Silver Linings

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We've all heard the saying, often times after tragedy or loss. My question is do you believe it? Do you think that every bad situation has a positive effect of some kind?

Personally I do not. I feel that most really bad things that happen are just that. Its a good thing to stay positive, but at the same time you have to take bad situations for what they are, not everything in life is sugar coated and not every cloud has a silver lining...Imo.

What do you think?

I DO believe in silver linings! Even though when something really shitty happens, and you can't see the good side about it right away... somewhere on down the line you realize "If ___ hadn't of happened, then I wouldn't have THIS awesome moment right now."

Some people would call that miracles from god, others call it karma, and i like to think of it as the power of appreciating those good moments by comparing then to how shitty another moment was. XD
To acknowledge a hidden benefit, to use knowledge of a past misfortune to better prepare against future ones, to draw motivation from tragedy, to know for certain what you don't want to have happen again, to figure out how to tip the balance in a "mixed" situation, to not only find a flaw but eliminate it before anyone can even notice, etc.

Those are invaluable to me.

That said, silver linings, I feel sometimes requires a "big picture" or long term outlook to find. There are some situations where nothing positive seems to result from them until several months or years down the line.

I'd also like to draw a distinction between having a greater tendency to find positives in ostensibly negative situations and the extremely stereotypical characterization of an optimist as being in denial of all things negative. Being blinded by "rose-colored glasses" is just as bad as being unappreciative of anything good.

I prefer to start/participate in figurative "parades," but I'm not beyond raining on them either.
^^ *takes notes* Interesting. That is a very good way to look at things.
I try my hardest to see silver linings. They help when I need them. Other times, I use rationalization and be thankful for the support I have around me.
Every mistake is a lesson in how not to fuck up again. Said lesson tastes like gold, only it's covered in shit. Some people can get past that, some can't.
@ SBM - I agree dude, but it seems like It took me at least 5 times fucking up before I actually learned, lmao.
I second that. Mistakes suck ass, but at least you can learn from them.