Sins of the Father

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  1. This is the Theme for our little tale: [video=youtube;sFB3SS9-qa0][/video]

    In 2182, a scientist by the name of Cuthner began working on an Experimental ship with what he called the future of Faster than Light Interstellar Travel. He postulated that instead of amping the drive cores of a ship's engine to pull the ship to FTL speeds therefore moving the ship, that instead space itself could be moved around the ship as it remained in a constant stasis field. He spent 30 years building his vision with grants from the UEP, United Earth Parliament, and ignored all else in order to see his vision come to reality, even his young son and daughter.

    By 2227, the ship was almost ready, however, a malfunction in the Pulse shaft killed Cuthner, and having no one else to finish the ship his children were the ones who completed its construction. Harboring resentment for him over abandoning his duties as their father for this ship, they named it Ancestral Sin, and were among the crew of its maiden voyage.


    On August 9th, 2231, the Ancestral Sin was given its first voyage to test its experimental Warp Drive, a round trip to Betelgeuse, Alpha Centauri and back to its Launch point near Io. Everything went fine on its first warp to Betelgeuse and the receiving port recorded no malfunctions, however when the ETA for the Ancestral Sin was up for it to appear at the Star Port near Alpha Centauri, there was no sign of it. Back at the Landing Dock on Io, a strange apparition was seen that appeared to be the Ancestral Sin covered in blood and headed on a collision course into the Asteroid Belt, and a transmission was heard that could only be described as Monstrous roars and bloodcurdling screams.

    It isn't known what happened to the Ancestral Sin nor what happened to its crew of 480. Officially the ship is labeled as destroyed by a rogue Comet near Alpha Centauri and that no crew survived. It has been recorded as the worst catastrophe of Space Travel in Human Records.

    The year is now 2468, Humans are part of a council including 4 other Sentient Extraterrestrial races; The Karri,The Genesians, the Dovus, and the Vakirians. They live in peace together and often help each other take care of problems with races that aren't with the Council. However, today the three races will have to come together to solve a bigger problem......the return of the Ancestral Sin......

    Small-line Species Information:

    Karri; The Karri are cold blooded Humanoids who resemble Humans in almost every aspect except their amphibious skin and frog like eyes. They remain in a temperature suit when not on their own world's tropical Climate. The Karri evolved on a Garden world that had once been a post garden planet. This world lies in the Karri named Rennaka System, a world which they call Kissadin, (English Translation: Sacred Home) and has shown archaeological evidence of Orbital Bombardment dating back 70 Million GSY, Kissadin, though not identical to Earth, is almost like a sister planet, though it's features have a more prehistoric rainforest aesthetic to it. The Karri believe that their world specifically though they feel the same of all life bearing worlds are symbiotic beings, with the planet needing life as much as the life that live on it need it. Because of this their technological advances were not made on their own world after they gained the ability to leave it, and were instead made on dead planets in the same system. Their religious beliefs for those that follow them, involve a great deity and his family, Ulakkas or, The Martyrs, who let themselves be broken into atoms and spread across the world of Kissadin which allowed life to flourish, and each day at sunrise noon and sunset they who believe in the Great Martyrs, give their thanks to the spirits of Ulakkis whose spirits are said to protect the inhabitants of Kissadin.

    Dovus: Avian or Saurid in nature, they are humanoids who evolved on a gravitationally strange planet. Their continents were not settled in an ocean, rather, their oceans were settled on continents that floated high above the actual surface crust of the planet. Archaeological research has determined that this is artificial levitation left in effect from a species that suddenly disappeared well over 100 Million GSY ago. The Dovus are a highly religious species, who believe Lokestuna, or the Ancient Travelers, seeded their world with the life that had evolved into them, they worship the Lokestuna as gods and believe that one day they will meet their creators during the momentous event of finding where they believe the Lokestuna have hidden for so many eons. Their Homeworld, Lokestra, (English: The Gift of the Ancient Ones) lies in the Karri named Illakis system.

