Silence Is Always a Test for Strength [OOC]

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    Plot Information

    A world where superpowers and human modification is commonplace, often heroes, who use their gifts for good, and villains, who use their gifts for evil, appear. But when two guys meet, and fall in love, can they deal with the other being their rival?

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    Character Name: Bailey White

    Sex: Male

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22 years

    Birthplace: Montana, USA

    Occupation: Super Villain “Silent Panic”

    Sexuality: Pansexual


    Hormone Manipulation: Bailey has the ability to hormones in himself and others. He is not able to manipulate the hormones correctly in people who hormones are not normal. He can create mass panic or anger. He could even put a considerable amount of people into sleep. It isn’t that hard once it gets going. He can only manipulate hormones in mammals.


    General Appearance:

    Bailey has black hair, kept in a medium length youthful yet elegant style. He has light skin. His eyes are blue with grey tinting. His glasses are sort of oval shaped and thicker framed. He needs them, badly. When he is out causing chaos as his super villain ego Silent Panic, He wears contacts to give the appearance that he has perfect vision.

    Bailey White is fond of sophisticated clothing, He is almost always seen wearing a suit jacket in public. He favors button up shirts as well for under them. At home, He is vaguely the same but he wears a tee shirt and boxers for comfort.

    Silent Panic is generally seen in a dark grey jacket. It has the hood up to cover his face and help him blend into the crowd. He also wears jeans during this and the most comfortable clothing he has for running and fighting.


    Bailey is good at short distance speed but he has little to no stamina while running. It suits him just fine generally, because he just starts the panic, gets what he needs and goes. He is also pretty good at climbing things and such, because he needed to learn. He can’t fly, so he adapted.


    Bailey is terribly nearsighted without his glasses, or contacts. He can’t run very fast for long, because he has physical activity induced asthma.


    Current Goal/Purpose:

    Bailey’s goal is sort of unclear. He’d like to settle down and marry a nice person, but he’d also like to steal things and cause chaos.


    Bailey is terribly afraid of being rejected in a relationship that is why he is always kissed femme people. They generally are easier to tell how they are feeling, masculine people generally do not. He doesn’t have a fear of heights but he does have a fear of flying.

    General Personality:

    Bailey has quite a fondness for being sophisticated. He never had such luxuries in his childhood and now that he can steal the money for them, He indulges in them. He pretends to be a lot smarter than he is, though he is pretty smart. In public, He keeps to himself.

    But, when he is alone or with someone he is comfortable with, He can be quite sociable. He is loyal, and faithful to whoever he is with.


    In all his 22 years, Bailey White has never ever kissed a guy. Only girls, and femme non binary people.

    General History:

    Bailey White was the youngest child of seven kids. His mother and father didn’t really have enough money to support their fuck trophies but they got by most of the time without too much debt. The older kids had to work but Bailey being the youngest, He got babied by his parents.

    Bailey didn’t go to college, his parents could never afford that for all of their kids. He did great in his years of schooling though, it was just he wasn’t special enough to get any scholarships. Bailey was bullied a lot in school, because he was a weak child and easy to pick on.

    This all changed one day in high school. He was being picked on, as usual, for his nerdy glasses and his low performance in Gym class. He closed his eyes, and the next thing he knew. There was a huge fight. Everyone was fighting, and yelling and screaming. He wasn’t sure what was going on and the school never found out what happened. They just tried to forget the incident because it could not be explained by anyone who was fighting.

    After that was when he found out about his powers, his last year of high school. He started to practice every day. At first, He couldn’t control who was affected by it and who wasn’t, but that began to change. He could choose who was effected and after research, He could manipulate what happened.

    After Highschool, He began to live a carefree life. He just stole more money whenever he needed it. He began to make a name for himself as a villain. He got bolder, stealing from bigger establishments.

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    Name: John Butler
    Age: 31
    Personality: Unless he is extremely close to someone, John is one of the most stoic people on the planet. He treats life incredibly seriously, and doesn't think much of socialising with others. He is somewhat ashamed of what he has become, and as such is quite sensitive about people looking at his cybernetic arm. He is a haunted and largely unhappy man, though he doesn't let that show too often.
    History: Once a normal soldier in the british army, John made the mistake of signing a release without reading it. Three years of testing and witnessing a helluva lot of research casualties, John was the sole success of the project, though the government then decided to pretend he didn't exist, packing him off to the US where he made a bit of a name for himself, trying to do some good in the world.


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