Silverwoods(Modern Horror/action/survival)

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  1. This roleplay is rated Mature for explicit gore, substance abuse, coarse language and adult humor.


    The Story So Far

    The day was as mundane as they came. A Thursday. Nobody expects any big events on a Thursday - all they see in their near future is the sweet release of Friday afternoon when they can kick off their work shoes and let loose. But for the time being it was nose to the grindstone for most of the inhabitants of the seaside city known as Silverwoods. Pleasant place, not too big but not too small, Silverwoods had none of the ugliness of a big city but most of the convenience. Such as the giant Southwoods Mall, the hub of downtown and popular destination for all walks of life. People didn’t just go there to shop - they stayed for the buzzing atmosphere, the vitality.

    Unfortunately, as normal as the day started, it turned into something not even the wildest of conspiracy theorists could expect. Certainly none of the average people who ended up trapped inside the once-beautiful Southwoods Mall.

    A mere hour after the First Sighting, as it would come to be known, it’s outer walls were scarred with deep gashes, splatters of red and a deep, dirty yellow, and the stone was crumbling in places. Its entire front entrance and several shops had been reduced to huge pile of twisted metal and rubble. Thankfully when the collapse occurred most of the remaining people inside the mall had been wise enough to move deeper into to the - hopefully - safer interior areas of the sprawling temple to commercialism. There wasn’t a whole lot shopping to be done anymore, though.

    The Southwoods Mall was now an urban jungle, complete with predators and prey. The humans were the latter. All manner of things - the monstrous beings that came to the city that day - rummaged through the kiosks and stores and wishing wells for their next victims. Maybe they were hungry, maybe they were angry, or maybe they were just bored. Nobody could tell you which one it was. The only certainty was that they weren’t there for the discounts.

    When the air inside the mall wasn’t filled with the screams of the dying or the crunching of bones as the monsters enjoyed their meal of human flesh, some sounds could be heard from outside. In the first half hour there was the blaring of sirens, yells and car horns. Then the screech of tyres and the rumbling noise of airplanes flying low over the city. Then came the gunshots. Rapid bursts from machine guns as well as the steady bam-bam-bam of pistols and shotguns.

    Those stopped too, eventually, and the silence that followed was all the more terrifying.

    Deep, thundering booms that shook the floor and toppled furniture broke the hush that had fallen. It came closer and closer, causing the frightened mall goers to flee inside and hide themselves as best they could. The rhythmic approach eventually came so near that most of them thought it was the explosion of bombs and that when it reached them they would meet their end.

    Bombs weren’t to blame, though. Those few survivors that escaped the carnage outside could barely tell you what it was, except that it was gigantic. It toppled skyscrapers in the center of town like they were stacks of blocks, filling the streets with an awful grey fog of dust, and then plodded on deeper into the city. The fog combined with the terrible storm that covered the city, making it hard to catch a good look at the monster at all. The dust, the rain, and the dark clouds covering the sky made even this behemoth seem to slither about the city on it’s tall legs. The hulking form appeared only to topple another tall building and then vanish into the haze.

    That was all that one could have known from inside the Southwoods Mall. It’s sprawling floor laid out like a two-story snowflake, splintering off into more walkways filled with stores of every sort. The reason why this was a destination for many inhabitants was obvious, it had a roof and solid walls and lots of provisions. More than that, the building was very large in the minds of the locals, who took a certain pride in having something so ‘state of the art’. But there wasn’t much pride to be found anymore.
  2. Here’s The Deal

    First of all, thank you for showing enough interest in our roleplay to come read this post. Hopefully you’ll find it to be to your liking and join us on this merry and terrifying adventure. However, before you do, there’s just a few things you should know which we’ve decided to outline in a few professional looking points (because that’s how the pros do it):

    • This roleplay will be run by two co-GM’s with equal say. That will be Mojo & Jeremor. Our word on any issue relating to this roleplay is to be taken as gospel. We’ll be collaborating on every part of it and as such ask that you show us the same devotio - err … courtesy.

    • This is a roleplay based around the invasion of monsters from an (as yet) unknown source, and it’s key elements will be action, horror and survival.

    • The character that you first make for this roleplay has a very low chance of surviving the course of the story. People will die. But if your character dies, don’t worry! You can make a new one, free of charge. They come with lifetime warranties. (The creators of this RP wish to make it clear that there’s no guarantee that the lifetime in question will be particularly long.)


    • If at any point during the RP you make your character find, take or use a firearm of any kind, that character will immediately be killed off in a horrible, gruesome and totally awesome way.

    • Posts should be contained to a reasonable length to allow for maximum interaction between characters and the environment. One to two paragraphs per post, please. You may also be killed off in a horrible, gruesome and totally awesome way if you post novels.

    • If your character does end up getting killed in the aforementioned horrible, gruesome and totally awesome way, you may make a totally new one and rejoin the gory fun. You’re limited to controlling one character at a time, though.