    Humans: Self Explanatory

    Genesians: These are Humans, spliced at birth with the traits of species that are existing and those thought to be Extinct. They are in a way Super Humans, though not necessarily muscular they are comparable to the character of Captain America, i.e. heightened strength, heightened agility and stamina, senses elevated, however unlike Captain America, some exhibit more alien traits, though they remain undevelopable to any powerful degree, these unique traits coupled with the super human aspect of their being make them useful allies or horrible enemies.

    They were first engineered on Earth in 2249 CE, and though they are now considered their own species, a majority are still engineered instead of born Naturally though Natural births of Genesians are becoming more common.

    Jinenja: The Jinenja are nearly identical to humans, they're skinnier, and shorter, but stronger, more agile and much more intelligent. They are known for their technological advancement, martial arts expertise, and scientific knowledge. Their only significant aesthetic difference from humans is that their hair is usually a distinct blue or purple and sometimes a bright green. The Jinenja is the name they call themselves in their own tongue, but to english speaking races, they are called the Vakirians.

    They evolved on the planet Kaliri in the Denital System, from their very beginnings of their existence they had shown an aptitude for technological applications. They began like all species would believing in a pantheon of deities who craved love and praise, but still during their bronze age period, had broken away from idealistic beliefs like religion though some still believe in the beings they call Jinegarra, or the Forgers. The Vakirians have a rich history of advancement over their 10 Million GSY (Galactic Standard Year) Existence, they were the first to colonize other worlds, and with the appearance of and short war with the Karri, found a massive fortress in space. The two species rebuilt it and named it the Sympalacia, the heart of Galactic Parliament, though the species who dwell on it call it different names, Aresti for the Dovus, Kalissida in Karri tongue, Yakolira for Jinenja respectively.

    Recorded Extinct Races:

    Zykurans: Not much is known about them, They existed between 100 to 50 Million GSY ago, and violently vanished over an estimated course of 3 GSY. Their Technology is unmatched and highly valuable though much of what is found is too badly damaged or otherwise nonfunctional. It is not known what world they evolved on, though mummified remains of several individuals have been found on the Sol System Planets of Mars and Earth. It is thought that some individuals may still survive somewhere hidden very well from the eagerly searching eyes of Existing species.

    With the return of the Ancestral Sin, a Recon/Salvage crew has been called to investigate the ship look for survivors and try to figure what happened two hundred years ago. The crew is multiracial, including Dovus Karri and Vakirians with the Humans. Three Ships have been assigned by the Central Council to search the Ancestral Sin, the Ascending Grace, the Skellius, and the Running Rabbit. Each Ship has a crew of 2-4.

    The Salvage crews:

    By the order of the Central Council, three ships are to dock to different airlock bays along the length of the Ancestral Sin.
    These ships are the GMSC Ascending Grace, the SSC Skellius, and the Private Contracting Crew of The Running Rabbit.

    Galactic Marine Salavage Corps Ascending Grace:


    Crew: 4

    Scientific Salvage Corps Skellius


    Crew: 3

    The Running Rabbit:


    Crew 4

    My Characters:

    Name; Arakido "Ark" Turlik

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Species: Vakirian (Though unknown to him he also has Zykuran DNA)

    Personal History Codex File: Raised on Colony 385 Beta orbiting Paralla, Joined the Council Alliance at 16 as a tech Specialist and soon was appointed to Chief Technological Analyst of Derelict Stellar Vessels. Experienced Combat aboard a Derelict Vessel called New Dawn, over taken and lived in by Pirate Dovus, and ended up being the only survivor. Shortly Afterwards he was made Front line Tech Analyst for high risk salvage and rescue operations. Now works as a salvager for hire with the crew of the Live-in ship the Running Rabbit, who've been his only real friends.

    Enhancements: A Bio-server or Personal Terminal unit is standard issue for Tech specialists, not only does it allow them remote access to computing systems within their own mind and holographically project a computing interface by which they can do their jobs, it also allows special abilities to be used in combat by projecting digital thought process into the physical world. He is also enhanced with digital muscular acceleration, making his reflexes faster, physical strength boosted, his cardiological and respiratory systems stronger.

