Simply invisible.

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    Pale green eyes, White hair and pale skin.

    Name: Lee Ashton

    Age: 17

    Cold days.
    Storm clouds.
    People (Tho they don't like him)

    Being feared.
    All the stories of him.
    The place he is stuck in.

    Personality: Lee is a very quiet 'soul' he never looks for trouble or doest open and close doors like people think ghosts do. He loves people and animals and would spend all his time in their company if only they didn't fear him.

    Letting out yet another ghostly sigh, he let his pale green eyes trail the over the same grassy spot outside the library window. People always sat outside but only a few ever came in to pay him a visit, well not him but the books who were just as lonely as him. Lonely and begging to be given just a glance or a soft touch.

    Maybe it was the fact that his tombstone was still there under the large tree surrounded by all the different versions of his death. He heard those stories every day, they were far from right. They will never know what happened to him cause they never spoke to him. If only someone would not run away when they saw him coming from one of the walls or bookshelves.

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    Brown messy hair, dark blue eyes (bordering on black

    Name: Riley Ranchant
    Age: 18
    • Sports
    • Games (especially video games!)
    • Laughter and grins
    • Surprises
    • Fireworks
    • The great outdoors
    • Drama and tears
    • Movies
    • Being stuck inside for too long
    • Horror films
    Personality: He's the type to always have a grin on his face, making him easy to be around. Only problem is, he's friendly with everyone, though he did have one best friend. Riley can be rambunctious and loud, and he often has a hard time focusing on school, only because it was so boring. Once Riley finds something that interests him, he can obsess for a while.

    Riley had groaned when he finished his favorite book. It wasn't done! It couldn't be done! Sure, the book had said "FINAL" on the cover, but that didn't mean it was done... Right?

    He immediately turned to his hand-dandy laptop and pulled up google. He typed in the information revolving around the fantastical book about different worlds and extremely strange battles. He saw reviews from other people, complaining about the ending.

    But one review had stuck out particular. It had claimed that the author had indeed wrote one final book - but there was only ONE copy in the world. And where was that copy located? In Riley's own small little hometown. There was just one problem: It was located in the library that was haunted. Riley took a deep breath. Was it worth it?

    What was he saying. Of course it was.

    He immediately gathered up his belongings and rushed to the library. He stopped as soon as he came to the library front door. He took a breath and stepped inside. Immediately he looked around and saw that only a few people were in. Well, actually, he only saw one. The boy was standing near the window, staring outside. It was kind of creepy... But maybe just something caught his eye!

    Riley walked over to the small, almost frail looking guy. It can't be healthy being that pale. "Hey, can you help me find a book?" He grinned a bit, trying to be as polite as possible. ​
  3. At the sound of footsteps, Lee turned his head and if his eyes could light up, they would have. Someone had come in. He pretended not to notice the man at first continuing with the book that was in front of him. It was strange to see him walk in so calmly, not even ducking or scanning the room for him, the ghost. He must have ignored the stories...or not believe in them or maybe he was desperately in search of a book.

    Lee fully turned around when the man spoke to him, he was taller, larger built and had more color "Why yes I can help you find a book" he answered his voice a soft blow of air. He walked along the shelves and threw a glance out the window to the people who were now staring at the library door, no doubt wondering if this man was crazy for entering.

    "Tell me, what book is it that you are searching for" he turned to the man again, he didn't know what to do. He never saw people up close.
  4. Riley was a bit chilled, his skin feeling goosebumps, but he didn't seem to care too much. Instead, he rubbed his arms, and his eyes lit up at the mention of the book.

    "Oh! It's the Veritas Project series by Frank E. Peretti! It's a little strange and creepy, but it's really good. And I don't usually like horror or creepy stuff, so it's surprising. Have you heard of it?" Riley always had the problem of talking a bit too much, and his hands were animated the entire time. He has always been told that he was quite hyperactive, but he couldn't help it. He loved the book, and he was just excited at the thought of finishing up the series!

    He looked around once more, realizing that it was just the two of them in the library. Which, to Riley, made perfect sense. The library was suppose to be so haunted that all the librarians eventually life. The books, basically, were just there, rotting. Not even a thief wanted to risk their sanity just to steal a book.

    Riley wondered if the boy he was talking to was the first to abuse the library's situation. Not that he found anything wrong in it, of course.
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    Lee let out a soft chuckle, it echoed slightly giving it that ghostly air. The man had a lot of energy. "The Veritas Project series by Frank E. Peretti, ah of course" he said turning and walking in the direction of another door with a ghostly grace. He pushed the door open softly to reveal a room filled with books simply laying in stacks on the floor. These were the books no one read.

    "I'm sorry for the mess and state they are in, but I threw these books in here so they aren't in the way, people never ask for them" he gestured his hands towards the books. "I do remember throwing a whole bunch of the books by title you gave me in here quite a while ago" he looked at the man finding it a bit strange how he hasn't figured him out yet, most people would have already noticed he was a ghost.

    "Search away" he smiles "I can help if you like?"