    • All characters should wait to be accepted by one of us before you begin posting in the IC thread. Any character that posts before it is approved will be killed off in a, yes, horrible, gruesome and totally awesome way.

    • Only control your own character, leave the actions of monsters and anything else in the world up to us, the GM’s. An extension of this rule is a ban on all god-modding and meta-gaming.

    • This is a simple action/horror/get-out-alive RP. There won’t be any romance to speak of. No kissing, no eyes meeting across a crowded massacre, no finding your long-lost love. If we see anything of that nature going on … yup, you guessed it. Insta-death.

    • Be awesome to each other and, like, party on, dudes.
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  3. Character Sheet Skeleton




    (Picture and written description required. List items such as height, build, any scars or tattoos, and eye and hair colour. No anime.)
    Occupation: (No military personnel.)
    Reason For Being In The Mall: (All characters will start already inside the mall. Please give a plausible explanation for why yours is there and we’ll give you further details on exactly where they are in the building.)
    Personality: (We don’t ask that you give us a full evaluation of their innermost thoughts and desires, but we do want enough information to be able to tell if they’re Mary Sue or not. If they do appear ‘too perfect’ we’ll ask you to alter a few points.)
    History: (This is entirely optional. If you want to fill it out, fine. If not, fine too.)
    Equipment: (Leave this blank for now. Later your character will be awarded items which you’ll then be asked to edit into this field.)



    John Jacobs - Jeremor
    Sonya Mayers - Mojo
    George Dermot - Doughguy
    Tiffany Hamilton - Keiga
    Kyle Summers - SilverKiramoto
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  4. I think this would be a lot of fun! Do the pictures have to be of real people, or do we have a freedom with that? (Just want to be sure before making my character sheet.)
  5. Do we require photographs instead of drawings? Nope. You're free to use any kind of art you like. Just not in an anime style, please. Really, that rule has been put in place to keep the characters "real" looking. No purple eyes and spiky hair, ha.
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  6. I want to join but I really detest looking for pictures; do I have to find a visual or can I just make my description really detailed?
  7. Will of course have a character up soon :3
  8. Hey guys! Thanks for the interest so far, hope we can all have a great time together.

    @Moogle-Girl: Sorry m'am, but we're going to have to ask everyone to fill out the character sheets as-stated. No exceptions, it's just simpler for us that way. I understand your problems with the format, but it's mainly for us to easily get an idea of what your character looks like as quickly and cleanly as possible. All I can suggest is getting a rather basic picture, and then explaining the character's specific dimensions underneath. Hope you'll still give it a try, we'd love to RP with you.


    John Jacobs
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male

    6'0 185lbs(depending on how many donuts he's eaten that day)
    Brown eyes, brown hair
    Three scars on his right shoulder, entry and exit wounds

    Occupation: Homicide Detective
    Reason For Being In The Mall: Off-duty shopping for daughter's birthday.

    Personality: A blue-collar cop that's still not quite fully integrated into the life of the homicide detective. He's a cynical individual that sees the worst in people, because he quite literally has seen some of the worst humanity has to offer. Without being overly hostile, instead John is simply disgruntled with the way life has turned out. The world holds little glimmer left for John Jacobs. When he's not on duty, tracking down leads and solving yet another senseless murder, he spends his time trying and failing to relax. Stress is a never-ending battle, and he's not really winning.

    History: Fresh out of highschool, Det. Jacobs graduated near the top of his class in the police academy. He went on to serve many years that seemed to blur past him in a haze of drink and speeding tickets, with the occasional interesting story mixed in. One of those interesting stories was what led him to promotion to the ranks of detective, a shootout involving a hostage situation. Though it ended with him receiving a citation and a new badge, it was also the end of his marriage and many dreams about the way the world worked. Even though he'd had to see plenty of horrible things in his life as a patrol cop, the world of the detective was an entirely more bleak existence. This stress and depression leaked over into his married life and poisoned it, leaving him with an Ex-wife and a 6 year old daughter. The day of the First Sighting came just a week before his daughter's seventh birthday, and it wouldn't be the first birthday he wouldn't be at home for.

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  9. Name: Sonya Mayers

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Stands 5’6” tall with long, strong limbs built for patrolling the streets and manhandling criminals. In other words, wiry. Her eyes are a rather dull blue colour, but dark lashes make them stand out well enough in contrast with her blonde hair.

    Occupation: Mall cop and student. She’s studying to become a real cop.


    Reason For Being In The Mall: She works there as a senior guard in the high end clothing section.

    Personality: Sonya is as hard as they come. Her face rarely changes from its usual expression of stern and “don’t you fucking dare touch that dress with dirty fingers, punk”. Her personality closely matches that. When she’s at work and school, she’s all business. Her colleagues have often described her as a dog with a bone and lots of issues, something she’s almost flattered by. Doing a good job is very important to her, and she takes her duties extremely seriously. Nothing is more important than following the rules to the letter. Whether those be the rules of the mall, life, or what she was taught by her parents, it’s all the same.

    History: I’m opting for the lazy choice at the moment. Will probably fill it out later. Probably ...

