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Appearance: (You can either have a brief description of their looks, or a picture.)




Race: (note if you are SEED-infected)


Company You Work Under:


Weapons Slots: (Example; start only with three, up to six can be obtained)

Slot 1: Wand and TECH-mag​
Slot 2: Rod​
Slot 3: Slicer and Cards​

TECHNICS: (let me know if you need help with this; start only with three, you can know up to 6 later)

Partner Machine: (villains have similar ones, that look like the SEED Pannons)



Heroic/Tyrannical Ancestor:

History: (Optional, but is encouraged)

Be sure to bookmark your character, as changes could happen to your character.
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black, haruwakame, horns, long_hair, original, polychromatic, water, white_hair.png

Name: Lumina

Age: Unknown, but retains the form of a child.

Gender: Regarded as a female, but is remained to be seen.

Race: Shiraku

Affiliation: Neutral Good

Company You Work Under: None

Class: Master Force

Weapons Slots:

Slot 1: Rod

Slot 2: Slicer and TECH-mag

Slot 3: Laser Cannon


1. Resta

2. Anti

3. Reverser

4. Shifta

5. Deband

6. Barta

Partner Machine: Pet Type

Personality: Lumina has a timid and kind personality. She loves helping others, even if said person tries to harm her. She is naive and child-like, making it easy to manipulate or threaten her into submission.

Sexuality: Demisexual

Heroic/Tyrannical Ancestor: Unknown

History: Lumina is one of the last few hundred of her dying race. She was once regarded as their compassionate empress, but her position was compromised when some of the Shirakus decided to turn away from the tranquil nature of their race. It was these traitors that helped with the destruction of their home and their race, mislead by the earliest traces of the SEED. The surviving Shirakus fled to their current home, the Realm of the Reincarnates, a world that can only be entered when one is invited or died of unnatural causes.

(Note to other roleplayers: Since I believe she is too strong or whatnot, I will not use this character often even if she is my main one, unless your character travels into the Realm of the Reincarnates.)
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Name: Asa Setsu

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: Newman

Affiliation: True Neutral

Company You Work Under: Communion of Gurhal

Class: Force

Weapons Slots:

Slot 1: Rod

Slot 2: Wand and Cards

Slot 3: Saber and TECH-mag


1. Resta

2. Foie

3. Shifta




Partner Machine: Boy Type

Personality: She has two distinct personalities: The personality when she is on Neudaiz or around the member of the Communion of Gurhal is very kind and gentle, a true personality that mirrors that of the first Divine Maiden. Her other personality is harsh and cold, but this is mainly around Casts.

Sexuality: Demisexual

Heroic/Tyrannical Ancestor: The Divine Maiden, Karen Erra

History: Asa is the newest Divine Maiden, a position that is meant to represent the Communion of Gurhal. She involutarily took the position after the death of the previous Divine Maiden, a position that she finds tiring and somewhat enlightening. She is the elder sister of a young Newman boy named Hei, a energetic eleven year old that loves to cause trouble within the Communion.
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[fieldbox=Iota Barren, #00828b, solid]



Chaotic Neutral

A small company in Moatoob that no one knows about.


  • Ashen purple hair with long sidebangs and an even longer ponytail.
  • beast-like ears atop his head, same shade as hair. Also a fluffy tail of the same shade of fur, used for balance.
  • Metallic blue eyes and a slightly non-human nose and fangs.
  • A tattoo of barbed coil dominates the top left half of his body, starting from his neck and coiling down and around to the left arm.
  • Roughly 5'7" [around 170cm] and average weight.
  • His usual attire is as shown on the appearance image, albeit without the wings and the bladed weapon.

[spacer]Iota is easy-going by nature and enjoys the company of others. He isn't exactly the cheery or bubbly type and can be somewhat aloof when it comes to conversations however. He is quick to change decisions or attitude if it brings conflict into play, though if a conflict happens not due to him his course of action is to stay out of it as much as possible and spectate rather than attempt to mediate. Likewise, he does not try to show or impose upon his own thoughts and views onto others.[/spacer][spacer]He has a strong view about individual freedom, especially his own. He will abhor being forced to work or do something, but he will thoroughly enjoy the same work if he does it by his own choice. He is more lenient when someone attempts to negotiate a deal with him, but will aggressively oppose if being forced upon.[/spacer][spacer]Iota's battle sense and actions give off the impression of someone blowing off some steam; that is, it is very aggressive. His physical capabilities as a Beast race is above average which supports this combat style. Iota himself feels that this is the nature of his beast DNA which gives him an elated sense when in battle and thoroughly enjoys the feeling.[/spacer]
Main HandOff-HandTechnics
Partner Machine
Butler Type

  • Iota is left-handed.
  • He likes shiny things.
  • Love
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