    Personality: He's stubborn, and loyal to his former CO Fate. He can be awkward in normal conversation because of his background with technology, and thus has little experience talking with flesh and blood people. He's also quick to dispense sarcastic slings at people confront him or make silly mistakes. Often bashes those who are religious, viewing them to be placing hope and faith into what he calls severely outdated data, preferring instead to have his questions answered by science. He's friendly but can come off as off putting because of his lack of social skills and tendency to over analyze situations that don't call for it.

    Assigned Ship: He's a permanent crew member of the Running Rabbit

    Skills: He's extremely Adept at technology and science. Aside from that He is combat trained and can fight his own battles if need be. With his Bio-server he can project digital distortion waves or what he calls the Warp Wave. As the Digital Wave is emitted it smashes and rips apart organic molecules and overloads synthetic circuitry. Another Ability of his Bio-server is a Pixel Blade, an elbow blade that shifts out of a digitization to a physical blade of heated pixels. In addition he can create a force that flows with a physical punch, something he calls the Mach punch. He can create a defensive distortion that takes a hell of a force to break through but it only lasts a short time.

    Appearance: In keeping with his natural Vakirian heritage, he is skinny, and short. He has a blue hue to his hair and his skin is a light tan. His eyes are grey and he's most often seen in dirty tattered clothes mostly getting ripped up by fights and accidents with tech he happened to be working on. He is usually seen with a couple days unshaved looked to his face, and can often be seen smoking a cigarette. (Picture will come later)

    Secondary Character:

    Name: Kodati "Koda" Ularrin

    Age: 28 (Human Years)

    Species: Karri/Human

    Personal History File: Koda was born on Kissadin to a Human Male and a Karri Female, her hometown was destroyed by a group heretic Karri bent on sending the Humans who relocated to Kissadin either to the gates of Hell or off world. Her parents killed, at age 14 she fled Kissadin no longer wishing to live on a world with such a terrible memory for her. For 3 years she lived as an apprentice to a kiosk chef on the Sympalacia, but halfway through her 17th year of life, she joined the GAMC (Galactic Allied Marine Corps) A Terran led military that carried out tougher missions than the other branches of Service. She proved her mettle and became a high ranking combat officer before she tired of endless combat and bloodshed. She retired from combative positions but still remained in the Marines, transferring instead to a unit specialized in reclaiming derelict military ships or government vessels.

    Enhancements: Koda is fitted with a reflex booster that allows her perception of passing time to slow down, while in real time her physical movements are actually accelerated. This helps her to quick draw better in fire fights.

    Personality: She is distant, and it almost appears as if she is an emotionless gynoid, when in fact she simply does not desire for others to know how she feels or get any sort of connection to her. At times her character breaks, and her voice clearly displays her emotions. This mask was donned when her parents died, and no one has been able to keep her from recomposing herself underneath this mask after a breakdown.

    Assigned Ship: Commanding Officer of the Ascending Grace

    Skills: She's trained extensively in combat, her training forged into experience through extreme situations that strained both her physical form and emotional health. She has self taught herself how to pilot small space craft, and also how to hack secure databases. In accordance with her combat training she was taught by humans to be able to use anything as a lethal weapon, and can.

    Appearance: Koda stands at about 6'1 SEM (Standard Earth Measurements) and weighs about 137 lbs(Standard Earth Units) She looks like a human, only her skin is slightly green, while around her eyes are black rings that end with lines that travel down her cheeks. Her lips are black and pouty, while on either side of her face between the black lines under her eyes and her pointed ears are black spots. Her skin is soft yet seems to always have a slickness to it given her amphibious nature. Her figure is feminine, and she is considered by people who have seen her, to be attractive.

