Silvia Issier

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    Full Name: Silvia Teysa Issier

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 140

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Race: Werewolf

    Powers/ Abilities: Telekinesis

    Eye Color: Silver

    Hair Color: Jet Black

    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Personality: Silvia is an emotionally volatile girl. Broken mentally from her past she is a twisted and sick individual who gets off to torture. She often seeks out violence, and loves conflict. She hate males and won't hesitate to beat the living crap out of them for merely looking at her.

    Acting more like a tomboy, Silvia enjoys nature and loves storms. When she fights she tends to be very physical and like stated before the estasy of fighting and inflicting pain will cause her to orgasm in the middle of it all. She is vengeful, her Telekinesis is linked to her emotions. She can control it but in public she tends to remain secluded. Because if she becomes to emotional her telekinectic powers will spike causing paranormal activity to happen all around her. Her eyes also burn and glow whenever she uses her power or gets very emotional. This is how she got her name, from her silver eyes.

    (I wanted to put this character sheet together to see if anyone wants to r.p with her, her sexuality is stated as being lesbian but that could change if the right guy comes along. So anyone wanting to do a mxf don't get discouraged she is a hard girl to crack. I have erased her personality like 4 or more times because I am not explaining it correctly, so I am fed up with trying. I guess if someone is interested they will see how she really in within the r.p :p)