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  1. Kaiju was that awkward guy that really enjoyed talking when someone would start up a simple conversation. He was that quiet type when no one directed their voice to him. He loved sweets more than ever and would do anything to get his hands on cake or Pocky. He was as cheerfull as a girl getting new fab clothes. He was Kaiju, the son of a demonic demi-god. FAR from what his father was.

    His father was hung up on scissors and the joys of battling while he was more on the marshmallows and calm tranquil side. Did his father care? No. This was because Kaiju himself inherited his mother's wonderful spirit. A mother he had never truly remembered he'd had.

    It was that one day at school, far from the snobby know it all kids, that he had first felt it. The butterflies fluttering in his stomach, his throat going dry, his eyes following that very being; that girl. This was the first time he had experienced such a feeling. He'd never felt it before as far as he was concerned.

    Besides the fact that he had unusual 'talents,' Kaiju set aside his differences and went ahead to go talk to her.

    Oh gosh.

    Anti-social self kicking in.

    He approached her once. ONCE. Not a word was said. He just shook his head and booked it, hiding around the corner of the school building afterwards. The boy was probably one of the most childish, young minded, most awkward person at that school. That was why most girls found him to be adorable. He was the talk around that place and for them to notice that he was quite fond over a girl, everyone; EVERYONE spoke of it. They told the girl of this, they spoke of it amongst themselves, they teased Kaiju of it, everything in between. All in good ways. Maybe a few people threw out some negative stuff but the others would beat em down for Kaiju and the girl.

    This was going to be an adventure; a new book being written. When someone as awkward as Kaiju actually shot out for minor or major love. Who knew. This could lead them anywhere.

    --if you want to rp in thread, tell me otherwise. Same for pm ^^

    --be quick at responses please!

    --keep things interesting along with me haha. It'll help alot.
  2. I would like to rp this with you :) i usually respond quickly as well :) i prefer to rp in pm so if you'd like to do this with me then shoot me a pm! :)
  3. Oh my gosh, this sounds so adorable.
  4. if you are ever in need of another partner for this idea, i'd be thrilled to try it. fluff is my greatest weakness. ( ^ ^) !
  5. > u < haha

    Glad you think so!
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  6. Sure thing! ^^ I'll pm ya!
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  7. The cuteness is too much! lol
  8. xD haha yassss
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