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    Hello there! I'm Sin. It turns out that DeviantArt sucks when it comes to commissions, so I figured I would set up shop here.
    (I'll eventually make this thread pretty, once I figure out how to do that)​

    The Product

    Headshot Sketches

    A headshot sketch of your character with pencil and pen. These are the quickest options as I can finish them within a few hours to a day.

    Full Body Sketches

    The quality on these will be much better, and the watermark won't be there. Your character will be drawn in pencil and pen, and it usually takes a day or two to finish these.

    Digital Headshots

    Digital headshots take a little longer, around a week to complete.

    Digital Full Body

    These take the most amount of time, about two week, possibly more depending.


    I take my time with each piece, and pour my heart into every one of them. You would be buying the best I can offer.​

    Form for Commission

    For better results please fill out this form and send it to me, either here or pm:

    Race/Species: (Please stick to human and human-like people)
    Skin color:
    Face shape:
    Hair: (Color, length, style)
    Ears: (pointed, normal, etc)
    Unique features:


    (Not all of this is necessary, its just to give me a better idea of what you want drawn, I want to get it perfect! The more details the better! you can include pics too, if you want.)

    If you need any help with these you can use this:


    Payment details

    Paypal payments only. I'll send you the info. Once the commission is accepted and the payment is made I will start on your piece.

    If you do not know how paypal works (like myself) here is a guide:



    My signature will be on the bottom, and I get credit on the art (not the character, just the drawing). Please don't take credit for drawing the pieces, I pour my heart and soul into these works.

    I can draw both males, and females (though I'm better at drawing females)

    For now I am only taking commissions for headshot sketches, full body, digital headshots, and digital full body. But later on I will add more options (Like couples, fight scenes, etc.. Maybe even comic strips, I dunno). However I refuse to draw anything involving sex, so don't ask.​

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

    Completed Commissions
    (Thank you!!!)

    1st commission!!! @Kagayours


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  2. Hi! I'd like to order a commission, if you're still open. ^^ Thing is, though, you said you want to stick to "humans and human-like people", but most of the characters I'm looking for commissions of all have some sort of animal characteristics. So, while I'm assuming that something like a centaur would be a bit too far from human, would you be ok with, say, a satyr? Or a humanoid with bird wings and possibly also bird-like talons in place of hands?

    Your art looks lovely so I'd definitely want to get something from you, if possible. ^^"
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  3. Yep, I'm still open, and thank you so much.
    A satyr and bird person are definitely doable. When I say stick to human like people, I don't want like my little pony and sonic stuff (those seem to be very popular on Deviantart).
    I'll message you, one sec
  4. Oh, wow I'm actually really glad this banner popped up for me.

    Been looking for someone I could get some awesome commissions from. : )
  5. Oh? Awesome XD yeah I was very happy when the banners were finally back, now I can actually get the word out.

    If you want you can post the details here or send them in a message (though I'm going to give you PayPal information through message once details about your commission has been accepted)

    I have a form up there, or if you have a character sheet that's very detailed in the appearance you could post that instead if you want, up to you XD
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