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  1. Okay so this is something that I thought of this morning that I would like to do, and if it has been done already well SORRY, I didn't see it. I just really want to do this.
    I want to do a RP based on Epic. I would like it have a somewhat SAME storyline, but I want to make it our own.

    The woods flourish with life of all kinds, the Queen protects all with her powers. She must choose an heir, for if she doesn't the forest could die. On this day that she chooses her heir, they are attacked. Boggans roam the land where the Queen's power doesn't reach and the evil King resides there. He hates that they live in beauty while he is forced to live in misery.

    I want to start this out differently than the movie. Instead of choosing a pod, I want to have the Queen choose an actual heir, you know how the pod chose the little girl? Well like that, but just have the Queen do it instead. We do not need the human that was shrunk unless someone wants to play a human. But other than that I will except any kind of fantasy creature, minus DEMONS, ANGELS, VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES and THE LIKE. Anything else is completely acceptable. Now for the rules.
    1. NO GOD MODDING. It is absolutely forbidden.
    2. Be nice to everyone please, there is no need to fight in OOC even if you have some vendetta against them in story or out of it.
    3. Do not make huge decisions about the plot line without first discussing it with all characters involved.
    4. No Mary Sues or Gary Stu's.
    5. FOLLOW THE CS I GIVE. It is there for a reason...
    6. And last but certainly NOT least have fun! I will make the IC thread once we have at least 10 characters.
    7. Put FUZZYPEACHFACE in your CS to let me know you read these.

    Now time for the CS! This is my favorite part.

    Looks: (Anime or Real is fine)
    Power: (not overly crazy powers please, and nothing like what the Queen can do)
    Title: (What is your title in your forest?)
    Speech Color: (I would like for everyone to pick a DIFFERENT color, so pay attention to the CS's ahead of yours!)

    Now one other thing that I would like everyone to do, is to put this around your posts:
    Epic Thread Sign Up, blue
    Hello everyone you see the box and the words?? Put this around EVERY POST. All you do is this: [ fieldset = insertnameofcharacter, color ] without the spaces of course.

  2. [​IMG]

    This is Queen Loreli. She is not available, for she doesn't play a role in the roleplay, other than the NPC'd role of choosing her heir, which I will do in the opening post.

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  3. Name: Narwen
    Age: 18
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Race: Elfish
    Likes: the woods, running, building, swimming and foraging.
    Dislikes: rainy days, boggans, and cold weather.
    Power: She has none other than she can jump high and run fast.
    Title: Forager
    Speech Color: "I shall pick pink, because I like the way it compliments my skin."
  4. Name: Florone
    Age: 29
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Race: Centaur
    Likes: her duty, the forest, berries, and running through the fields.
    Dislikes: Boggans, and anyone who threatens the forest.
    Power: She has the power to hit her targets dead on.
    Title: Protector
    Speech Color: "I choose red, for it is the color I see when someone threatens the forest!"
  5. Can I join even though I do not know a lot about "EPIC"? Also;

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    I am not trying to be mean or anything but I can't see this getting 10 characters unless people made more than one. How many characters could we have?
  6. @ZsafineGypsy
    Shoot your not being mean!
    I don't see it getting ten characters either after I made it.
    But I am not good at making something sound interesting.
    You can have as many as you would like.
    I have 2 so far, but I may make another.
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