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    Welcome to Sirulbaf Kingdom, where things are not what they seem and anything can happen!

    Are you part of the royal guard? Or are you one of the many villagers who live in the village? Or maybe you are one of the Rebels, those who appose the Queen? Come to Sirulbaf Kingdom and enjoy your time here within the magic and the many wonders.

    There are claim spots~ When you claim a spot just make sure to state who you are in the post, you can see my post and follow that~ I will add more and more later but for now let's just use the ones that I have put up~

    There are three species; humans, furries and anthros - you may choose from any of these for your character.

    Queen - Queen Rosalie - AmerillaRose
    Queen's Personal Knight - Alexandria - EternalMusic
    Queen's Royal Advisor - Yonsisac
    Chief Royal Guard - Infinatis
    Royal Doctor -

    Town's Pub Owner - Adrian - EternalMusic
    Pub Helper -
    Pub Helper -
    Town's Tavern Owner -
    Tavern Helper -
    Tavern Helper -
    Town's Seamstress -
    Seamstress's Assistant -
    Town's Doctor -
    Doctor's Assistant -
    Villager - Jin - Mistress Dizzy
    Villager -

    Leader/Boss - EternalMusic
    Left Hand Man/Woman -
    Member -
    Member -
    Member -

    :: WARNING!!!! ::
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  2. ~ DAY ~

    ~ TIME ~

    ~ WEATHER ~
    Sunny and bright, not a cloud in sight
  3. Name: Alexandria (Alex, Lexie) Excruthican
    Title: Queen's Personal Knight
    Location: Somewhere in the castle
    Interactions: No one -> Two Soldiers -> No one

    Walking around as she made her way through the castle halls, Alex hadn't been able to find the Queen for a while. Geez... i took my eyes off of her for one second... Sighing with a small smile on her face, Alex ran her fingers through her long blonde hair and then turned to the sound of footsteps coming towards her.
    "What is it?"
    "The Rebels are planning to move again!"
    The two saluted her and she waved her hand for them to ease up and the two looked at her relaxed expression with shock.

    "Ma'am aren't we going to do anything!?"
    "Nope~ Don't worry about them~"
    "But ma'am!"
    "I said don't worry."
    Her eyes turned into an ice cold stare and the pair froze as she dismissed them they saluted her and ran off.
    "Why didn't they go tell the Chief Royal Guard that?"

    As she made her way through the halls yet the same pair came running back to her and she sighed softly.
    "What is it?"
    "We don't understand."
    "Understand what?"
    "Why we won't get ready."
    "Because have they attacked recently?"

    The pair shook their head and she she nodded.
    "Their leader is waiting for the right weather to attack."
    "Isn't today a good day then?"
    "........ why?"
    "The air isn't saying to fight."

    The pair looked at one another in a quizzical manner but left it at that and rushed off to do what ever they were planning on doing. Shaking her head she sighed and then made her way over to the castle's inner rooms in hope of finding her queen somewhere in amongst the rooms.

    Name: Adrian (Andy) Armstrong
    Title: Pub Owner
    Location: Behind the bar
    Interactions: Guests

    "Hey Andy!"
    Looking up from the glass that he was cleaning Andy gave a toothy grin at one of his regular customers and chuckled as they sat down and placed down several coins and looked at him with a smirk.
    "The usual~"
    "Got it mate."
    Moving his large muscly body, one would think that he wouldn't be able to move so gracefully around the bar - but of course he could - quickly making the drink and handing the guest their drink they sipped it.

    "Ah that is awesome like always~"
    "Haha no problem~"
    Placing their glass down, the guest looked over at Andy and ran their fingers through their hair.
    "Heard about the rebels?"
    "About them attacking again?"

    "You don't have any thoughts?"
    "As long as they don't ruin my business then I don't give a rats tail about what they do."
    Glancing over at the anthro rat not too far away Andy gave a shrug.
    "Sorry mate."
    The rat anthro rolled his eyes and then returned to whatever he was doing.

    "Okay I gotta go, I will see you later."
    "Got it, have a good day."
    "Sure thing~"
    The door bell giggled with it's ring as the door closed and Andy returned to washing up the glasses.

    Name: Maxine (Max) Twilling
    Title: Rebel Leader
    Location: Main Rebel Hide Out
    Interactions: Members

    "Good morning Max!"
    Looking up from what she was doing, Maxine looked at the male who approached her and closed the book which she was writing in.
    "So you ready for the uprising?"
    ".......... don't feel like it."
    The male looked at her with shock and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.
    "Again!? We have said we are going to attack over five times and we haven't done anything!"
    "That's why they won't expect it when we do."

    Thinking about what he said for a second the male nodded his head as he got it and then went to open his mouth.
    "Don't worry i will tell the others."
    A sigh of relief could be heard from the male and Maxine stood up her coat draped over her shoulders. Tugging it so that it kept her more warm Maxine walked out of her office and made her way into the main hall where most of the members hung out.
    "When are we leaving?"
    "Are we actually even leaving?"

