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  1. Trac "Thiel" Hunter
    Trac - Lost Boy.jpg
    Species: Demon - with the demonic wings, pointed tail, and everything.
    • Watching other people get rather uncomfortable. He'll poke fun to no end if he'll have to.
    • Eating fruit
    • Sleeping / Being lazy
    • The concept of money and greed
    • Humans - they're so entertaining
    • Mosquitoes. Why do such a thing exist?
    • Working too much
    • Being interrupted from a nap
    • Responsibilities
    Despite the fact that Trac hates working and getting up to do stuff, he's actually reliable. His general strength is his speed, in all sense. He's an extremely fast runner / flyer, and he's fast to get his work done (mainly so he can quickly go back to sleep).

    When he was a young demon, he worked rather closely to the Demon Lord. As a servant, he got everything done. And he hardly made a mistake. When he grew up, he slowly risen in the ranks of demons. He always aspired to be at the top of the demon-chain, merely because they had more freedom and less people barking at them to do stuff. And yes, true to the nature of demons, Trac even blackmailed some demons, and might have even resorted to murder once or twice, just to realize his dreams.

    So, it was no surprise when Trac was chosen to become the head of the counsel for the demons. At first he was excited for his job. It was just once every few years, and for the rest of the time, he could just relax... Right?

    Unfortunately, the world was changing their laws. Demons and Angels decided to make a contract and stop fighting each other so much. Trac had picked the wrong time to be the head of counsel. Now he has to go to the demon-angel meetings once a month.

    He's going to hate working.
  2. Carina Hartman

    • Helping others and being kind to those in need
    • Sunsets
    • Animals
    • Cruel and vicious people who have no humanity left in them
    • At times the humans.She sees the good in them but also recognizes how destructive they can be towards their own kind.
    • Raisins
    • Being treated as though she is beneath someone.
    Carina had always been a bit different from the other Angels.Perhaps it was her fiery red hair or how she tended to stray from the path presented for them.Whatever it was that made her different,also made her stand out more than she already did.It was both good and bad.

    When she heard the news of the council and what they did,she decided it would be what she needed to feel accepted.Of course many angels were against her being part of the council since they believed she wasn't 'Angel' enough to be deciding such things for the humans.These words only made her want to achieve the position even more,to prove she could be just as good as any other Angel.

    Time went on and soon enough Carina found herself gradually working her way up to the council position.Her kind heart and charming personality won over many of angels that had at first been reluctant to let her into their inner circle after the rumors they'd heard about the girl.She may not have been the typical blonde haired and blue eyed Mary sue that was always rainbows and sunshine that was stereotypical of angels but she did have the kind and loving heart of an angel as well as the spirit of a fighter.

    Eventually she recieved the job of the head of the council and couldn't be happier.Unknowingly to her,the higher angels had chosen her for her rather mischievous side,the side that was at times demon like-in Angel standards that is-because they hoped it would help her when negotiating with the demons.She had hoped that the council job would be a relaxing time for her after all the work she'd had to do seeing as how the meetings were only once every few months.Unfortuantely things don't go as planned when she finds that the council meetings are now once every month after the treaty.

    What was she going to do now?And who was the head of the demon council that she would unfortuantely have to spend time with every month?
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  3. "Will you get your lazy butt up already?" A girl bent over, glancing down at the sluggish demon. Her golden eyes were narrowed, complete and utter judgement present in her eyes. "Thiel. Seriously. Get up" Trac groaned and rolled the other way. He was laying in his favorite hammock, one he wished he could just forever stay in for the rest of his life.

    "Don't call me that, Cecelia" He muttered, "It's Trac."

    Cecelia kicked him. Trac grunted but then got up. He glared slightly at the girl, but quickly retracted when it looked like she was going to throttle him. For such a small little figure, she sure could pack a punch. "You have to go soon! Really! So get to it!!! We have to get to the council meeting!"

    Trac sighed. He hated this. He had just been told that there was his first meeting a week ago. And they had also told him it was going to be monthly. MONTHLY! Why? Trac reluctantly slipped out of his hammock and he stretched out his arms, legs, and wings. Even his tail stood up on end a little bit, as if the small muscles needed a bit of a break. "Fine." He muttered unhappily. Then, without warning, Trac shot up into the sky. Cecelia was left behind in the dust, along with a few other demons he knew that were going to follow him to the council meeting. They were slow, and Trac smiled as he heard their annoying cries from down below. He took a glance down and found it even more amusing that they were trying to keep up.

    It wasn't long before Trac entered the various clouds that make up the so called paradise of a Heaven. Sure, he had to admit, they looked pretty. And when he landed on one, they were soft to the touch below his bare feet. He felt as though they would give away any second and force him to plummet to the ground where he belonged.

    But then again, they also felt like wonderful beds to lay and sleep on forever.

    Trac sighed, once more, dreaming of the time he would be able to sleep blissfully once more. He hated being awake.

    Once he got to his senses, Trac walked forward. But he was lost. It was his first time actually entering into the lands of Angels. He often visited the edge of Heaven, to escort the various people he had to take... But never was he invited him. He was a demon after all.

