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  1. So the plot I have is a bit of an odd one. I've played something similar before, this time I'm just switching it up slightly.

    I'm looking to do an FxF or Mxf.

    I am fairly active on the site. Some days I'm on and wanting to respond back to back, other days I don't even check the site because I'm busy. I do try to come on as often as I can though.

    I consider myself a decent RPer. I typically go for two paragraphs or more. Grammar and spelling is fairly decent.

    Anywho, the basic idea is:
    Two best friends, partners or lovers.
    One dies and by some sort of twisted power she comes back as a pet, most likely a cat or dog. Memories are intact, she remembers everyone and everything.
    The idea would be that the pet tries to convince her friend/partner/lover that she is actually a person, THE person.
    The closer the friend/partner/lover gets to realizing this the more often the pet is capable of shifting to her human form and for longer periods of time.

    That's all I got so far. Ideally I would want to start it as the two characters being friends, that way it's more difficult for the human character to come to grips with the fact that he/she is in love with the other.

    Things can definitely be added later to advance the story. But yeah.

    If it doesn't make sense PM me with any questions, hopefully I can try to answer them. Also, PM if you're interested in the game.

    Thanks for reading :)
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  3. I'm interested in the topic do you want me to post a Cs
  4. Wow, didn't think I'd get any interest in this plot.

    Shoot me a PM?
  5. If you're still looking, i'd enjoy this a whole lot ^.^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.