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.:| Sigil |:.

~ Experience the Epic tales of The new Planet, Sigil, The Home to the Immortals. Be Apart of there constant struggle to keep their home alive and thriving. While also fighting off the groups known as pirates, and keeping a peaceful balance with other beings who have came to reside on Sigil ~

Chapter One: The begining, which lead to the end,...

A life to live forever, to never know nor see an end in sight. To some this would be a dream come true. In reality it’s a nightmare that one can never be awoken from, and yet you've been awake the whole time. It’s like to want sleep, to have eyes that burn for the lust of slumber. But the sleep never comes, no matter what means are taken to gain it. How I wished for that endless slumber for so long. To enjoy the peaceful end that mere mortal’s fear with their very lives. How strange it is, to wish for death. But that is the life of an immortal.

My kind bares this never ending burden, for eons we've travel the stars for a place to call home. With each place we visited our eyes met with the same sad story of destruction and death. Far too many souls have passed before us, and far too many times our abilities were used for injustice deeds. And much like the circle of life, our lives ended to be begun again somewhere else. Like the never ending travels of a gypsy. All until the stars bestowed on us a timeless secret, and a place named sigil.

From a planet in the same galaxies, the blackness of space ripped open in a dance of lights. It was unlike anything any of us had seen before. Mesmerized by this display of true beauty we watched in awe. As seemingly lost in the absents of darkness. A flicker illuminated the hope of a new life. Dazed in a swirl of color, that can only be seen in the sweetest of dreams. A star slumbered in there peaceful hues. Its twinkle seen far beyond its hazy womb reached us on the bleak planet. With waves of serenity it beckoned us to come and await it’s destine birth. And thus we followed not knowing we'd learn of our own fate.

In a crumble of destruction, on the eve of creation, a fire erupted. In a burst, the flames stretched across the boundless space in an elaborate dance. In a cosmic second like a rubber band snapped, the flames twisted and folded upon themselves. With sheer force this fiery cage was lifted, ripped from the seams and life’s first breath was taken. As this spark was ignited in rays of ruby beauty, a glorious sun was born.

That was not the end, pulled by its overwhelming energy, varies material orbited around the new blazing sun. And as they danced this timeless waltz they formed something of equal awe. Swirled with hues of sapphire, and pearl and orbited by three soft lavender moons. A planet was born before our eyes as we rushed to what we knew would be our home.

Many light years passed before we reached our destination, but when we did it was like a weight was lifted. After so many years we finally found a place to call home, a place of our very own. It didn't take long before we scattered to explore and find places to call our own. But even as immortals we still longed for connection and family. So we build a central city to gather in. Just as it seemed everything was in place and that we found peace. Our past came back to haunt us. It seemed that we weren't the only ones to witness the glory of this planets birth, or hear its call to come. In what felt like a blink of the eye our home was infested by visitors.

We decided that we'd try to live with the visitors in harmony, since sigil was not our birth planet. The other had the same right as us to be there. With some this goal was easily achieved, for they too were only looking for a place to call home, but most were space pirates. A fearsome caravan of cut throat savengers, said to plunder a planet for all its worth. They'd take anything of remote value, even lives to be sold into slavery. But these were mere rumors, and How could we turn someone away from a potential place to call home. For all we knew, these Space Pirates were just misunderstood... Much like our own kin. So we allowed them refuge on Sigil, and in her orbit,... and thats where our story begins,...


If this story line look of interest to you, Please join up.
As you can figure there are three types of people you could play.

An Immortal: A sort of freak of cosmic nature who doesn't seem to age, and is immune to death via normal means ( they can be killed if there head is completely cut off, or Heart completely destroyed ) They are the "rules" Of Sigil Since they arrived first and claim it.

Space Pirates: A member of the cut throat savenger group, labled Space pirates by the rest of the Universe. Usually more of a villian character ( tho if you can pull it off other wise be my guest )

Visitor: Pretty much a person who is on Sigil, they are not an immortal or member of the Space pirates at this point. They can take any alligment they so please.

So thats the basics.. If this seems to catch enough peoples attention I have way more information.
I'm pretty laid back and easy going when it comes to role-plays. So Go crazy, Do what you want with your character. If you can justify it, then its game on.

As for character bio,.. Not to overly picky as long as it covers the basics
But if you don't mind,.. I'd like you to use this character template

Name: self explanatory
Alias: anything your character might be known by. (nicknames)
Age: characters age
Gender: male or female
Race: Is your character an alien? Perhaps some manner of hybrid human? let us know here
Origin: Where is he/she from?
Occupation: What does he/she do on Sigil?
Alignment: Good, Neutral, or Evil?
Condition: The current health and physical status of your character. If he is sick or wounded via rp feel free to add it here.

