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  1. So, I was looking for places to find myself some RP partners, and came across here. May as well give it a go, yeah? I ain't gonna take the time figuring out how to make my post all fancy, just gonna get to the lot of it.

    First off, looking for IM RP's. This means AIM, Skype/MSN, ect. Why? I like fast replies. Most would assume this means shorter replies, and that'd be correct. Paragraph or two. Don't want a single post skipping over an hour in RP world, leaving nothing that can actually be played on.

    Secondly, there's the furry tag there. Now, I know everyone's not cool with it, and some are. It's not entirely required to be a furry RP, it's just that all of my characters are furries. What your character is, is up to you.

    So, onto the RPing bit. Romance, smut, such and such. Mature themes. I'll do MxF or - with convincing - MxM. I will note for the latter, I play a top.
    As for what I want to RP? I like slice of life RPing. Casual stuff. I like to get into an RP and relax, not work out a novel, seeing as I'm most often multi-tasking.

    Need a list of ideas? I'll admit, I don't much have one. Aside from such a list could change from one hour to the next, I much prefer to figure out something with the other person. Usually there's a good mutual spot to build off of, so don't worry.

    I think that covers the lot of it. Assuming I know how this site works, throw me a PM and we can get to working something out.

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  2. Still lookin' and lookin' and lookin'
  3. Hello, I'd be willing to rp, but not over IM. I can do PMs on iwaku or in a forum. I like to play a bottom and slice-of-life is my jam.
  4. That's the crap part for me. I often forget about things for a few days at a time. Is why I like to stick to IM.
  5. Sorry, I really can't stick to IMs. Also I forget about them... Still, I'd like to rp with you.
  6. Aye. But, seeing as I don't do website based, and you don't do IM's.. It's a tad conflicting. :|
  7. I'm trying to think of another alternative.
  8. I've got nooooo clue. Can't think of anything beyond forum, PM/email, and IM.
  9. I don't do forum. I stick to IM's. It's just how I like it. Instant replies or none at all. No waiting around, trying to figure out when another post is coming, or having to actively think about switching over to the webpage.
  10. Still lookin'.
  11. Hi dear! I aquired a new anthro character yesterday that I really want to use, so I'd love to do a Furry RP! I literally have no plot ideas though so I guess we can discuss that 8D
  12. That I am. Send me a PM, can hash stuff out.
  13. I would love to do an IM roleplay with you! I use Google Hangouts if that's okay with you. Would you be interested in doing a MxM fandom-based roleplay? I'm a bottom bitch so this is perfect xD
  14. Aw geez. I love your movie.

    Jokes aside. I have no clue what Google Hangouts is. And I don't have a Google account. Got the standards. MSN/Skype, AIM, and YIM. And I don't do fandoms. Good chance I don't know enough about it, better chance I don't wanna do it. Not to sound like an arse. Just prefer original.
  15. Back to lookin' for RP's
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