    Crew Members: Running Rabbit

    Ark: Kai

    Fate: Fate

    Qeren: TrackeroftheNorth

    Crew Members: Ascending Grace

    Mio: Ichigo

    Koda: Kai

    Kriss: Ming

    Crew Members: Skellius

    Takaoru: Hiyashi
  2. Might join this as a Half-Karri-Half-Human.
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  5. Name: Fate Tribeca

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Species: Genesian

    Person History Codex File: Born on Io, she was raised in a laboratory that specialized in the creation of Genesians. When she was six years old the lab was attacked by a group of enemy soldiers who wanted to kidnap the Genesians so that they could expand their armies forces. She was one of the few who managed to escape with the help of her handler, who died during the attack. She was then transferred to another lab at a much more remote location. At the age of 15 she was placed in a military program that was used to train future soldiers. She later graduated from the program at age 18 and entered the military. There she quickly rose through the ranks and made Lieutenant within 2 years. At the age of 22 she left the military because of an incident in which she was ordered to do something that went against her moral code and she refused to do so. She now works on The Running Rabbit as a salvager for hire.

    Enhancements: Do to being a Genesian, she has no enhancements.

    Personality: Fate tends to be quiet, professional, and polite when around people she doesn’t know or when she is on a job. When she is around the ones closest to her she is emotional, protective, and can sometimes have a short temper. She also doesn't react well to pain medication, which makes her act much more emotional than usual.

    Assigned Ship: A permanent member of The Running Rabbit

    Skills: She is trained to use multiple weapons along with hand-to-hand combat; however, she prefers using either melee weapons, specifically twin katanas, or twin pistols.

    Appearance: Fate has shoulder length purple-blue hair, gold eyes, and pale skin. She stands at a height of 5’ 11”.
  6. Still need Military!
  7. Name: Qeren Edelweiss

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Species: Genesian

    History: Qeren was born in Repro Block 2926. Immediately after birth, she was tested on and placed in experimental training program. This new program inhumane at best. She was the first one to graduate out of a group of fifty at the age of ten. All other graduates over the age of fifteen were immediately killed due to failure of the program. She was immediately put into the military and used as a lethal weapon.

    Personality: Due to her traumatic life, Qeren is very dark and brooding. She remains cold and distant. Qeren has the tendency to aggressive, violent and vengeful. However, she is loyal and can easily get a job done.

    Ship: New transfer to Running Rabbit

    Skills: Qeren excels in war tactics, interrogation and intel collection. She is also skilled in most forms of weaponry and ship navigation.

    Appearance: Qeren is forced to wear a tracking collar and never wears shoes. Her teeth are razor sharp and her nails are clawed.
  8. All's good, cept Running Rabbit is a private ship so she wouldn't be transferred, she'd be hired
  9. Name: Lieutenant Colonel Mio Coarizake (Lt. Col. Coarizake)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Species: Vakirian-Human

    Personal History Codex File: Having been born and raised on a military training based planet, Rhysor, Mio had little time to learn to be an actual girl. She had a complete lack of knowledge as to what girls normally do her age, but could care less. She had a little brother named Takaoru, who was usually too wrapped up in science. Mio was always fond of her fighting training and technical training. It wasn't until she was about 15 that she had finished most of her training and left to get more tech training on the planet called Corona 291 Alpha, which was full of technical geniuses, and also so that she could join her brother. When she reached the age of 17 she joined the marines and quickly became a major in her 2 years there, now she is trying to get higher up in the ranks with any missions possible. When she heard about the mission to search the Ancestral Sin, she jumped at the opportunity, then invited her brother to come along.

    Enhancements: She has no enhancements, because she thinks that enhancements are for little girls.

    Mio is normally quiet and keeps to herself, but does enjoy the company of animals more than anything else. She is extremely cautious and careful around new people. Though she has a nasty temper, which she has only a little control over, she tries to not snap at people. Mio generally behaves much like a cat, so she loves to sleep and only goes near people that she thinks are worth her time, which is not that many people. Most people find her to be a rather mean person, but that is because she doesn't really want to know these people or she is being cautious around them. It is hard for her to trust others, but once she does trust someone and gets to know them more, she is one of the most fun and outgoing people, but still fairly quiet when she is tired. Then, there are times when she acts like a homicidal maniac if the battle she is in gets too intense, making her extremely dangerous, not only to her enemies, but her allies as well. There are also times when she can be the most outgoing person in the world, normally at parties. The short version is that Mio is a crazy bipolar person that enjoys battle.

