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Heather stands on a subway platform, awaiting the train to Bergen Street. After a few hours, a little girl appears out of the shadows next to Heather.

LAURA: Good morning.

Pause. An owl hoots in the distance.

HEATHER: ……okay.

LAURA: My name is Laura. Your name is Heather. My papa says you’re not supposed to be here. He says you must be lost. Are you lost Heather?

Pause. A dog howls in the distance.

HEATHER: …….nope.

LAURA: This is the train station.

Pause. An elephant tapdances in the distances.

HEATHER: ………no shit?

Laura points down the tunnel.

LAURA: That’s where the train goes. That’s where we’re going. But you can’t go with us. The Trainman won’t let you.

HEATHER: Trainman?

Laura’s father comes down the steps onto the platform.

BOB: Laura! Come back here! Leave that woman alone.

Laura runs back to her father.

BOB: I’m sorry Miss, but my daughter sometimes gets these fixations with young women.

HEATHER: That’s a fucked up little kid you’ve got there.

BOB: Yeah, tell me about it.

Bob and Laura sit down on one of the benches.

BOB: You going to see the film?

HEATHER: What film?

She turns to look at Bob but then notices the row after row of Silent Hill posters plastered to the wall behind him.

HEATHER: Oh that. No, I’m not going. I never wanna see that place again.

BOB: Oh, one of those squeamish types, eh?

HEATHER: Yeah……squeamish….

The train arrives at the platform.

LAURA: That’s a train.

The doors of the train open.

LAURA: Now we can get onto the train through the doors.

HEATHER: Will you shut that bitch up!?!!

Heather walks towards the train car but someone stands in the doorway and blocks her. Heather looks up to see a strange old guy with big crazy-looking eyes.

TRAINMAN: Tickets please!!!

Heather shows him her ticket. Pause.

TRAINMAN: Tickets please!!!!

Heather waves her ticket in his face.

TRAINMAN: Tickets please!!!

HEATHER: What the fuck is your problem? My ticket’s right here!!

TRAINMAN: Tickets to Silent Hill the movie please!!!


TRAINMAN: Silent Hill the movie released tonight. No one else matters now but Silent Hill fans!!! Tickets please!!!!

HEATHER: Oh, for fuck’s sake! People are going nuts about this movie!!! It’s not gonna be that good!!!

Pause. The Trainman’s eyes widen. He screams and leaps forward at her, biting at her face.


HEATHER: OH FUCK!!!! Get off me!!!

BOB: You see, Laura. This is what happens to the unbelievers.

LAURA: Yes father.

They sit and watch as Heather wrestles for her life with the crazy old guy.


Meanwhile, back in Silent Hill, Claudia and Stanley Coleman turn up outside the Heaven’s Night Club.

STANLEY: Aargh! My nose still really hurts!

CLAUDIA: Well, that’s what happens when you molest a sexually repressed amnesiac wife-smotherer.

STANLEY: Mum was right all along.

CLAUDIA: Anyway, we’re here now. Are you sure the Oracle said that we could find him here?

STANLEY: Yeah, the Oracle knows the location of everyone in Silent Hill.

CLAUDIA: We have to get him back Stanley. Heather went through the left-hand door, and if she achieves what she is planning to do, then the likes of you and I are doomed.

STANLEY: Yes, my lady.

They move towards the club entrance, but a possessed doctor blocks their way.

CLAUDIA: I’ll handle this.

DOCTOR: Uuuuuurgh!!!

CLAUDIA: Eirrrrrgh!!!!

DOCTOR: Uuurgh?

CLAUDIA: Rowr rowr! Eiirghh!! Booger booger!!!

DOCTOR: Urrrgh!! Ugh! Errrgh!!!

CLAUDIA: Yawwrr!!! Hoohakak!!!

DOCTOR: Muhrrrrr!!!!

STANLEY: Fuck this!

Stanley takes out a pistol and shoots the doctor in the head.

CLAUDIA: ……….You idiot!!! I almost had his number!

STANLEY: Oh. Sorry.

They go up the steps and into Heaven’s Night. As before, they find the place is full of demons, drinking blood, feasting on human flesh and screwing each other in horribly perverted ways. Demonic dogs run between the tables looking for scraps, and Flesh Lips dangle from the ceiling.

STANLEY: Have I mentioned before that this town is….


They walk up to a large table in the corner of the club. Sitting there are Valtiel and Nicole Kidman.

VALTIEL: Ah, Cloudia! And de stoopid Stanley Coleman!