    "We aren't leaving."
    Silence filled the hall and she looked at them all before it erupted with noise.
    "Who said that we aren't going to leave!? Come and get your money!"
    "I did!"
    "No you didn't!"
    "Let me get my money back!"

    The group shouted and yelled at one another and Maxine just rubbed her ears.
    "So noisy...."
    "Haha it seems liek they made bets."
    Disinterested in the noise and the chaos that was occurring, Maxine headed back into her room.
  4. Queen Rosalie

    The queen was currently hiding from her knight, and attempting to climb a tree. Why was she climbing a tree? It was far better than paperwork, that's why!

    "I wish I could out law paperwork, but there's paperwork for that too." The queen pouted and went back to climbing.
  5. Name: Jin
    Race: Anthro
    Age: 15ish?
    Role: Villager?
    Location: Pub
    Interaction: Bugging the bartender

    Jin peeked over the edge of the bar, her dark eyes peering at the bottles of liquor. "Hey Andy, can I have some mead?" Her tail was lashing back and forth. "I promise I won't get drunk." She was a small feline, dark brown and kind of grungy. Wearing a simple shirt and pants, she looked like a child playing dress up in someone else's clothes. The sleeves had been rolled up many times, and the pants were held up by a belt cinched tight around a narrow waist. "I just want to trade it for some food. Some people will do anything for booze. I don't get it."
  6. Name: Alexandria (Alex, Lexie) Excruthican
    Title: Queen's Personal Knight
    Location: Somewhere in the castle
    Interactions: Queen Rosaline (@AmerillaRose)

    Shouting up at the female who was climbing up a tree Alexandria shouted up the tree.
    "Do come down your highness!!!! Please come down!!!"


    Name: Adrian (Andy) Armstrong
    Title: Pub Owner
    Location: Behind the bar
    Interactions: Jin (@Mistress Dizzy)

    Looking down at the child that spoke to him, Adrian lifted an eyebrow at the young child and looked into it's large eyes.
    "I don't sell booze to kids, you can have some milk though."
    Pouring the girl a glass of milk Adrian pushed it over to the girl and dared her to resist to his final say.
  7. Queen Rosalie
    The queen flinched when the voice of her knight came, she knew running wouldn't save her now since she had no head start. So sighing in defeat, Rosalie jumped down from the tree to in front of her knight.

    "Hello Alexandra, fancy meeting you here. Is there something I can do for you?" Rosalie tried to seem innocent of leaving her work behind.
  8. Name: Cassius
    Age: 18
    Race: Leopard Furry
    Wears: Leather armor, red cape, kite shield on his left arm, falchion sword in a sword frog on his left hip
    Abilities: Expert spellcaster, shapeshifter (only two forms: huge, red, four legged dragon and human)
    Bio: Cassius grew up in a bad area (think Camden or Detroit) with no family that he can remember. He made a living through pugilism (fighting), and gained a limited education through reading, adventure stories mostly, with books on basic swordsmanship on the side. One day, Cassius had a fateful encounter with a master mage named Madara. The two talked for a bit and after a while Madara cam to like Cassius. He took him in and trained him in the ways of magic and gave him a complete education, including teaching him things about the magical world. With all this change though, one thing from his past still lingers. When he was a boy, reading his books, he came to idolize the main character of the stories, the knight-in-shining-armor type who would do anything for his friends and never give up no matter what the odds. He liked this kind of personality so much that he emulated it in himself, and now wants to be a knight. At the moment though, he is a mercenary, taking jobs that do not conflict with his moral code, stopping those that do and adventuring all of the place, never staying in one place if he does not have business there.

    received_1595644487323327.jpeg IMAG0009.jpg
    Cassius was sitting at the bar of the Tavern sipping an ale. He knew that this kingdom had its troubles what with the rebellion and all, it was only a matter of time until he found someone who would have need of his services. He was a mercenary you see, a soldier for hire, but unlike many in his profession, he would not take any job that he found. No, Cassius would not take just any job, for he was a moral man, he would not accept a contract that involve d the harming of innocents, and would actually try to stop those who came to him with such jobs. For now though, he was taking a break from searching for work to have a drink. He shield leaned up against the stool he sat on
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  9. @EternalMusic

    Name: Jin
    Race: Anthro
    Age: 15ish?
    Role: Villager?
    Location: Pub
    Interaction: Bugging the bartender, talking too much

    "Aw, come on!" Jin frowned, raising up as if she could just pull the liquor down herself. "It ain't for me! It's for whoever wants to pay the most for it. I gotta eat, yanno!" There was an almost cute pout on her face. It was diminished by the calculating way she scanned the tavern, for a drunk willing to buy her dinner for one more glass. "Please? I don't even like the stuff. Tastes like piss and burns, too."
  10. Name: Cassius
    Race: Anthro
    Age: 18
    Role: mercenary
    Location: Pub
    Interaction: being a nice guy to Jin

