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  1. have you ever had a situation which you expected to fully suck, but which you ended up finding some good points in?

    Tell us about it.

    For me, I recently had to start taking busses to work again, which means getting up about two hours earlier than usual.

    Not being a morning person, I was bummed

    ... But it's summer, and the mornings here are kinda gorgeous, and I live in a place with lots of wildlife so I often see deer and geese and herons on my way to the bus stop O_O

    That and I'm so terrified of oversleeping and missing my alarm that I get up earlier than I really need to and so I pretty consistently have time to drink a cup of tea and put on my face
  2. Oh yeah.

    One time I had to get surgery on my feet, and because I have this condition that rejects the numbing medicines that surgeons use, and so there's a lot that i actually feel that the solution was supposed to numb. I went in terrified and expected the worst to come out of the surgery, but for once my body didn't reject most of the knock out stuff. I mean yeah I felt the incision but thanks to the medication I didn't freak.

    Another time I was heading into a party (I am not a social person to say the least) and I was really convinced that I'd be miserable, that some asshole was going to make fun of me. People actually left me be and I ended up chatting with someone like me who didn't want to be there either. It was a win win for both of us because we had so many common interests.
  3. "I must tell you I'm disappointed at hearing you mouth the usual platitudes of peace and friendship regarding an implacable foe like the Romulans. But I live in hope that you may one day see the universe for what it truly is, rather than what you'd wish it to be."
    "'Well, I shall endeavor to become more cynical with each passing day, look gift horses squarely in the mouth, and find clouds in every silver lining."
    "If only you meant it."
    - Elim Garak and Julian Bashir

    Just to keep in mind the other direction. :)

    It was my prom night. It was a cataclysmic failure. I had no date. It was a bore fest. I stayed up all night. Fueled with negative emotion, I cranked out a short story that was on my mind all year, no stop. I ended the story just before dawn, satisfied.
  4. Too many to count and remember them all. Most of the time people roll their eyes or groan when I point out a silver lining.

    • Least the kid didn't throw up on carpet this time.
    • Bloods easy to wash off concrete!
    • Not so bad considering they're closing other schools down entirely.
    • Better he be a bumbling idiot than a malicious asshole.
    • He may not speak much english but he makes up for it in work ethic, even if it is detrimental to his own agenda.
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  5. Almost fell to death. Gained my greatest love for life. There is always hope.
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  6. Me, everyday on my way to work:

    >Walk to subway station
    >Escalators are down again
    >Started wearing my workout sneakers
    >Damn dat cardio and thigh muscle

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  7. I failed a placement when I was still in college.

    Allowed me to divide the last semester into two, meaning a much easier course load.
  8. I've moved a lot throughout my whole life, enough that I'm kinda, no, I'm really tired of it.

    But I guess that's the silver lining as well, being able to see different places, gain new experiences, learn more about different people and cultures. It's given me an open mind.
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  9. So last week my dad got a DUI and fired. He and mom are kinda fucked halfway across the country until his court date in July. I gotta send them some money soon so they don't starve to death. >>;

    On the bright side, that's FINALLY pushed him to move out here like I have been trying to get them to do for the past year and a half. >:[ So once they get that cleared up, I can put my old decrepit parents on a leash somewhere I can keep an eye on them.
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  10. [​IMG]

    I both know this feeling and congratulate you on this finally allowing you to help your family. Hopefully they'll listen in the future. :ferret:
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