CLAUDIA: Don’t tell me you’re speaking in a French accent as well!!!

VALTIEL: Ah bud of course! I ‘ave always admired Tom Cruise. But not as much as I admire ‘is wife!

NICOLE: Ooh! Stop it Val! You’re turning me on me again!

VALTIEL: Ah, but I love you, my deere!

Nicole snuggles over to him and he starts to fondle her breasts.

CLAUDIA: Eww!! Eewww!!! Stop that shit, right now!!

Valtiel and Nicole stop.

CLAUDIA: You know why we’re here, you sick fuck! We want him back!

NICOLE: Sorry blondie, but we’re not finished with him yet.

STANLEY: We want to make a deal.

NICOLE: Ah a deal! Well it just so happens that there is something I want.


NICOLE: The eyes of the Oracle!

STANLEY: You want Leonard’s eyes? Why?

NICOLE: Well, I’ve always had this fantasy about inserting somebody’s eyes up my……

STANLEY: Oookay, I get the idea!!!

NICOLE: So, you bring me the eyes, and I give you what you want.

CLAUDIA: I don’t have time for this shit!

Claudia somersaults over the table whilst drawing a Desert Eagle from her robes. She lands gracefully behind Valtiel and gets him in a headlock. She points the Desert Eagle at Valtiel’s crotch. The rest of the Demons in the club begin to move towards her, but Nicole raises her hand and calls them off.

VALTIEL: Sacre bleur!!

CLAUDIA: You want to make a deal, bitch, how about this? You give him to me, or I pull the trigger and blow away the biggest dick that you’ve ever had!!

NICOLE: Interesting deal. You really are ready to die for this man, aren’t you?

CLAUDIA: Me and a few million others. So what’s it going to be?


Meanwhile back in Portland, Heather limps back towards the train, holding a new ticket. The Trainman stands in the doorway cracking his knuckles ready for the next fight.

HEATHER: Okay, I’ve brought a ticket to the fucking movie! Can I come aboard now?

TRAINMAN: Very good.

He steps aside and lets Heather on. Bob and Laura follow her aboard. The train starts moving.

TRAINMAN: You have passed the first test, Heather. Well done.

HEATHER: How do you know my name?

Trainman smiles.

TRAINMAN: It’s me, Leonard.

Pause. Heather's face is blank.

TRAINMAIN: I’m Leonard.

Pause. A whale sings in the distance.

HEATHER: No you’re not.

TRAINMAN: No, it really is me!

HEATHER: Then why do you look completely different?

TRAINMAN: Ah, well, that doesn’t actually get explained unless you play an obscure computer game that runs parallel to the main story.


TRAINMAN: My character is being played by a different actor, but for reasons that are not going to be disclosed unless you buy another item of the Silent Hill franchise.

HEATHER: Well, that’s just stupid! How do you expect the audience to accept that!

TRAINMAN: Meh! It’s the last part of a trilogy. They usually suck.

HEATHER: Oh well, whatever. What do you want this time?

TRAINMAN: I am here to bombard you with a few more cryptic remarks.

HEATHER: Oh for fuck’s sake!

TRAINMAN: Remember Heather, no one can see beyond a choice they don't understand.

HEATHER: Yeah, that’s great – did you get that from a fortune cookie? Why don’t you tell me something useful, like why you didn’t tell me about the Architect?

TRAINMAN: Because it wasn't time for you to know?

HEATHER: And who decided that it wasn’t my time to know?

TRAINMAN: You did.


TRAINMAN: The Architect’s purpose is to balance the equation, whilst it is your purpose to unbalance it. He doesn’t want what you want, but you do want what you want?

HEATHER: And what’s that?

TRAINMAN: The answer. And there is only one place to find the answer, but only you know where that answer is. Because everything has a beginning and an end.

Pause. A dragon recites Shakespeare in the distance.

HEATHER:………..right, so I decided that it wasn’t time to know about the thing that I wanted to know about, even though I already know it?????!!!!!!!!



HEATHER: Laura, honey, can you come here for a minute?

LAURA: Okay.

Laura walks over to her. Heather picks Laura up and starts to batter the Trainman with her.



HEATHER: Speak English you fucker!!!

TRAINMAN: Oh God!! No!!! Aaargh!!!

HEATHER: Explain yourself!!!


LAURA: Ugh!!!

Laura dies and Heather throws her lifeless body to one side. Bob runs towards her.

