Silence Becomes Thee

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  1. “Just go away.”
  2. "I'll be in the living room then."
  3. “Can I vent through sex then?” Kunari smirk.
  4. Anya kept quiet.
  5. Lucius walked back to the living room and sat.
  6. "Yeah, but that's more of a distraction."
  7. “But it’s more effective.”
  8. “Always works for me.”
  9. Anya kept quite, playing with her phone.
  10. Astaroth sighed and kissed her softly.
  11. “So reluctant?” Kunari pout.
  12. I've added - and am continuing to add - info in character sheet. Let me know if there's any questions so far. Still have to specify team positions, I know.
  13. "I'll cook anyway."
  14. Belle

    "Let's start with the messier one." She asked with a small frown "Might as well get that out of the way."


    She grimaced "I used to think that sort of thing could be enjoyable, the fighting and such. But I was wrong." She smirked slightly "Not to say I don't get enjoyment out of what I do...just not the whole...risk aspect I guess."
  15. Anya waited for him to leave before sighing, “Took him long enough.”
  16. Astaroth smiled and pulled away. "Better?"
  17. “Come on, need a little more than that.”
  18. Did you want to finish the current rps first, or start the new ones, and just post less often in the current ones?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.