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    Michael Rogue

    It had been an usual day in the Heavens, everyone was running around to get things done for new arrivals and new rules set by the Archangels, who established most of the rules the angels had to abide by without question. Michael did what he was supposed to on a daily bases, but today was very different for him. His tutor, Leon the Archangel, had called for him to discuss his new job for the next few years. Michael has admired Leon since he was a child, because of how he treated him compared to the other Archangel tutors he had back then, he'd would always tell him that he was special in many ways. Since then he had always wondered what he meant by special, though he never questioned it.

    Walking into the hall, where they were to meet, the Archangels were talking among themselves as he made his way over to older male's office. Knocking first, he heard him call him in before opening the door to step inside and went up to his desk, where Michael was working on some papers. "It's good to see you, Michael. Now about your new duties, we will be sending you down to Earth to help those in need." Leon said as he looked up from his papers before getting up from his desk to stand beside the young angel. "This is such sudden news.. I'm glad that I will be able to see what it's really like on Earth." He replied as he smiled up at the male.

    "You will leave today. When you arrive on Earth there will be a fellow angel there with all your needs." Leon walked Michael over to a portal that had emerged in his office. "I promise to make you proud, Leon." He said with such excitement in his voice. Though this was so sudden, he didn't mind because he was entrusted with this responsibility and he wasn't about to reject such an offer. Stepping through the portal, Michael was taken to a secluded place where a male who looked a little older than him, holding a change of clothes and some personal information that he had to learn. The male gave him all that he needed to know as he changed out of his white robes into a clothes that were brought to him.
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    Today was like most days on earth, Thane moving through a morning routine that would be average for most humans. Brush his teeth, fix his hair, dress himself in jeans and a t-shirt as would most young men of the area. His goal was ultimately to blend in with the crowd so he wouldn't exactly cause a ruckus - besides, it's what his angel mother and demon father preferred him to do. Though sometimes he broke this golden rule and fooled around with the silly humans their family had integrated with over the years; they always gave such entertaining, if not hilarious reactions to his antics.

    Today wasn't going to be one of those times, Thane decided, running out the door to his home without so much as a goodbye to his parents. He had nothing to do, honestly, so he slipped away to the streets of town - it wasn't difficult to run far and quickly when you happened to be a demon. Thane was about to head in a store when a man sprinted by him with a purse in hand, a woman close behind him screaming about her purse being stolen.

    Meh. He heard a cop car close by, let them deal with it. It wasn't very demon like to stop robbers.
  3. After changing, Michael took the backpack with all his information inside of it before thanking the other angel as he walked off towards the city nearby without wasting anytime. The sounds of the city were overwhelming compared to what it was like in the Heavens, serene and quite. He could hear all the good and bad intentions of the people that walked by him. All the bad intentions disgusted him, not realizing before how truly bad some humans were and what kind of schemes they had in their minds. Making his way down the street, he noticed a man running with a purse in hand while a woman was chasing after him, yelling that he had had her purse. Noticing the event, Michael stuck his leg out at the right moment to see the man face plant into the concrete sidewalk. Reaching down to pick up the purse, he handed back to the woman who was now thanking him for his good deed.

    Smiling as he walked away, the cops got there just in time to pick the man up and take him to jail. "Those who do bad deeds, only suffer the consequences of their actions." He said to himself as he walked into a store nearby to grab something to eat, now that his stomach was growling out of hunger. So far his first day of being a human was turning out very well and he hoped that it would be like this for the the remainder of his time on Earth. As he was in the store, Michael looked around trying to find something that he may like. Not being successful, he went up to a male with blonde hair and asked him for his opinion. "Sorry I'm new in town, but I was wondering if you could help me find something to eat." Michaeal asked.
  4. Thane did try to make it seem like he wasn't staring at the male who decided to be a good citizen and fully believed that he was succeeding, his eyes flickering from a shop window to him as he tripped the criminal. A hand went to his mouth as he attempted to hide a chuckle - who wouldn't think it was funny that a thief could be stopped and caught so easily? Way against his better judgement, Thane trailed after the other blonde into the store he'd wandered into, keeping enough distance between them to not make himself seem suspicious. But it was strange, he felt himself gravitating towards the angel - though unbeknownst to him - without really meaning to. There was just something oddly familiar about him despite not having met him before.

