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Silence Is Golden

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Guardian Angel, Apr 6, 2015.

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  1. "Well, would you look at that!"
    A streak of warm sunlight illuminated a square of the cement floor as the black tarp was pulled to the side. A pair of eyes peered between two of many iron bars to gaze upon the little prison's occupant. The voice belonging to the pair of eyes grew higher in pitch once the inhabitant was found curled up in the corner of the cage. "What a strange..thing. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it before." The tarp was drawn back even farther, allowing more light to flood the floor. It stopped just a few inches before it reached the creature the eyes were gushing over.
    The thing shrank away from the sunlight that had slowly crept closer to it as the eyes pulled the tarp back just far enough to make it the most visible without completely tossing it off. It clung to the far corner, its fur coated arms wrapped around its knees and its fuzzy head tucked down, it face out of sight. "It has the body of a human, but .. the appearance of an animal!" The eyes continued to go crazy over the creature trembling in the corner. The thing whimpered and tried to compact itself even smaller, as it were able to shrink and disappear completely. "Hey, you there! Bring it out, I want to look at it in the light."
    The tarp fell back and settled over the cage, removing the bright light and easing the creature's nerves for a moment. Unable to understand the eye's words, the creature thought it was safe from all harm again but it was wrong. Just as it was starting to unfurl, the tarp was yanked completely off and it was showered in blinding light. A cry of distress escaped the thing as it tried to shield its eyes from the sun with its slender arms. There was a loud click and the sound of grinding metal as the cage door was unlocked and pulled open. Before the thing could react, rough hands were grabbing it by its upper arms and withdrawing it from its home. It screamed and began to flail its arms in panic, its thin fingers searching for something to latch onto but found nothing. It could hear the voice of the eyes growing excited and closer as the pair of hands holding it carried it away.
    The creature was set down, but restrained by one arm as something tight was placed around its neck. It was then shoved forward onto a wooden platform. The thing stumbled and fell with a cry of pain. "Get up!" the pair of hands ordered. When it didn't listen, the hands snatched it up and forced it to stand by tying both wrists to a bar above its head. Still blinded by the bright light, the thing was unable to see the pair of eyes that lurked just before it, but it could hear it. "Beautiful body. Mhm, lovely coat color. Just look at those legs and arms. Ha, that hair will shine after a washing. But look, just look at those..assets." There was a hiss and something hungry sounding about the way the eyes talked about the creature's body. "How much?" The creature hung its head and crossed its legs, trying to cover itself up as much as it could from the eyes and the hands. "Two thousand." The eyes were silent for a moment, as if contemplating the thing's worth. A new hand touched the creature's face, roughly taking hold of its chin between two fingers. "Deal."

    (This is a female anthro horse that has basically lived in a cell her whole life. She has never been sold before so its technically "fresh meat." The poor thing has had little contact with other living things so she has little to no social skills. She has been brought to a slave trade auction full of humans who want exotic creatures to boss around and get dirty with. Looking for a male dom that is human. Interested, PM me!)
  2. interested as well :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.