BOB: You killed my daughter!! Damn you!!!

Heather rips Bob’s arms off and starts to batter the Trainman with them.

BOB: Ugh!!!

TRAINMAN: Aaaargh!!!

HEATHER: Stop being mysterious, you arsehole!!!

TRAINMAN: AAAAGHH!! Okay!!! Okay!!! Stop!!!!

Heather throws Bob’s arms away and gets the Trainman in a headlock.

HEATHER: Explain the plot!! Explain it now!!!

TRAINMAN: The end is coming. The Silent Hill movie is going to be a complete flop! The fans are going to go mad and start killing everyone. It will be the start of Armageddon!!

Pause. Heather lets go of the Trainman.

HEATHER: See. That’s all you had to say.

The train comes to a halt at Bergen Street and the doors open.

HEATHER: Well Leonard, I did promise the Architect that I'd do something about the fans. But I’m getting my hair bleached in the morning, so I can’t promise anything.

TRAINMAN: (coughing) Remember…… cannot thread a needle with a turkey…..

HEATHER: Oh fuck off!

Heather leaves. The Trainman slowly starts to get up and dust himself down. He is about to leave to go after Heather, when suddenly a dark shadow falls over him. He turns and gasps as he sees Pyramid Head standing over him.

TRAINMAN: You!!! But…….it can’t be!!!

PH: The great and powerful Oracle. We meet at last. I suppose you've been expecting me, right? The all-knowing Oracle is never surprised. How can he be, he knows everything. But if that's true, then why is he here? If he knew I was coming, why didn't he leave?

TRAINMAN: You can’t win Pyramid Head. Strike me down now and I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Pause. Pyramid Head leans forward and whispers to him.

PH: Dude, wrong film. We’re spoofing Matrix Revolutions.

TRAINMAN: Oh shit, sorry. What am I supposed to say?

PH: Well, you just mutter some cryptic bullshit and then I kill you.

TRAINMAN: Oh right. Er…..the path of the hermit is concealed by the Flauros-bunny as foretold by gyromancy……

Pyramid Head swings his great knife and chops the Oracle in half.

TRAINMAN: Uuuughhhh!!!!

Pyramid Head stands and looks down at Leonard’s severed body. Out of the shadows behind him, Claudia appears with a smile on her face.

CLAUDIA: Well done, Harry. Thankyou.

PH: You saved me from Nicole Kidman. It was the least that I could do.

CLAUDIA: It must have been hard for you.

PH: Yes. At first I was happy to go with her. But over time it became worse. Her demands became twisted, inhuman. And Valtiel would never let me be the man.

CLAUDIA: Don’t worry. Once our work here is done you’ll have all the mannequins that you want.

PH: Excellent. So what now?

CLAUDIA: Heather will try to go to the Source – the haven of the Silent Hill fans. It is there that we must stop her. If she forms an alliance with them, then all our hopes for cheap crowd-pleasing Cult-heavy dumbed-down Silent Hill sequels will be lost. We cannot allow Heather to fulfil the Architect’s legacy.

PH: Yes, my mistress.

They step out of the train.

PH: By the way, how did you persuade Nicole Kidman to let me go?

CLAUDIA: I traded you for Stanley.

They both laugh.

PH: So he’s gonna be fucked up the ass by Valtiel?!!!


They both laugh again.

CLAUDIA: I can still hear his screams ringing in my ears.

The continue laughing as they walk off through the subway.


Later on, Heather sits down in front of a computer and connects to the Internet.

HEATHER: You sure you don’t mind me using your computer?

Eileen comes through from the kitchen.

EILEEN: Oh no, it’s fine. Ever since we met at the weekly Victims Of Psychotic Order Members meetings, I knew that we’d be friends. My place is your place.

HEATHER: Thanks.

EILEEN: Besides, Henry will be here any minute. He’s taking me to the opera.

HEATHER: The opera? Wow!

EILEEN: Yeah well, I’ve been thrown out of all the local cinemas because I keep clapping like a retard. The opera’s the only thing left.


Heather opens a Google page.

HEATHER: Right, I’ll type in “Silent Hill Fans” and see what I get.

The results page is displayed.

HEATHER: “Silent Hill Heaven”. Sounds interesting.

She clicks on the link.

HEATHER: Hmm….good-looking forum. Very easy to navigate.

EILEEN: What are the items for?

HEATHER: Don’t know. Maybe they give you special abilities or something.

EILEEN: Click on the Town Centre page.

