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  1. So I am pet sitting for a couple with no TV. The speakers are out in my computer and there is no form of radio here. My headphones are at home and I can't drive because I have a severe impairment in my eyes (I can't see well in other words). It is dead quiet other than my tapping. Most of my friends work at the AM hours so I leave them to their sleep. With nobody to text, nothing to listen to or watch, I have discovered exactly what being alone is. Outside you at least hear cars and etc. I do not have the privilege of being outside because the pet I am watching has dementia and can hurt himself.

    Strangely I enjoy the feeling of being alone like this, makes me think more about what it would be like to be the last person on Earth. But I can see where it would drive a person mad; pure silence 24/7 is quite a scary fate to fall on if you ever end up in a situation with no other option.

    what about you? Could you live in silence? Do you think you would be driven crazy, or love every second of it?
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  2. Silence makes me uncomfortable/restless at first, but once I settle into it it's really relaxing. I can do a lot more writing when it's quiet, for the same reason I can do research and study better when it's quiet: no distractions.
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  3. Silence is golden. No disruptions, no unwanted noise. I. Iove. It.
  4. The longest anyone's ever lasted in true silence (no white noise, echo, ect.) was a bit over 45 minutes, if I remember the article correctly. Apparently they started to hallucinate people talking to them.

    But for regular, white noise silence… Could probably live in it, if I knew that it would end at some point. I'd be really bummed if I couldn't listen to music ever again. But I can go long stretches with silence. Usually when my music has stopped and I haven't noticed. Just sitting there with silent headphones like a derp.

    …Which is happening right now, actually.
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  5. While I'm at work, at exactly 9:01PM, all of the air condition systems shut down across the district. Two hours before most night shifts end. It's to save money.

    When cleaning the gym and locker rooms where I always end up towards the shift's end (last half anyway), the entire building settles because of the air pressure. A strange side effect is the powerade machines and eight water fountains going off at the same time. It's really unsettling.

    Can't stand it.

    Loud music helps.

    Also doesn't help that everyone agrees the school's haunted...
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  6. It depends on the time of day for me. In the daytime, I have no problem being in silence, but when it comes to night, oh I get terrified like a little girl. I guess it's, for me, a combination of the fear of darkness and the silence it brings when I'm all alone with nothing on. I hate that, especially in a recent example that happened a while back during the summer. One night, I woke up with only an hour's sleep, and in the next few seconds, the power went out during a nasty storm. I had to keep a flashlight near me, I couldn't get back to sleep until someone woke up. Let's see, if I remember correctly, I was up for.. 4 to 5 hours like this, and the storm only lasted during the first hour, the rest... Was silence. (Totally not thinking of Beast Wars there.)
  7. I could potentially live in silence, I'd just start getting myself lost in thought and my "own little world" until something happens to break the silence in some form or another. However the detatchment also has the potential to become permanent if the silence happens to last for too long I guess o.o. Now to directly answer the question; I'm not entirely sure really, it really depends on how the silence starts (self imposed, non-self imposed, or other) and the duration, and all that XD
  8. Complete silence is a method of torture, yeah. For good reason too. I´m not sure if it´s 4 minutes, but people tend to do a little more than pretend they hear voices ;p

    As for silence in general, I don't need silence per sé, but I am turning more introverted as I get older. So isolation and silence is something I need almost daily, lest I not turn to strangling people.
  9. I was talking more along the lines of voluntary subjection. The Quietest Place on Earth (according to Guinness World Records.) is located down in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where people can subject themselves to 99.99% silence.
  10. I always have the hum of the AC or a ceiling fan or my computers fan going. I think the closest I get to real silence is sitting on the pot with the early morning blughs. The bathroom is kind of well soundproofed so first I start hearing my pulse and then there's a ringing and pressure on my ears.

    As an introvert sometimes after a lot of socializing or loud music I need to recharge with my level of silence.
  11. I go either way with it

    I can train in silence, study in silence, and sleep in silence, eat in silence

    I do like ambient music in the background, especially while training

    To me, it doesn't matter
  12. I can't have complete silence, unless I really need to write something.

    If it's silent and I have no need to write, then it freaks me out.

    I can't have silence when I'm trying to fall asleep, I either have to fall asleep to ASMR videos or have my TV on.
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  13. In this world of ever-advancing technology, I've never really had to deal with complete silence for long period of times. However, lately silence has been occurring more and more often for me. With the rest of my family being busy all the time, I frequently find myself at home by myself with nothing to but sit quietly. I like to think silence that is good in small doses, gives me some time to think and reflect on recent events. But at the same time I really need something to do to keep me from thinking too much, before I start regretting everything that I've done in the past. In fact, having too much time to myself is a major contributing factor to my depression. And I often find myself procrastinating simply over the fear of the complete silence that often accompanies it. Sure, I can listen to music to deviate the silence, but that just distracts me from the work that I'm trying to do. I need silence to do the work that I'm supposed to do, but I'm afraid the silence. Quiet the conundrum if you ask me.
  14. If I'm on my own, then I'm fine with silence and it often helps me to be more productive. If I've got some writing to do, then I'll sit alone in a room, with as little noise as possible and get to work.

    If I'm around other people, then silence is hell. I'm not blessed with social skills, so it's always an awkward silence for me, and I never know what to say or do, so the silence just continues.
  15. I wish I had silence in my dorm! These idiots will not shut up! I am constantly at the minimum threshold of sleep needed to function.

    Let silence fall.

    Silence Will Fall.

    Give yourself a cookie if you know what show I'm quoting. Better yet, give me a cookie. I'm hungry.
  16. I don't get to fully enjoy silence because of tinnitus. :[ Sometimes I can't even sleep because I'm kept up by the ringing and pounding in my ears. (Fortunately, this is easily remedied by having a fan or humidifier running. Can't sleep without 'em.)

    I do love the moments when there's no background noise, though. That's always a rare treat because most days are full of varied toddler screams, obnoxious neighbors storming about the apartment building, and loud Mexicans outside my window. Makes me a crankier person day by day...

    Also, I'll sit without talking for hours if you let me. That applies to friends, too. I actually prefer to hang with other quiet types so we can sit in a room only few words to say. It's oddly comforting. I think that stemmed from the extended periods of silence I'd have with my boyfriend over Skype, when our relationship was long distance. Even though we'd stop talking for a while, it didn't take the meaningfulness of the company away. :3 Just having someone there to share the peace with you is...nice, for lack of a better word.

    If my tinnitus were to go away, 24/7 silence would not drive me crazy. Unless it meant my son's voice would be muted. o_o; I rely heavily on the noises he makes so I can take care of him properly.
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