Sketchbook, Characters, and Self Portraits

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  1. The first three images are all things from my sketchbook. These are mostly character studies, and some half doodled ideas. I apologize for including the text, but I felt it was good to preserve what I had originally wrote on the piece, albeit using a font this time.
    Picture heavy! Apologies if it crashes your computer!


    These were two illustrations I made of myself and my boyfriend. They're sort of decent. Sort of.


    Self portrait as a sorcerer.


    Feedback and Comments much appreciated. <3
  2. What did you use to color?

    I'm never this detailed on a normal day of glorious drawing.
  3. The first few are just sharpie and whatever markers I find laying about.
    The last couple are a drawing program - photoshop. C:
  4. These are all very lovely Basil! The detail and color are absolutely amazing~ <3 The only Feedback/Comment that I can really think about is the hands in the picture right under the one that says Jeffery City. They aren't bad but to me the thumbs look to be in front and if the fingers are facing up then they should be behinds the other fingers. However, other than that the pictures are all beautiful and amazing~
  5. Oh my, these are quite good.
  6. Harps: Thanks! And yeah, you're totally right about the hands. Duuurp on my part.
    Tegan: Thank you! :D
  7. Great stuff, Basil.

    The 'Self portrait as a sorcerer'..... amazing. The layers are captivating, and that face in the back with the tears...very intriguing stuff, dude. Such cool detail too.

    I am a Basil-art fan!
  8. Try thining out your lines. I realize you're looking for a bold image, but pushing the colors into the foreground, and the textures in the back would (to me) have a much greater effect.

    I do like the way you do faces, and your body proportions are fantastic.
  9. October: Thank you!
    Chet: You're totally write about thinning out the lines in the background - my brother told me some similar recently. Thanks for the tip though! I'm glad my proportions and anatomy seems okay to you, even though its got some errors.