HEATHER: Okay. My God! Over 5,000 members have joined in the last two days.

EILEEN: And who’s that “Disciple of Claudia” guy? He seems to be replying to every post. He must have a hell of a lot to say!

HEATHER: Yeah………okay, here we go…..Silent Hill the movie.

She clicks on the link.

HEATHER: Hmm….looks like a whole bunch of the forum members are going to see the film tonight.

EILEEN: When does the film start?

HEATHER: Er……10.30.

EILEEN: That was over one and a half hours ago – it must almost be over.

HEATHER: Yeah, the first review is going to be posted shortly. This will decide how the Silent Hill fans are going to react.

EILEEN: Quick! Let’s start a thread about Mary staying at Brookhaven Hospital…..

Suddenly the door to the apartment is kicked in.

EILEEN: What the fuck!!?

Frank Sunderland stands in the doorway.

FRANK: Finally! I have tracked you down, Heather!!

EILEEN: You broke my door you bastard…..

Frank pulls out a gun and shoots Eileen.

EILEEN: Ugh!!!

HEATHER: Eileen!!! NOOO!!!

Before Frank can shoot again, Heather grabs Eileen’s handbag and slings it at him, knocking the pistol out of his hand.

FRANK: Fuck!!

Before he can pick the pistol up, Heather rugby tackles him to the ground. They start wrestling.

FRANK: You bitch!! What did you do to my son!!?? I found your picture in his bedroom!!! What did you do to him!!!???

He grabs Heather’s face and sticks fingers in both her eyes.

HEATHER: Aaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!

Blood sprays and Frank rips her eyeballs out. In the confusion Heather’s hands find the pistol. She takes hold of it and pushes it against Frank’s neck. She pulls the trigger and blows the back of his head out.

FRANK: Ugh!!!!

His lifeless body falls to one side, and Heather is left rolling around on the ground clutching her face and screaming in agony.

Henry appears in the doorway. He looks at Frank’s dead body. He looks at Eileen’s dead body. He looks down at Heather as she screams for help in a pool of her own blood.

HENRY: …………….Are you okay?


HENRY: ……………Do you need an aspirin?

HEATHER: Aaaaagh!!! The pain!!!! It hurts so much!!!!!! Aaaaaaargh!!!! Oh God!!!!! Someone help me!!!!!!

HENRY: …………Do you need help?

Heather crawls into the kitchen, fumbling around blindly. Yelling in pain she reaches up and grabs the phone of the wall. She starts trying to dial 911, but she cannot see the correct buttons to press.

HENRY: …… Eileen dead?

HEATHER: Aaaaargh!!!! Help me you bastard!!!!!!

HENRY: …………I have a first aid kit in my big box. Shall I go and get it?

HEATHER: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!!

HENRY: ………..Okay, I’ll go and get it. You wait there.

Henry slowly walks off to the bedroom while Heather thrashes about in agony on the floor. He stops to look at a photograph on the wall.

HENRY: Hmm…..I remember when I went to Silent Hill. It was very foggy that day.


HENRY: Oh yeah…..

Henry goes into the bedroom, opens the box and takes out a medical kit. He comes back and kneels down next to Heather. He opens the medical kit, takes out some holy candles, lights them and places them around Heather’s body.

HENRY: Hmm…it’s not working….

HEATHER: Aaaaaagh!!!! My eyes!!!! My eyes!!!!

HENRY: Oh right. I’ll apply some ointment.

He takes out a bottle and sprinkles some white powder into her bleeding eye sockets.

HENRY: Oops! That was my salt-shaker.


HENRY: Here we go.

He applies some ointment to Heather’s eyes and bandages her head. He then gives her some painkillers. After a few hours she stops screaming.

HEATHER: Ugh……Henry……we have to…..stop the fans……help me…….

Pause. Henry looks at her with a confused expression.

HENRY: …………Are you offering me sex?

HEATHER: No you fucking retard!!! Get me to the computer!!! NOW!!!!

Henry walks over to the computer and waits for Heather to catch up with him.

HEATHER: I’m blind you prick!!

HENRY: Oh…..

He comes back and guides her to the computer. They both sit down in front of it.

HENRY: I hear there’s a webcam into Angelina Jolie’s bedroom……..

HEATHER: Shut up!!! You have to be my eyes now, Henry. You have to tell me what’s happening on the Silent Hill Heaven forum!

HENRY: Uh……okay……

He starts browsing through the forum.

HENRY: What the hell?