[/b]Advanced Information Foreground[/b]

Appearance: What does your character look like? Is he tall, short? Give us an idea as to his stature and physical build. Try to use as much detail as possible as anyone who interacts with you will be using this as a reference to describing how your character looks to theres. No amount of detail can ever be too much and the more you have the more obvious it is that you put a lot of thought into them. (reference pics are acceptable so long as text comes along with it.)

Personality: What is your character like? How does he act around others and is he a thinker or a doer? A man/woman who craves action of books? This is among the most crucial parts of a bio so go into as much detail as possible. Likes/Dislikes, their particular attitude, anything you can think of to breathe more life into them.

Weapons: List any and all weapons they frequently carry upon their person. Please provide a detailed description of its look and any special properties it might have. As with the appearence reference pictures are also allowed but text is still required.

Armor: If your character wears any armor describe it here. Again feel free to use reference pictures so long as a description accompanies it.

Accessories: If your character wears any jewelry or is in possession of some other artifact or family heirloom that they carry with them describe them here.

Skills: What is your character good at? Is he a swordsman of skill, a mage, perhaps even a scholar? This is the section for basic skills they may have. (do not list spells and techniques here.)

Advanced Information Background (for non-mage types)

Weapon Expertise: What weapon is your character most skilled with?

Initial W.O.C.: What is your characters weapon of choice? If his expertise is a sword here is here is where you list the type.

Dominant Hand: Right, Left, or Ambidextrous?

Techniques: Does your character have special techniques during combat? Any powerful attacks or useful defenses you would like to list? Do so here.

Combat Styles: Everyone has their own unique style when it comes to writing their characters and we all are comfortable with employing different fighting styles in our roleplays. Is your character aggressive or defensive when he fights? Is he cool and controlled or does he get angry easily and attack with wild, powerful strikes? Also consider the weapons they use for that also can play a role in a persons style. (Example: A person who wields two swords would have to be more offensive than defensive for two blades are difficult to defend with.)

Advanced Information Background (for mages)

Expertise: Which school or element is your mage most skilled with? In here you can also list their element of choice since it will be the same for mages.

Dominant Hand: Right, Left, or Ambidextrous.

Spells: Here is hwere you list all of the spells your character currently have in his repertoire. Be sure to go into some detail on how they manifest, what they do, and any other side effects or dangers.

Magic Style: Basically the same as in the warriors profile accpet you are most dealing with magic here. Are the battle mages accustomed to pitching their spells against another or are they more of the support type who focuses on healing?

Character History

Biography: Character's History. Think about where they came from, some trials or blessings they may have had in their life. Detail is always good here.

Other Information: Anything else you'd like to mention that was only touched upon in the bio.​

I have at least two characters I'll be bringing to this RP, I'll post them later


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Name: Narelle Kilvestreane
Race: Star Fallen
Age: appears 24
Height: 5'10 (human)
Weight: 155 lbs.
Sex: Female
Occupation: previously a Guardian
Origin: StarHaven(planet/realm)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Condition: Normal

Narelle is usually very calm, she is currently working with her short temper, and it usually gets the better of her. This girl's flight or fight response is broken, its alwasy fight. She can be headstrong when it comes to some things, and is very trustworthy once she deems you worthy of her trust. (may take lifetimes lol)

Twin Great Axes - Light and Dark - Two Great Axes, weilded one in each hand. They are too big and heavy to dual weild in human form, but demon and above she can weild them effortlessly. The only difference between the two weapons, is the blades, one has a white blade, the other is black. The rest ranged from a deep to dark sapphire on the spike and handle. The Twins have a story legend behind them that is long forgotten by many. These weapons are no oridnary weapons, Light gives off the aura of death and decay, while Dark gives life and good. These two weapons can shrink to a mere inch in length, and do not give off any aura in that state.

Legend has it, that these two weapons were forged by twins of a master weaponsmith. The master taught his two sons the art, however come adulthood they were too different to stay together. Years passed, one was hired by the king, the other by an evil lich. The Lich and the King both told them to craft them the best weapon they could ever make. Thus they both unintentionally made twin great axes. The king and Lich met in battle a few years later, their weapons met.....and then there was nothing. Nothing until Narelle retrieved her new weeapons several hundred years later.