    Assigned Ship: She's a permanent crew member of the Galactic Marine Salvage Corps Ascending Grace

    Skills: She specializes in various type of combat, both with or without a weapon. Mio knows at least 27 different styles of fighting, all of which she is a master in. Her movements are just as good as her battle skills, she is quick, agile, and despite her size, strong. Then she has her technical skills, despite being a complete battle crazed psychopath, she loves technology. She can do just about anything with technology, but she usually leaves that up to the people who are assigned to it. Mio also has a keen intelligence about various life forms, whether they be animal or alien, she's usually got the knowledge. Though she doesn't like to admit it, she does have basic medical training from being in the marine corps, as well as basic knowledge of ancient philosophical sciences, such as alchemy and witchcraft (a.k.a. potions).

    Weapon(s): She uses three katana, a black and red, a black and green, and a black and blue, all the blades are an ebony and snow color. Mio also uses ninja weapons, kunai, shuriken, senbon needles, etc. She also uses dual black BP-18 Ansichten Pistols, both equipped with silencers and tactical lights, 2 standard marine knives, an HF Gruber Assault Rifle, and an L23 Fareye sniper with a bi-pod and long range scope.

    Physical Appearance:
    She stands at about 5'3''. Mio has straight, silky, ebony black hair with a raven purple shine to it, that goes down to her knees, and her bangs are a gentle slope that covers her right eye and is long on the left side of her face to match the length of her bangs on the right side. Sometimes, or when she's in battle or battle training, or doing missions, she will put her hair into a pony tail that is high on the back of her head, and she uses a red silk ribbon to tie it up, but she never puts it in a bow. Mio also has black cat ears and cat tail. She has tan skin, but it's still fairly light. Her eyes are an ice blue color, an they are almond shaped, but when she goes in to any type of fight or if she gets angry, her pupils turn into slits, like a cat's pupils. She has a slender body, with a fairly large chest, in general she is attractive, but still a little deadly-looking.

    Clothing: Most of the time, she wears a black pleated skirt that is about mid-thigh length, with tight black shorts about the same length, a black and white light green long-sleeve shirt that is thin and goes a little past her waist and covers most of her right hand and only covers her right shoulder, not even covering the left shoulder with a black tank top underneath it, or sometimes a white long-sleeve or short-sleeve button-up shirt (depending on her mood) that she has the top three buttons undone, also having on mid-thigh high stockings that are black, and wearing black knee-high, one inch high-heel boots that lace up. She also wears a black and white striped arm sleeve, which covers most of her left hand and goes up to the middle part of her upper arm. Mio also has a large brown messenger bag that she has the strap on her left shoulder, across her chest and the bag resting on her right hip (which she does have her technical equipment, some medical supplies and her ammo and equipment accessories in). Normally for bed she wears a loose black t-shirt and tight short shorts for bed. She also has her silver dog tags and her headphones (don't touch her headphones unless you want to die) which are both always on her.

    Other Information: Mio has very little respect for common decency, she would walk out of the shower with nothing but a small towel over her and have no problem whatsoever.

    Noizi_Ito_akiyama_mio_bare_shoulders_black_hair_blue_eyes_headphones_high_res_hime_cut_k-on!_lon.jpg 9968COY.jpg
    BP-18_Ansichten.png <--(Pistols) fray_featured.jpg <--(Assault Rifle) Picture02.jpg <--(Sniper)
  10. It's refreshing to see another Vakirian, accepted

    One thing though, keep the time period in mind, we're far into the future 2400's to be exact, your firearm choices are extremely archaic.

    The pistols would most likely be replaced with a Feros 23 "Hole Puncher" PCR (plasma Coated Round) Hand Cannon, the rifle also a PCR weapon would probably be a standard issue Zentech A3 Battle Rifle and the sniper rifle would most likely be a ionic charged beam weapon like a Derrin M34 "Javelin" Stealth rifle
  11. Changed the guns, I used actual sci-fi weapons from various places.
  12. two killzone weapons very nice
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  18. uhhh just two, another Marine and a crew member of the Science Corps Skellius
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