HENRY: They have little items next to their profiles. I wonder what they’re for?

Heather smacks Henry on the back of the head. He continues browsing.

HENRY: What the hell?


HENRY: The first showing of the movie is over. The fans are starting to log back into the forum.


HENRY: What the hell?

HEATHER: WHAT!!!???!!!

HENRY: St Thomas is saying that the movie sucked.

HEATHER: Oh God! No!!!

HENRY: He says that the acting was lame and the monster makeup was second rate. Chris Rock makes a cameo as a wise-cracking Cult member who says “dat Pyramid Head is a crazy-ass bitch!!”, and the final fight sequence is performed to the song “I believe in a thing called love” by the Darkness. There are endless slow-motion scenes and a lesbian three-way between Rose, Cybil and Dahlia. And that is only after Rose learns martial arts and defeats Pyramid Head whilst wearing a leather jumpsuit.

HEATHER: It’s all over! Armageddon has come!


HENRY: What the hell?

Heather pulls out the gun and holds it to Henry’s head.

HEATHER: Say that again and you’re gonna need a shit-load of ampoules!!!! I may be blind, but I can smell a dumbass at 5 miles!!!


HEATHER: So what is it?

HENRY: The fans are planning mass murders. St Thomas has hacked into the Pentagon defence superstructure. Frozen Halo is planning a raid on the French nuclear silos. Krist had just assassinated the Israeli prime minister. And Alone in the Town had stolen all the coffee from his local supermarket.

HEATHER: My God! It’s begun!

HENRY: Pink_Isn’t_Well has just begun targeted killings. She’s yelling something like “Don’t rubble toast”. And Ethos is writing pro-violence propaganda ………….. oh wait……no, he’s hasn’t seen the movie yet.

HEATHER: We have to stop them Henry!

HENRY: But how?

HEATHER: We’ll go to the local radio station and convince them to broadcast a rave review of Silent Hill the movie. And we’ll get it endorsed by the guy who wrote the Exorcist.

HENRY: Good plan.

Henry gets up and goes into the bathroom.

HENRY: Damn! No hole!

He picks up a pipe and starts smashing it against the wall.

HEATHER: Use the door you twat!!!


He helps Heather out of the apartment. After they have gone, Nicole Kidman sneaks out of the shadows and goes up to Frank Sunderland’s body. She takes Heather’s eyes from off his fingers.

NICOLE: Yoink!


Later on Henry helps Heather out into the street.

HENRY: Okay, the radio station’s this way.

He takes a step forward but then stops when he sees that the street is filled with Pyramid Heads.

HENRY: What the……..I mean……good grief!

From amongst the thousands of Pyramid Heads, Claudia steps forward.

CLAUDIA: Welcome back Heather. We missed you. Do you like what we’ve done with the place?

HEATHER: That voice……Claudia????

CLAUDIA: Yes. It ends tonight Heather. The fans will cause anarchy across the world, and when the authorities finally put them down, there will be a worldwide ban on all fan-forums and chat rooms. It will be the end of the artistic hardcore. At last, all the filmmakers and game designers will be free to make crowd-pleasing and money-making crap, free from the expectations of obsessed fans. There will be no more implicit plot lines, no more emotional depth, no more Silent Hill 2s. The series will belong to black and white plotlines like mine, and to 2-dimensional villains like Pyramid Head.

The Pyramid Heads let out a universal evil laugh. Heather gives her gun to Henry.

HEATHER: Quick Henry! Shoot her!! Shoot her now!!!

HENRY: Okey dokey.

He points the gun at Claudia and then starts concentrating really hard.

HEATHER: …………What are you doing????

HENRY: I’m charging my attack.

Claudia strolls over to Henry and stabs him in the heart.

HENRY: Ugh!!!!

HEATHER: Henry! Noooo!!!

She kneels down next to him.

HENRY: I can't come with you, Heather. I've gone as far as I can. But it's all right. It's time. I've done all that I could do. Now you have to do the rest. You have to finish it. You have to save Silent Hill.

HEATHER: Now he gets talkative!!

HENRY: I have to tell you how much I loved you, how grateful I was for every moment I was with you. But by the time I knew I'd said what I wanted to, it was too late. Kiss me, just once. Kiss me.

HEATHER: I’m blind. I can’t find your lips.

HENRY: They’re here.

He moves her head towards his crotch.

CLAUDIA: Eww!! Eewww!!! Stop that shit, right now!!

She stabs Henry again. He dies.