    Equipment: Nothing yet.


    Waiting on that CS, Mr Doughy ... :tophat:
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  10. Name: George Dermot
    Age: 33
    Gender: M

    Black hair though currently shaved, dark brown eyes
    Tattoos up and down both his arms and legs. They have a cobweb/maze like pattern with little discernible meaning.
    5’8, 192lbs (well-built but he also has his share of flab)​

    Occupation: Firefighter

    Reason For Being In The Mall: Stocking up on food and other items for his week off.

    Personality: George is a bitter man who has turned to eating as a way to deal with his problems, ruining his once solid figure. He dislikes overly happy people and will simply walk away rather than talk to someone he dislikes. To those he doesn’t dislike he will talk in short sentences, not wasting words and getting to the point. Despite his disregard for others in ordinary life he will still put his own life on the line when someone is in danger. He may not care for people but he can’t bear to see them lost when he could do something either.

    History: As above :3


    God here it is! See, the report was of factual elements!
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  11. I accept this statement as factual and true, as well as the character.
    Jolly good show, old chap. Hurr hurr, pip-pip. :judge:
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  12. Name: Tiffany Hamilton

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    5'6" tall and about 145lbs on a good day. Curly brown hair that is usually a hot mess, chubby cheeks and a smile brighter than the sun.

    Occupation: sales associate/ shoe department

    Reason For Being In The Mall: She works there.

    Personality: Loyal, devoted, sweet, easily excited, a little on the dingy side, but smart enough to do her job well, anything else is... iffy. This girl knows her shoes, fashion, taking care of her family aaaand that's about it. She will talk a hole in your head if you let her, and usually realizes two stories too late she has lost her audience. No one is a stranger to her for long. Not a fighter but a runner. If danger is present she will run, she will hide, she will wet her pants.

    History: Baby girl of eight siblings, this fashionista has been working at the mall since she was sixteen and her sparkling personality got her where she is today. As the youngest she still lives at home taking care of her mother and visiting her father in the nursing home. All her plans for breaking into the world of fashion design have been put on hold since the weight of caring for her parents has been left on her shoulders. All her siblings are too busy to help out and this hurts, but she doesn't have time to wallow in the woe is me. Tiffany chooses to cover it up the best she can and do what needs to be done
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  13. I literally cracked a grin reading this profile. What an infectious smile. It's gonna be a lot of fun to RP with her. Welcome to the team, Keiga. Accepted.
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  14. Huzzah!

    Yes, yes. This will be fun. I wonder how long her smile will last though.
  15. Kay, thanks~ Was asking, because I wanted to use one of my own images. :x



    Name: Kyle Summers

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Kyle has short, light brown hair and jade green eyes. He stands at a rough five feet and seven inches, and weighs in at one hundred and thirty nine pounds. His only significant marking is a small tattoo of a spider on his shoulder. He can't really remember why he got it...

    Occupation: Part-time cashier at the mall's ice cream shop

    Reason For Being In The Mall: Kyle works in one of the shops, and was on break when everything went down.

    Personality: Kyle is a soft-spoken, kind-hearted boy at heart. A little space-y at times, he's accustomed to taking things in stride, and has a "things could always be worse" attitude when faced with conflict. He's loyal to his friends, and especially to his mother, Angela, and does what he can to help others. Then again, he'd never expected having to help with something quite this severe...

    History: Having an eccentric artist as your adoptive mother might seem like the plot to a family comedy, but for the most part, Kyle has lived a pretty average life. He goes to school, heads to work, comes home, and helps his mother with the house and with her own work, then repeats it all the next day. All in all, a pretty standard upbringing. The only thing that manages to break up the day to day routine is visiting with his girlfriend, Cheryl, who he swears to everyone will be his wife one day. In the meantime, Kyle takes each day one at a time, and has never had much of a reason to worry about his future. Not until now, anyway...

    Equipment: Not yet. Bummer.
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  16. Looking good, SilverKiramoto! Welcome aboard!

    To those of you wondering, I think we'll likely have enough players to get started before too long at all. We'll easily be able to accept new characters while the roleplay goes on, too, so that shouldn't be a problem(if any of your lurkers out there are wondering). I'll have to talk with my lovely Co-GM and we'll decide when we're ready to start. Stay posted and thanks for the interest, guys! :llama:
  17. "Lovely" co-gm here. Thank you for that, lief.

    We've decided that we'll be ready to start once we have at least one more player. Like Jeremor said, it'll be very easy to have new characters jump in once we've already started, so it's not really a big deal. We would like to start soon, though.
  18. Come ooooon, some else join quick!
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  19. Alright yall, just a heads up, we're going to try and get this thing started as soon as possible. But first, we're going to go ahead and get it moved to the Modern Fantasy section, seeing as how we're really not planning on having any truly 'adult' themes in this roleplay. Just violence and mayhem and all that good stuff.

    So, yeah, hope all yall will follow us along and hope that we haven't lost any of your interest. See you there!
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