    Humming quietly to himself he started flipping through a couple of random magazines at he front of the store, his attention diverted by the same blonde he'd followed into the store. What a coincidence. Thane smiled slightly at the other and nodded, placing the magazine back on the rack. He thought it was a bit strange that he asked if he could help him find something to eat when there were a ton of restaurants around, but would help him regardless. "It's no problem. If you don't mind following me, I can show you to a great place to eat." Without really waiting for a response he started heading out of the store, peering over his shoulder at the guy. "You coming?"
  5. Michael was surprised when the male suggested he'd take him some where to get a bite to eat, not wanting to be rude as he waited at the door for him, he quickly went up to him and began to follow him. Smiling to himself, he was happy that there was someone nice enough to take him to a place with great food. Yet there was something quite off about the male, Michael was unable to read his thoughts like he was with the other people they passed up on the sidewalk. For a moment, he thought that maybe he was another angel like him, but he would risk revealing himself he he said anything about himself being an angel.

    Not wanting to be rude to the male, he kept up with the others' speed and walked right beside him. "I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself. My name is Michael." He said as flashed the male a nice smile before looking ahead again to make sure he wasn't going to run into anyone, since the streets were crowded with people or cars. It seemed to be quite a busy day for everyone.
  6. Thane quirked an eyebrow up at the male as he literally kept up with his pace, falling into step right beside him. It was actually quite nice Michael could keep up with his speed though. "No need to apologize, I'm Thane. Nice to meet you." He gave him a nod and a grin, weaving through the crowd of people and occasionally cars as they crossed a few streets. He was used to the city and the chaos that came with it, usually dealing with people and whatnot 24/7. "Over here," Thane directed, grabbing Michael's sleeve and tugging him away from the crowd and towards a corner shop, slipping inside before letting him go.

    It was an old fashioned pizza shop, one of Thane's favorite places to eat it. As a human, he had to eat and had to admit pizza was one of the best foods he'd tasted in all his time on earth. "You ever had pizza?" He questioned the other blonde, cocking his head to the side in curiosity. "And you need help with anything else before I go?" He rocked slightly on his heels - they just met, so he had a feeling the male wouldn't want him to stick around.
  7. Michael watched as the male grabbed onto his sleeve pulling him through the crowd, before stopping at a little store front that read pizza. Walking inside with him, he was overwhelmed by the delicious aroma that filled the entire room of the restaurant, he was taken too. Not wanting to sound weird, he told the male that he had had pizza before when he asked him. Noting that the taller male was about to leave him soon, he grabbed onto the others' arm gently as he asked him to pick out a pizza for him. "It's not very fun to eat a pizza all by oneself, but I would like your help afterwards as well." He said as he looked at the man, releasing his arm from his hand, not wanting to force him to have to stay if he didn't want too.

    Michael thought the male was nice enough to show him a place to eat, so he thought that maybe it wouldn't bother him to much to show him where his apartment was. From the name it seemed quite luxurious and it seemed as the other fellow angel said that they had unlimited amount of money while they were there, so Michael would be attending classes at a college near the apartment to make it seem as if he was like any other human. Never knowing about the human world, Michael grew up in then Heavens for twenty-one years, hearing stories from new arrivals what it was like to be human.
  8. A look of genuine surprise crossed Thane's features as he arm was latched onto and let go of in pretty much the same moment. It was even odder yet when he was asked to pick out the pizza for Michael, but he wouldn't knit-pick just yet. "Guess that's fine. Go grab us a table, would you?" He didn't mind helping the guy around and to just to make him feel a tad more comfortable gave the smaller blond a pat of the head, ruffling his hair just a bit. With that Thane turned and stepped towards the counter, tapping at the glass case and speaking to the salesperson behind the counter.

    He'd ordered them two pepperoni slices along with a couple sodas. Once their order was ready and he paid for their food, Thane licked his lips hungrily and carried the tray it was served on over to the table Michael had picked out. "Hope you like pepperoni." He gave a crooked grin before sliding into the chair across from the other male. Of course if he wasn't a fan of the topping he'd run back to the front to grab him something different without complaint. "So, anywho, what's this other thing you need my assistance with?"