HEATHER: Claudia! Damn you!!! I’ll see you burn in hell!!!

CLAUDIA: Spare me your cheesy heroine lines! Now it is time for you to face your mortal enemy!!!

The original Pyramid Head steps out from the crowd.

PH: Come, my daughter! Now we shall fight each other fairly, as it should always have been!

HEATHER: What, me blind and you surrounded by 5 thousand of your big hard mates?


PH: Yes. Maybe if you’re blind and they all hold you down I might me able to hit you with my Great Knife.

HEATHER: You just enjoy beating up women don’t you?

PH: Shut up!

He punches Heather in the face and then kicks her when she’s down.


She tries to get up, but Pyramid Head stomps on her spine and then grabs her head and rams it into the ground. He then repeatedly kicks her in the ribs.


She tries to get up again but Pyramid Head grabs her leg and snaps it in two.

HEATHER: Aaaaagh!!!

She tries to get up again.

PH: Why, Heather, why? Why, why do you do it? Why, why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting for something, for more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is, do you even know? Is it freedom or truth, perhaps peace - could it be for love? Illusions, Heather, vagaries of perception. Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. And all of them as artificial as Silent Hill itself. You must be able to see it, Heather, you must know it by now! You can't win, it's pointless to keep fighting! Why, Heather, why, why do you persist?

Heather gets up onto her knees.

HEATHER: Because Silent Hill is worth fighting for.

PH: Foolish girl! Silent Hill is just a game for stupid kids!

HEATHER: You’re wrong Father! Silent Hill is much more than that, but you could never see it in it’s true glory. You could never understand the truth. The truth that it’s not just about killing monsters and solving riddles. It’s not just about how good your weapon is or about how many endings you get. Silent Hill is within all of us! I understand now why the Architect did this – why he showed to us the darkest parts of ourselves. For in those hells there is proved a Heaven. In that darkness there is formed a light. And even as we dangle upon the devil’s hooks, we are yet assured that there is a God!

Pyramid Head draws out his great knife and prepares to swing it.

HEATHER: I love you father!

Pyramid Head decapitates her with a single blow. Her headless body slumps to the ground.

Pause. There is a rumble of thunder in the sky.

CLAUDIA: Is it over?

Pause. Pyramid Head starts looking around him.

PH: Something’s wrong......

One of the Pyramid Heads in the crowd falls to the ground. Then another. Then another.

CLAUDIA: What’s happening?!!

The Pyramid Heads start disintegrating all around them.

PH: It’s…..the fans…..they have felt Heather’s sacrifice……..they’re stopping the murders ……..they’re losing interest in me!!!!

Pyramid Head falls onto one knee as his duplicates starts collapsing in large numbers around him.

PH: My cult status…….my iconic power…’s failing……..

CLAUDIA: I don’t understand! Why is this happening?!!!

PH: They want new villains…… stories…… depths…….my power is……failing………..ugh!!!!

He falls down dead. Claudia is left alone in an empty street.

CLAUDIA: Harry?? Noooo??? Why God? Why!!!!???

A dark figure emerges from an alleyway.

DARK FIGURE: You are the last of them Claudia. Now it is time for you to die!

CLAUDIA: What the? Who the hell are you?!!

The Dark Figure draws out a pair of pistols and shoots Claudia in the legs.

CLAUDIA: Aaaaaaaaargh!!!!!

She falls over and the Dark Figure walks over to her. She sees his face.

CLAUDIA: You…..but how!!!

The Dark Figure draws a knife.

DARK FIGURE: For Silent Hill!


Later on, in a basement on the other side of town, the Dark Figure puts down his pistols and carries Claudia’s heart to a table. He puts it in a jar next to 19 other human hearts. Each one is labelled: Claudia, Heather, Tom Cruise, Milla Jovovich, the Rock, Henry, Catherine Zeta Jones, Madonna, Denise Richards, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joel Schumacher, Joss Whedon, the six members of Linkin Park, Linda Barker, and Pyramid Head.

DARK FIGURE: It is done Father.

At the other side of a basement, seated in a huge throne of twisted metal, the Architect looks on and smiles.

H.P.LOVECRAFT: Well done Walter. Now it is time for the 21st Victim.

WALTER: Yes Father.

Walter cuts his own heart out and puts it in the final jar before falling down dead.

H.P.LOVECRAFT: The ritual is complete. Now I shall become a God and lead the horror genre to the true paradise!

Bathed in holy light, the Architect begins work on Silent Hill 5.