    Did demons taint everything they touch when they go to heaven? Did they just throw away everything that the demons brushed against? Or did they just throw holy water at it?

    Trac looked around, trying to find someone to guide him along. His other demon 'mates' were still behind, and he knew it would be a while until they caught up. He then noticed a female angel, with red hair that rivaled the blood he had seen spilled from the human's hands. Intrigued, he came closer. "Hey," He called out, not caring if he sounded rude, or impolite. He didn't know how else demons were suppose to address angels. "Can you show me where the meeting will be held?"

    He folded the wings against his back, but he was certain that she would be able to tell that he was certainly out of his domain.
  4. Carina had awoken that more with a groan of annoyance,realizing today wa the day of the meeting.The day she would have to speak with the demons and actually compromise with them."As if they know the meaning of the word."She muttered to herself,flinging the blanket off her body and walking over to the spring that was near her 'home'.It was more of a temporary shelter amoung the clouds until she could find a more suitable place to suit her needs,though she didn't mind the openness.

    Bending her knees,she kneeled beside the spring and dipped her hands into the cool water.Cupping the clear liquid,she gently splashed it on her face to freshen up for the day's upcoming events.She had seen humans do something similar though they often took hours on end to simply begin their day and she could never understand why it was so important that they spend so much time on something so simple.
    Perhaps today was going to be interesting and eventful,Atleast that was what she hoped for as she made her way to where the meeting was to be held.

    Despite the gentle and comfy appearance of the clouds,when she walked along them they never seemed different than other paths,still as sturdy as if she were walking on rock.Of course she had to still be careful when walking along the clouds,in case a weak cloud dissolved from under her.It had happened once to her when she was a younger angel still learning to fly and it had terrified her for weeks,causing a paranoia of flying for a couple months but luckily it has since vanished and she is as strong a flyer as anyone.Looking around at the landscape as she traveled,her green eyes took in the beautiful array of shapes and colors that made up the heavenly paradise with a familiar sense of awe.She never grew tired of the sight despite having seen it atleast a hundred times a day.

    Suddenly she heard a voice and her wings ruffled in a alarm until she realized who had startled her from her thoughts.Breathing a sigh of relief she gave a kind smile to the stranger,a hand coming to her chest as she caimed down once more."Oh sorry,you startled me."She began to explain as she took in the sight of the man."Oh you must be the demons.I think it's this way,still trying to figure this whole thing out myself honestly."Her hand lifted and gestured to the street to her right,a building in view down the road.

    She was already nervous to be leading the Angel side of the council and it didn't help that the demons had gotten here earlier than she had anticipated.Earlier she had hoped to practice and become familiar with the meeting place before attending the actual meeting where others were free to judge her capableness.
  5. Despite being showed the way, Trac kept his eyes on her carefully. In his life, he had only met a few angels, and most of them revered him quite carefully. Was she the same way? He certainly wouldn't be surprised if she was, or even offended. Maybe a little flattered... Maybe.

    "Ah, are you new here?" He asked after a few minutes, finally looking away. He glanced over at the building, sighing. He didn't want to go quite yet. Because once he was inside, it would indicate that he would have to start working, and thinking... And it was such a painful process. So he decided to focus on the angel.

    "I am Trac." He introduced, not waiting for her to answer his initial question. "Yes, I'm a demon. And your name, little angel?"
  6. Carina was a bit startled by Trac's forwardness and eyed him in confusion for a moment."Yes,I'm new here and I'm guessing you are as well."She answered,noticing the way he eyed the building with annoyance."And my name is Carina not little angel."Her fiery attitude getting the best of her as she watched Trac with careful eyes and waited for his reply.

    She had never met a demon before but she had heard the rumors of what their kind did and wondered if such gossip was true."I'm sure we should be getting to the meeting soon."She said in hopes of ending this awkward meeting between her and Trac and getting to what she was here for.To help make decisions on humans,she would need to be level headed and not as fiery as her usual self.
  7. Trac sighed at the remembrance that he was a 'newbie' in this territory. Her certainly didn't want to seem that way to the other members, whom might be older than him, but he couldn't find his way around it. Besides, if it was up to him, he wouldn't even be here. Responsibility. It was such a hard thing to keep track of!

    At the angel's reply, he noticed how much more animated she got. Not enough to be crazy, but enough for him to realize that... well, he might have just annoyed an angel. In less than 10 minutes! Trac was amused, very amused. "Alright then, Little Carina." He said casually, wondering if he could raise another sort of emotion from her.

    Trac wondered if he was capable of making an angel get piss at him on the first day. Now wouldn't that be funny?

    He grinned, more at his mental plans than at anything else. "Yeah, yeah. Guess we should, Little Carina." He then stretched his arms and began to walk towards the building not too far away. His feet slightly squished the clouds underneath him, but then the clouds seem more... sturdy here. He sort of missed the squishness and tender of the previous cloud, but what could he do?

    Without looking back, he continued to walk towards the building. He did pay close attention to Carina, making sure she stayed in his peripheral vision.
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