Mithrodin - 45 inch long sword, with an unusually long hilt and a wicked curve towards the end of the blade. The pummel has a short spike, as well the blade has two peaks, besides the blade tip. The hilt is black, blade is silver. With a specific command the blade can erupt into flame, causing damage to everything it touches except for the weilder or the person to give the command

Black cloak of Invisibility
Equiping this cloak entirely (even hood) can make the wearer disappear completely from veiw. With only partically worn or open it looks like an ordinary black cloak.

She does not wear any armor, her skin has a natural toughness, which increases in each form.

Light colored skin, long silver hair that goes down to her waist and eyes that are deep black and glitter like a thousand stars. She could easily pass for human, except for her eyes.

She is able to transform into this at will. Narelle's concious remains, however she has a big thirst to spill blood. She gains two horns at the top of her head that curl straight back, A bone-like tail with a wicked looking blade on the end and she stands about 8 ft tall. Her ears become elongated much like an elf's.

Narelle loses her concious, and ability to discern friend from foe. She grows to nearly 12 feet tall and merges with snake to gain a scale-like hardened skin, massive wings that sparkle like the night sky. She can only transform into this when she is truely and royally pissed off, or is nearly dead*. Her longest rage lasted more than a week, she ended up wiping out most of her own race and two continents on her home planet/realm.

~"Oran" - Albino King Cobra~ Cream colored cobra with red beady eyes. His presence is rarely shown for he remains hidden within Narelle's baggy clothes most of the time. He has very tough scales, that can reflect a normal blade.

Bio: Narelle is one of the star fallen, a race of immortal demon that thrives at night when the stars at at their brightest.

The star fallen are not inherently evil but they are not known for kindness either. There was a time when the star fallen were one of the most prominant races in the world, those times have passed. Narelle is the last child born to the star fallen and that was more than a millenium ago, after several thousand years the Star fallen slowly died off even though they could not die from old age they could although with great difficulty be killed. Most of the ones who died where killed by the hands of their own race mostly friends and family as life became increasingly difficult. It was not like before Narelle became alienated as the last child born to the race they began to blame her, and as irrational as that belief was it soon became the only theory they had for their inability to produce, they began saying the she was so weak that the gods decided they race would be unable to survive if her blood was to mingle with the others. It was not long before that line of thought brought them to conclusion that she she be destroyed the gods would grant them children again for she would be unable to weaken the line if she was no longer alive. When the attack came Narelle fought them off with ease destroying all but a handful of the remaining Star fallen who fled at the sight of her as she laughed in wicked glee tearing all in sight to tiny unrecognisable bits. After the rage left her she was filled with such sorrow that she wept for a hundred years begging forgiveness from the soul of every last one of her victims, on the final day she vowed to never kill again and left the place of her ancestors to roam the worlds and atone for the destruction of her race.

Recently she kept herself busy by selling herself out for being protector of cities. She kept her vow for nearly 2000 years, until she met a famous bard and rogue named Koravel. In only a few days after she met him she broke this vow. She also let her guard down for the first time in her whole life and ended up falling for the human. Little did she know this bard was actually fathered by a god. The laughing god to be exact, he was also the god of rogues and bards.

The two experienced much together, including the starfallen going into her uncontrolable rage. Instead of completely wearing herself out Koravel was able to use his god given talent to calm her raging spirit, and keep her very soul for his own.

She found out the truth behind her race's disgrace. A simple pact with a demon lord had made the entire race sterile, as well was supposed to kill Narelle even before birth. The ritual however backfired, sprung back on to the child itself and gave her unusual powers.

True love broke the spell on all of the starfallen, and proved that even a demon could still love another, rather than just breed like cattle to keep a race alive.

Rumor spread like wildfire however under the ears of some very powerful demons. Koravel was stolen from Narelle, their happiness short lived. The starfallen is now in search of her loved one.


Strength: Narelle has incredible strength and can lift over a ton with relative ease. This ability is active in all forms, however increases with each form.

Star caller: Narelle an call upon the power of the stars (only at night and the stars are visible) to give her incredible mental powers (ie: telepathy, telekenisis, and even pyrokenesis when the stars are at their brightest). In her human form she has minor powers from the stars, and full powers in her demon form.

Commanding Presence: Narelle can inspire even the most cowardice of men into extreme acts of bravery.

Uncontrolable Rage: Narelle may go into an incredibly destructive rage destroying everyone and everything in sight until there is no one left alive, she faints from lack of strength, or she calmed by a magical flute. (Myth, beleived to be destroyed when her love was stolen.) Narelle may only transform into this if she is truely and royally pissed off or near death*. Nothing about her is distingushable as her, except for the ever-moving night sky within her eyes.

