and bolted for whiterun. Landing in the castle where Odhaviing had once been captured Ulsahmaar set the injured Khajiit down and leaned his head closer. "I do not know why I saved you Kaaz, Khajiit. I do not pledge myself to any Joor, it is against my nature but when you are ready to speak, shout out my name to the clouds and I will come. I am Ulsahmaar." When the dragon spoke his name and gifted the Khajiit with the understanding of his name, the entire castle seemed to shake. "Heal him!" The dragon shouted into the crowd before taking off again for the throat of the world to speak with his brother. "Paarthurnax! Nii los tiid mu tinvaak!" He shouted in the direction of the great mountain, knowing that Paarthurnax and the other dragons in his company will have heard him.
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  5. Paarthurnax nodded the others away, and heard the faint shout of an old dovah, "Nii lost kosaan lingrah tiid. Nii los vrah." He shouted in return, his voice thundering through the skies, unwavering towards Ulsahmaar. The Dovahkiin took his leave back down to High Hrothgar. Paarthurnax awaited the dragons' first return to the Throat of the World since the ruling days of Alduin.

    Mara and Durnehviir made their way towards Solitude, and she wondered what was to be found when they arrived. From their current area, they could see the walls, as well as the Blue Palace, but nothing more. No signs of attack, no smoke. Mara hoped it would be fine, and nothing would happen, and landed right in front of the Blue Palace. Upon arriving there, everyone near the Palace had seemed to had vanished. It was as if everyone laid their clothes down in their places, and left the city. There were sword sand bows of the Stormcloak officers, all scattered on the ground. Is this some power the Altmer possess? Mara thought to herself.
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  6. Cassandria held her ground for quite a while, not seeing anyone approaching the gate at all. She looked up to the sky, realizing her and QoNosVahzah had been standing at the gate for over an hour. She let out a sigh, but then moments later she heard someone running and yelling, "THERE'S A DRAGON NEAR THE PALACE!! THERE'S A DRAGON NEAR THE PALACE!!" Cass turned to QoNosVahzah and said, "Kuz Bod ahrk Korii! We need to know if they are fahdon uv paal." With that, QoNosVahzah took flight with haste, heading toward the blue palace.

    She flew until she saw the dovah and his zoriik, making QoNosVahzah let out a fierce roar as she perched upon one of the taller buildings near the blue palace, being careful not to damage it with her claws nor her weight. "Wo goes til, Dovah ahrk Zoriik? Zey, ahrk Cassandria, dein Okulom nol rut do iidah. Dreh hi hind wah hiif, uv dreh hi hind wah aax?" She spoke to the dragon first, then spoke to the rider in her best mun tinvok. "Greetings, Rider. I am guarding Solitude from attack. Do you seek to defend or destroy?" Her wings were folded down upon her body, not really trying to pose any sort of threat. She respected most dragons, thus she had no reason to assume that they were hear to harm anyone.
  7. Mara hopped off of Durnehviir, looking at all the clothing and weapons, before looking to the dragon and rider who spoke to them. "Drem yol lok, QoNosVahzah. Nii lost kosaan lingrah tiid. Wo los daar tol hi drun voknau hin ruus? Krosis, waan mu laan wah aax Okulom, aanwo lost graal mii wah nii. " Durnehviir spoke to the dragon. Mara unsheathed her blade, examining it carefully, looking for any imperfections while the dragons had a chat.

    She pulled out a cloth, and began to wipe the blade down, for it hadn't been used in a while, as the task she'd undergone to free her dragon didn't really require weapons, so much as it did an Elder Scroll, which the Moth Priests were convinced to let her use, after being told the story of Durnehviir, and told as well, about the Aldmeri Dominions plan to invade Skyrim. Mara managed to trade Durnehviir's soul for her own, and with the help of the Scroll, stop the contract before she had lost her soul. Of course, with the use of the scroll, she suffered a side effect, which became evident when she dropped casually to one knee, and put her head down, trying to keep from alerting anyone to the overly massive headache she had.

