Sincerity & His Bow [Syelle + Faithviper]

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  1. Sincerity & His Bow

    Universe: Marvel Cinematic
    Pairing(s): Hawkeye x OC
    Date Started | 20/09/14

    | Hawkeye [Clint Barton] | @Faithviper
    | OC [Zach Marshall] | @Syelle

    Zachariah Marshall

    DOB: 19th April 1986, 28yo.
    POB: Odessa, Texas

    ORN: Bisexual
    OCC: Field Operative
    Zach grew up in a difficult household with his father who worked nights and his mother who was a nurse. Because of their work hours, they were almost always out and when they were home, they were asleep. This led to Zach becoming very independent and he moved out of the house after college at the age of twenty-one. Graduating at the top of class in psychiatry and psychology, he became an interrogator for S.H.I.E.L.D before eventually training to become a field operative.
    During his fourth year as a field operative, Zach returned home to see how his parents were doing and he realised that they were seemingly different people. They had felt guilty about the neglect they'd forced Zach to endure and later told him that he would soon have a sister. Tragically, Zach's mother lost the baby and he later learned that she would have named her Sincerity - a rather cheesy name but to the Marshall's, she was a fresh start. It's because of this that Zach got a tattoo as a means to always have his sister close, and also as a reminder that even though he's a spy and takes on many different identities, he'll always be Zachariah Marshall.
  2. Name: Clinton "Clint" Barton
    Photo(282).jpg hawk_s_girl__clint_barton_x_reader__by_snowynyx-d697sko.jpg
    POB: Waverly, Iowa
    ORN: Gay
    OCC: Former Circus Profomer/ Field Agent

    Clint Barton never knew how difficult it be to stay in one place for so long, even being a part of SHIELD and being sent all over the place. He had lived with a traveling circus for so long growing up, he had gotten use to staying in one place for only a day or two. It was something that he was still after all these years trying to get use to.

    "Hawkeye, we have a mission for you, we'll be giving you a new partner for it." Called out one of the senior agents.

    Clint looked over and gave a nod of his head as he turned and headed for the debriefing room. 'I guess that means that Black Widow is on a mission right now...I wonder who is getting stuck with me." He thought with a small smirk on his face as he went.
  3. Zachariah 'Zach' Marshall

    Zach sat on the edge of his desk, twiddling his thumbs. He hated coming into the office and much preferred when his assignments were sent to him digitally; though lately, things seemed to be getting more and more official. "They're ready for you now," the receptionist behind the desk gave Zach a polite smile but ultimately, she seemed to be more nervous than he was, "Good luck." Zach nodded as he rose from his chair and wiped a hand down the front of his suit; he hated wearing office attire more than gun happy terrorists.
    As Zach walked past the desk and through the glass double doors, he was met with a senior agent and none other than Clint Barton. "You're an avenger," Zach found himself saying involuntarily, but after noticing the glare from the senior agent, his cheeks flashed red, "Sorry, sir." He immediately took a seat at the lengthy table and had to forcefully stop himself from looking over at Clint, "Damn, he's good looking." Zach thought as the ranking agent slid both him and Clint identical folders.

    "In there you will find a target, somebody dangerous. We don't know his name or his whereabouts, but credible Intel has him boarding a plane from LAX this evening. I want you to head there and take him out, swiftly and quietly. This man has been buying and selling nuclear weapons under our nose for the last decade, which undoubtedly means that somebody has screwed up. This would be a very big embarrassment for S.H.I.E.L.D and I don't have to tell you both how Fury reacts to embarrassment."
    "Not at all sir, we'll get this done." Zach had entered agent-mode and was already thinking up a number of ways to get into the airport unseen. "You can count on us."
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  4. Clint looked at the man who walked in, chuckling slightly when he said that he was an avenger. "Yup, not the worse thing to be." He said as he adjusted the strap on his right forearm, rolling his eyes at the senior agent when he got all huffy about Zack saying anything. "Calm down man, not like he said anything wrong." Clint said as he relaxed against the wall by the table, looking over to the other man with a grin.

    'Damn...I'm really going to be in trouble with this guy, I'm going to have to talk to Widow about this and make sure she helps me keepmy head straight when I'm working on missions with this hottie.' He thought as he picked up his folder and looked through it slowly, absorbing everything that it said. "That all we need to know?" He asked, it all sounded simple enough, but there could always be a catch.

    "I'm Hawkeye by the way, Clint if we're not on a mission." He said suddenly, remembering that they hadn't been introduced to one another. He moved closer to Zack and held out his hand to the other man to shake.
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