Advanced Information Background

Weapon Expertise: the twin axes

Initial W.O.C.: Her twin axes.

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous

Techniques: Slash: At range, Narelle can slash at the air, with a word of command, the corresponding axe will form and arc of energy of corresponding type, and fly at the target. Energy is thin and concentrated, slicing through armor and skin easily.

Combat Styles: Can be either offensive or defensive, mosre often than not, offensive though. Her short temper gets the better of her more often than not. More focused with brute force with axes, or speed with sword.


*Near Death - In either human form or demon form, if Narelle is near death, her parents' mistake takes over. All of the living force for a ten miles radius for small animals and plants are taken to fuel this raging beast. She pretty much goes to full health (think sephiroth end boss for FFVII lol)


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As Always Looks Wonderful !

Guess I'll post one up now.

Start off with My Immortal Character, Lady Drift FireWolf

Name: Drift HiOokami

Alias: Drift, Lady Drift, Fire

Age: 121 ( looks 21 )

Gender: Female

Race: Wolf Demon ( mothers Side ) Fallen Angel ( Immortal, Fathers side)

Origin: Earth ( western Hemisphere Northern )

Occupation: Guardian over Sigil, Mediator.

Alignment: Good

Condition: Currently Fairly Healthy, Minor cuts and bruising.

Advanced Information Foreground

Appearance: Drift ( Or Fire as some call her ) Is about 5’7’ and weights about 120 pounds, and has very sensual curves. Her skin is silky smooth, with a soft sun kiss glow about it. Her facial structure is very feminine, with high cheek bones. Her eyes have a slight almond curve about them, with intense lavender orbs glowing inside them, and her full lips have a tint of rose to them. From her lips slightly longer k-9 teeth can be seen. She has long deep purple hair, that’s so dark it looks jet black unless the light hits it just right. She also has black wolfie ears and tail to match her hair.

Drift adorns her body with tall thick black leather boots the reach just above her knees. They lace up the front with thick black strings. Her boots also buckle up the sides with thick black leather straps, and silver buckles. She wears a short black pleated skirt ( think school girl skirt), and a red and black corset. The corset has a Japanese floral pattern that weaves through the fabric in brilliant golds and silvers, more silver than gold tho. It laces up the back with medium width black ribbon, and also laces half way up on either side of her stomach with the same ribbon.

The accessories she is usually seen wearing are three simple silver bracelets on her right wrist, and a silver choker that has a tear drop ruby dangling from it. Around her waist is a leather belt that her icy purple blade hangs from, off to her left. She also has a dagger holder tucked into right boot. And Ten small leather straps, Five strapped to each of her thighs under her skirt, which hold her ten small throwing knives. With the knives on the outside of her legs.

Other Forms

Wolven forum: Drift has the ability to transform into a wolf. Her wolven form is a medium size Jet black wolf with crimson markings. The texture of Drift fur is thick and soft. Its almost velvety, and is the softest around her ears, and on her chest. Her Crimson markings start on her paws, the red creeps up from her onyx black crawls, as if from a kill blood sprayed her legs. Then another deep red mark is found in a jagged diamond shape on her chest. Its almost like the blood sprayed up her body, and then on to her face, as more red streaks across the side of her muzzle, and the upper part of her eyes. The soft tufts of fur with in her ears are an even brighter red, unlike the black blood stain color as the rest of her markings, along with the one on the tip of her tail. In this form Drift keeps her unique lavender eyes, that hold a type of softness that lessons her frightful look.

Demon Form: Drift also has another form that she doesn’t have the ability to transform into on will, it only happens when she is taken over by a blind rage. The only differences from her human form are her K-9 teeth extend much farther than whats even normal for her. Her soft lavender eyes change to a swirl of crimson and a black that’s so deep its like an abyss. Her nails grow into long black blades, and her back folds out two large angel like wings. The only difference is the feathers on these wings go from a jet black to a very deep blood red. Her wolvin ears and tail take on an almost shadow like shape. They bend and sway in a sketchy fashion, and even become fuzzy to see at times.