    [Translation for the Dovahzul text]

    Drem yol lok, QoNosVahzah. Nii lost kosaan lingrah tiid. Wo los daar tol hi drun voknau hin ruus? Krosis, waan mu laan wah aax Okulom, aanwo lost graal mii wah nii.: Greetings, QoNosVahzah. It has been (a) long time. Who is this that you bring upon your throat(neck)? Sorrow, if we want(ed) to harm Solitude, someone has beat us to it.
  8. Cassandria headed into Solitude, making her way towards the blue palace. She saw QuNosVahzah perched on a building, and she spotted the elf and the other dovah as well. However, everyone seemed to be missing from the Blue Palace, which made her quite uneasy. She saw the vul fahliil down on one knee, which made her assume that she was ahraan, injured. Thus, she rushed over to her and cast a few restoration spells, hoping to rid her of any pain she felt. "Hey there, you alright? My name is Cassandria, its good to have another warrior and dovah here. However, there isn't any real sigh of attack. Do you happen to know what might be going on here, M'Lady?"

    QuNosVahzah smiled her best smile then said, "Oo hi hesvun zey zeymah nol lok. Tol los wo lost zin govir dii ruus. Cassandria los eylok, boziik, norok. Aalkos pahvoth, voth un uld ahrk niist qolor, mu vis siiv tir wo los vahlokeyvaal fah vogluus voknau Okulom." QuNosVahzah took to the skies once more, letting her keen eyes scout around to see if she could spot anything out of the ordinary, circling the great city of Solitude.

    Oh you flatter me brother from the sky. That is whom has the honor of riding my neck. Cassandria is kind, bold, fierce. Perhaps together, with our might and their wit, we can find out who is responsible for the misfortune upon Solitude.
  9. The breeze became colder as the dovah approached the throat of the world. "Drem Yol Lok, zeymah." Ulsahmaar greeted Paarthurnax as he swooped down and landed a few feet from the word wall, yet the mighty elder dragon still looked down at his brother. "Ko hin wund fah drem hi lost vodein lund do dov, zeymah. Wah imaar ahrk wah rel los ziin vomedaas truk Paarthurnax. Atop my pillar in Skuldafn I watched, koriaan as the Dovahkiin kriin Alduin, slayed the world eater.
    I come baring a warning and to seek your council.
    With his victory and your rising to power the joor think they can control us. They think that we are rinid, equal now. Paarthurnax, the dov will never accept this. We were made to rule. To dominate, rel. It is what our father Akatosh has made us for. Once the yuvonfahlil suleyksejun, the aldmery dominion has fallen the dof will rise again. If you try to opress our nature, your nature, the other dovah may see it as weakness. The power of your thuum has not yet been rivaled by any of our zeymah. Orin hi vis ni ronit pah dov. That is my warning to you."

    The old dovah grew silent for a while as he pondered a few things before looking at Paarthurnax again. His voice now dampened with a depressed tone. "The minds of the dovah have been warped by the cruelty of Alduin. Three dovah were attacking a Kaaz bovitaan. He sought nothing from them. They attacked because they seek blood. I descended from the mountain and they fled at the sound of my thuum. I still do not know why I saved him... I have been meditating for a very long time and found many answers. I have come across two thoughts though that I cannot answer and they are most troubling... I and Bruhsahmaar watched as the Dovahkiin killed Nahkriin and entered Sovngarde. When the world eater was struck down not one of the heroes absorbed his soul. Alduin could yet live. I fear that it may not only be I and Bruhsahmaar who know of this. He went in search of Alduin's remains in the realm of the honoured dead but found nothing. None of the souls know of any sort of burial. I fear the worst..."
    With a sigh the dragon stretched his wings out and folded them again but tensed up as he felt an arrow shatter against his neck. Slowly he turned and saw a woman in blades armor approaching. "For the blades and skyrim!" She shouted and charged at Paarthurnax and Ulsahmaar but met a swift end as the mighty dragon impaled her on his tail. "I grow so very tired of this..." He remarked as he threw the lifeless body from the mountain. "Skaam lost zuk vonum honah fein daar joor."
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  10. "Zu'u mindoraan, to Zu'u koraav nii ni ol sahlom. Zu'u los pah ahk ahmiin do dii rinik lund, ahrk til los ni getiid ko tiid, kolos Zu'u los ni sahrel wah daal wah tol lund." Paarthurnax spoke, as the Blades woman lay still on the ground. "While it is true, that no hero absorbed Alduin's suleyk, his power, it is all true that, whether his is dead, or indeed alive, he is without any power." He ended, looking back to Ulsahmaar.

