Single Bleach Plot (Serious Rp)


Alice White

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So, I have a idea and I'm looking for someone to fill it. I want to do this one enough that I made a form for it. This is a Oc x Grimmjow and some Oc x Gin.
I need a partner who can handle multiple charcters.

This story line does not follow the Bleach story line it my own twist.

Rping takes two so I'm looking for someone to continue to the story 1-4 para.


Name: Abha Aizen
(Name meaning brightness)
Age: About three years younger then her older brother.
Zanpakuto: Sasayoki
Location: The fourth world "The Beyond"
Current race title: Benshi
History: Abha Aizen grew up with her brother and Gin. As she accepted in her training the soul society started to watch her more intently as she showed signs of being captain material before the end of her first year yet her power kept growing and fear started to take over the central 46. It wasn't long after that they learned she was working with the Visoreds. But, even then her powers access as she became more hollow then soul reaper. Soon she had two side looking at her in fear. Then she simply dissapered never to be seen again.

So, as the main plot
Abha had been brought before the king and queen positions of the Night Court. The queen how ever was not there do to the battle of Yahumi she was injured greatly and not expected to survive. Abha is next to take the position of queen in The Beyond yet the king wishes to test her since her own blood was causing a mess that could even affect their secret world. Though the position is only a title and nothing to do with the agreed partner ship between the king and queen the king rather interested in Abha and her power. He send her to do one of two things convince her brother to truly stop what he is doing and join the ranks The night court or kill him. Though her life Abha had never forgotten her best friend Gin and Sosuki her brother. Though she has kept tabs on them she was not pleased with the way her brother was doing things tricking the soul society to believe he was after their king. Yet, she never liked the soul society much her self she was not one fore senseless human death. She was also tasked to watch over a potential recruit A temp soul reaper who seemed to have more in his blood then he knew. After much consideration the prospect of holding the position of great power in her court she accepts but how will event unfold.

More can be discussed.