Sixty two days, and no sign of an end.

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  1. A world that has been consumed, the source is still unknown. The land a barren desert, infested with hordes of the un-dead, creatures of the damned, and radioactive mutants. All are welcome, in an attempt at survival.

    You are to worry about ALL daily necessities.​
    Hunger. Thirst. Health. Stamina. Injuries. Ammo. Energy. Energy used from any electronic device Natural disasters. New 'monster' species. Rouge's. EVERYTHING that's out there.​
    God modding is both allowed, but not allowed. Depending on what you're doing, and how its done. Its best to check first with whom its being done to, and meet their approval.
    It would be preferred to have one, or two people in 'rule' of the monsters. Generally directing them so their not a lifeless background.​
    More locations, species, ect. ect. Will be added further along in the story.​
    Just "jump right in!" No need to ask for permission, all that's required is a decent amount of information about your character and a starting point. Information prior to "Day 62" is optional.​
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  2. It has been nearly three hours since Professor. Simon Weschester had been awake, glaring at the clock, he said with a hint of sarcasm "8:03 In the morning, eh?" Wearing his black trench coat, a white t-shirt, black square glasses, boots and pants. "Can't believe they're up already." He withdrew a small, black, metal cube from his front left pant pocket, and using both hands, he extended it into a viewing scope about the same size of his arm length. "Lets see here..." A slight breeze caught him, and made the edges of his coat flutter slightly as he viewed the area, taking in the landscape.

    The land was simple, approximately six miles to the north, was the silhouette of a far mountain range, viewing to the west, was the small settlement which he had called home for his entire life, it runs exactly three miles east to west, and one mile north to south. Rutty, scrap metaled buildings dotted along its thirty foot tall, five foot thick, concrete, steel braced wall.

    In the middle of the settlement was a large, more grand building, mostly cubed in shape, but with curved edges and walk ways every ten feet scaling upwards. It was the villages town-church, and their last defense against a possible attack. Outfitted with the highest of current tech weaponry that was made by Professor. Wes himself.

    He turned the viewing scope onto the building, about thirty degrees south of where he was currently viewing. Examining it, the building completely occupied the center of the settlement, empty space within two hundred foot on each side, the building its self scaling to sixty feet height wise. He turned it to the large, doubled door iron opening, two small rods protruding from the top corners of it, constantly scanning for non-human atoms. It was the only type of technology on the building, but it was the finest, most time consuming piece of work he ever produced.

    When non-human atoms are detected, the two rods can fire at single targets, or two separate ones. It automatically scans the target and verifies its potential threat to human life. An example, if it detects a domesticated dog, it will simply ignore it, and continue scanning, but if it detects something that is a threat, it will fire varied projectiles, such as if something with a hard shell, blunted projectiles, and then more pointed ones at cracks in its carapace. If it was a more leathery creature, it would fire heated, pointed projectiles at fatal areas. These rods are dotted every ten feet, on a grid base on the walls, roof, ceilings and floors, even the foundation, inside and out of the building.

    Loosing interest in the building, Professor. Wes turned the scope directly south. Along the city banks, was a flowing river, filtered by multiple dams, the source of plumbing for the city. It was guarded day and night, 24/7. Flood lights, lazer grids, and the occasional power suited marine. Beyond the river was the city wall, and beyond that was an open waste land, a tree or shrub dotted here and there.

    Grunting, he turned the scope to the east, and discovered the source of the screaming that woke him.
    Beyond the walls and housing, was a horde of creatures in the dead land, varying to a simple mutated cat, to a colossal demon like creature, with goat like leggings, red, none skinned, muscled body, complete with horns and a small pair of useless, black feathered wings, and yellow catlike eyes.
    Grunting again, he slid the scope back to its quarter size, and placed it back into his pocket. His own green catlike eyes widening to the new change. He took three steps, and walked directly off of the fifty foot, scrap metal tower he was standing on.

    The moment his feet touched the ground, the ground around it glowed with a blue, cube-like grid for a fraction of a second then vanished, a small badge on his coat glowed as well, clearly the source for his dramatic landing. He spun on his heel, and began to walk toward the eastern wall, humming a merry tune.
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  3. The Man didn't know who he was. All he knew about himself was that he had a: messy mop of dark hair that just reached over his eyes, but at the moment was slicked back, A lean yet muscular body, and was tired...
    He has walked along the desert for what has seemed like days now, the small canteen of water he had when he had awoken was long gone.
    he certainly was dressed for dessert travel... A high necked coat that was almost robe-like yet stiff, Canvas? heavy set brown boots. most likely leather. and glass goggles that were minorly tinted, and finally he wore a small rapier on his side, made of a slim sort of blue metal. he believed it to be mythril? well either way he was... Alone... he continued to trudge along in the lonely desert.