    The very nature of a dragon was, and always would be to dominate. There was no way to change this inborn nature, but Paarthurnax believed there was a way to overcome this nature. He believed that with time, and patience, one could overcome their nature, and live at peace with the world. "Mu nis vuldak un rinik lund, but with effort, we can overcome it." He said, re-positioning himself on the Wall.
  11. Durnehviir nodded in agreement. "If I knew what was going on, I'd be doing something about it, but unfortunately, I'm just as lost as everyone else." Mara said, standing up. She looked to the Palace, and wondered if there were still people alive inside. "Mu fent bo ko. Durnehviir, dein lingraav, ahrk vos nid gein rahn." She said to Durnehviir, unsheathing her blade, and heading towards the door of the Blue Palace.


    Mu fent bo ko. Durnehviir, dein lingraav, ahrk vos nid gein rahn.
    We shall go in. Durnehviir, keep watch, and let no one pass.
    (Minor OOC: Go and let when translated to, and then from Dovahzul, apparently translate back to fly, and able... O.o That is all)
  12. "You cannot overcome what you are Paarthurnax. Your nature will never change. We are, like time, unahzaal. Yet no amount of it will change us. Alduin, the first born bent the nature of the dov to a cruel purpose. One can dominate without bloodshed. If you wish to change, zeyma, consider this; waan mu kent rel, ruz mu kent jaaril atumei eylok." Ulsahmaa!r turned his head to the direction of whiterun as a whisper, carrying his voice fading on the wind. "Hmm... I must go zeyma. Erei borii mu grind." The old dovah spread out his wings and lunged into the air, gliding through the clouds.

    Just outside whiterun, on a rather large boulder a Kajiit sat, waiting to see if what he heard in his sleep was true or just a dream. Just as he was about to jump from the boulder an give up did Ulsahmaar roar, swooping down and landing behind him. "Drem yol lok, Kajiit. I have given you my name, now it is time you give me yours." Ulsahmaar stated as he stood proudly, towering over the Kajiit.
    Amazed by the fact that a dragon was asking him his name he sat down on the boulder and took a moment to consider Ulsahmaar. "You test my patience, joor." Ulsahmaar growled and stepped back a pace. "I am Sedrig, I am a traveler and a map maker." Sedrig finally replied and swallowed hard. "You are brave to travel so close to Skuldafn, or is it you are a fool, mey?" The Kajiit stayed silent for a few seconds more before answering "I'm not a fool, nor do I try to act brave. I simply do what I love. To travel all of nirn is my greatest dream, yet I fear I may not survive skyrim." The dovah considered his answer then spread his wings "and if I make you a warrior, kendov do keizaal, if you get to see the world as a dovah will you pledge yourself to me and my zeyma? Will you freely do the will of the dovah drog and our father Akatosh?" Ulsahmaar's voice was loud and serious. The power of it made the rocks around them tremble and crack. Sedrig didn't have much time to think things through and had to weigh his options on the spot. "For a chance to be greater than any normal Kajiit, I accept!" The Kajiit made his voice heard and the dovah inhaled then shouted "Gron yol laas!" His voice knocking Sedrig from the rock. "You are now bound to me. You will fight for me, with me, in the name of Akatosh and Keizaal."
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