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  1. A day or so ago, I tried uploading an animated (gif) avatar, but when it was uploaded, it was no longer animated.

    I've seen other animated avatars here, so maybe I'm doing something wrong. Would hosting it myself offsite fix it?
  2. Aww, I tried that too. I guess it just doesn't work here.
  3. Huh. There is at least one user here that has an animated avatar. Oh well.

    I have signatures turned off because people have such huge images in most of them, and I end up scrolling through their signature box while I'm scrolling down the page in general. Frustrating. :3
  4. If your gif is bigger than the size parameters, then the system will resize it to fit, just like it does with other images people use for avatars! And the resizer can't preserve animation. D:
  5. As you can see, I've discovered the issue. The FAQ states that avatars should be "at least 200x200 pixels" or something to that effect, when the actual display size is 192x192.

    AND the maximum file size is 50kb.

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  6. Then I need to fix something. D: filesize and display should be at 200x200px. *Goes a snooping!*