    Cassius noticed this girl reaching for the ale but being to short to actually get it. He got up from where he was sitting and went over next to her, reaching up and grabbing the ale, pulling it down and giving it to her, "Here ya go." he said to her kindly, his tail swishing behind him a bit and his ears pricked up to hear her response
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Sir Charles (Charlie) Franduz
    Title: Cheif Royal Guard
    Age: 37
    Location: Somewhere in the castle
    Interactions: Alexandria Excruthian (@EternalMusic), Queen Rosalie (@AmerillaRose)

    Sir Charles was roaming the castle walls, doing his daily patrols. Man I need to send a gard to patrol, maybe find a few rebels. Said the chief before hearing Alexandria yelling out for Queen Rosalie. He quickly ran towards the yell. Queen Rosalie! Are you alright?! What Happened? Asked the knight, frantically, not wanting his queen to be hurt.

    Name: Thomas Cafrian
    Title: Rebel Member
    Age: 16
    Location: Rebel hideout
    Interactions: Rebel Leader (@EternalMusic)

    Thomas ran to the leader's room in the rebel hideout. He was super excited to be recently accepted into the rebels. Boss! What do I have to do to prove you weren't wrong for choosing me? What is my first mission? Asked the boy, excited.
  12. Name: Jin
    Race: Anthro
    Age: 15ish
    Role: Village thief sweet innocent child
    Location: Pub
    Interaction: Calling this guy an idiot

    "You're... kinda... not smart, are you?" Jin boggled at the anthro who'd given her the bottle of liquor. "Don't you know that taking someone else's stuff is stealing?" She set it back near the bartender, making sure he saw it. Then she snagged the stranger's arm with surprising force and tugged him away from the bar. "And don't you know that you don't steal in full view of the owner and 18 witnesses? Idiot."
  13. Name: Cassius
    Race: Anthro
    Age: 18
    Role: mercenary
    Location: Pub
    Interaction: being a nice guy to Jin

    "I was going to pay for it." Said Cassius as he was dragged away by the surprisingly strong kitten. "Where are you talking me anyway?" The girl's strength came as a genuine surprise to him, never had he encountered one so small with so much strength. He couldn't get his hand away from her if he tried
  14. Name: Jin
    Race: Anthro
    Age: Older than she looks
    Role: Thief
    Location: Pub corner
    Interaction: Dumbfounded by Cassius

    Jin let the male go abruptly, her gaze turning immediately suspicious. "What? What do you mean you were going to pay for it? Why?" She looked up at him, eyes narrowed, fingers flexing. "What are you going to get out of something like that? I mean, I could share, but why not just buy it for yourself?"
  15. Name: Cassius
    Race: Anthro
    Age: 18
    Role: mercenary
    Location: Pub
    Interaction: explaining himself to Jin

    "Because it's a nice thing to do, it doesn't have to benefit me. I like doing nice things for People." Cassius found it curious that Jin was so dumbfounded by his intentions. Why was kindness such a foreign concept to her? Why did He need to benefit for it to make sense to her?
  16. broken_by_teiirka-d5ac7he.jpg
    Name: Altair Strike
    Race: Bengal Tiger Anthro
    Age: 35
    Role: Left Hand Man
    Location: Rebel Main Hide Out
    Interaction: Leader Maxine ( @EternalMusic ) and members ( @Infinatis )
    Other: His right arm and right side of his lower jaw are made of steal and titanium. He uses a double edge sword resting on a leather belt around his waist.

    Altair stepped inside the Leader's room after he saw a kid running towards it. He stood at the door for a moment listening to his words before stepping in. "Why don't you make him cut his tongue out as his first mission, Maxine? Or maybe break his legs for intruding like that into your room?" He growled lowly at the kid as he looked down at him. He was never patient or friendly, not even with the members of his own clan. But he was loyal to his leader and was always fighting to protect them.
  17. Name: Jin
    Race: Anthro
    Age: ??
    Role: Thief
    Location: Pub
    Interaction: Dealing with a weird person

    Jin lifted her eyebrows. "...really? No benefit? Do you carry around that sword and fight battles for free, too?" Shaking her head, she leaned against the wall. "You'd better be careful. You meet the wrong person and they could pick you clean."
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  19. ((Say what? Why?))
  20. ((Say what? Why?))
    Name: Cassius
    Race: Anthro
    Age: 18
    Role: mercenary
    Location: Pub
    Interaction: boasting and telling of skills

    Cassius seemed to be a little insulted by the way Jin was speaking to him but he didn't let it get to him. "I have seen many battles little girl, both small and large, my blade has tasted the blood of many people whom I'm sure you are glad are not around anymore. Likewise, my spells are not those of a mere apprentice level mage." Jin really had no idea who she was talking to, this was a person who had fought all kinds of beings, from people to monsters. The only thing he hadn't fought before was a Dragon. Not only that, but he had grown up on the streets as well, and so he knew their dangers