Personality: Drift (Or Fire) is much like the element of Fire, and is a very emotional person. At times these emotions can control her, and take away from her logical thinking. She can be very warm and inviting. She’s very motherly and willing to help out anyone in there time of need. Her Passion runs deep and hot in her veins, and Love seems to be her most powerful and dominate emotion. Love is also at the heart of any of the other emotions she experiences. If sadden, Fire seems to drift off into her own world, until the wounds are healed and she can return to her normal self. If angered she lusts for revenge in an almost Karmic like way. But if infuriated she looses herself to a very cynical rage, and at times a blind rage. Which takes her need for revenge in a just manner to just being able to watch her enemy suffer in the most horrible ways.

Aside from being an emotional person, Fire carries a type of code to live by that she expects herself to follow to the T, and she only surrounds herself with people who live there lives similar. She feels that a persons Honor is all that they have to define themselves, and that everything a person does they should do with honor. And if they loose there Honor, they should do everything in there Power to set things right. She also feels that a person should be loyal to the ones they love and the things they carry dear to there hearts. For if they don’t, those things that they love so much could disappear never to return. And respect, a person should be able to respect everything that is living with out question. That even the most cynical beings in the universe deserve to be dealt with, with respect. For how can you expect to be shown respect, if you can’t act in a respectful manner.

Weapons: Icy Purple Double Edge sword, one Small twisted blade Dagger, and Ten small throwing knives

Armor: Drift Doesn’t wear any Armor

Accessories: Jewelry, Three simple silver bracelets on her right hand, a Silver choker with a tear drop ruby dangling from it.

Skills: Drift only has a few skills, The ability to control Fire, and form Fire from her Aura. Along with some knowledge of how to wield a sword, and throw knives.

Advanced Information Background

Weapon Expertise: Swords

Initial W.O.C.: A Double edge sword, perferable Her Icy purple Double edge sword.

Dominant Hand: Right ( with her sword and dagger) She can use both hands equally with her throwing knives

Unique Techniques: Infusing her Fire Aura into her blade, to turn it into a type of Fire sword.

Weapon Styles: Drift is more of a defensive fighter at the beginning of the fight. She is keen on watching her enemies every move, and trying to figure out how they fight before she really begins to enter the fight. Once she has a fairly good idea on how they fight she begins to become more aggressive, but in steps, only showing a bit more of her strength and skill in each landed hit. Drift fights this way because she doesn’t want to show her own hand in how she fights.

Expertise: Fire, and balance

Dominant Hand: She uses both hands Equally

Spells: Drifts magical abilities when it comes to Fire are a bit complicated. If a flame is already present she can manipulate it to do as she please with no effort at all. Its almost as if the flame is an extension of her body, and as long as the flame has the natural resources to thrive, it does so by itself. Now if she creates a flame, or supports a prexisting flame she uses her energy from her Aura and chakra's to produce the Fire. With the Fire she can transfer it to other items, it can attatch itself to her, and be an extension of her form. Or she can unleash it from her body in forms of Fire balls, a fire wall, or whatever form she wishes to give it. All the while it lowers her energy level, and if she were to drain her life energy to low it would kill her.

Drifts abilities with Balance are a mystery to her. Her body, and sense pick up on the fluxuations with balance at all time. And she has an uncanny ability to calm a situation or a person by balancing there emotions, or a problem by finding a suitable solution. Many say this ability isn't magical, but Drift knows other wise even if she doesn't understand it.

Magic Style: Drift battle Magic style is the same as her normal fighting style when it comes to Fire. she uses that ability hand in hand with her swordmenship. With her sway over balance, she uses that ability to solve problems before they erupt into a fight. But if a fight isn't able to be avoid her resolve with balance goes out the window.

Character History

Biography: With a blood ring, circled around the full chaos moon at the heart of March, an alpha demon wolf laid in painful labor for 12 hours. When it seemed the moon could be no higher in the sky, the soft cries of a newborn echoed through out the quiet den. Once the new member of the pack had her fill of warm milk, the child was laid in a small patch of straw and soft materials to be admired. But there was no admiring here, but eyes full of awe and worry as the infant laid there in constant transformation. It’s the very reason as to why she is name what she is named. From being the first half breed of her kind, her wolvin form didn’t stick to her. From birth she looked almost like a human girl, aside from her tail and ears that stuck out like they were sorely out of place. Then her form would change into a small wolf pup, covered in thick jet black fur. But her marking where nothing like the rest of the pack. Instead of shades of tan, and white, her markings where all a deep crimson. It looked like her fur had been stained with blood.

And then came the form that scared almost the whole pack. The babies eyes changed from a sweet lavender, to a chaotic swirl of red and black. It almost seemed like evil poured from them, and that insanity followed quickly behind. The infants teeth grew longer and sharper, along with her nails, as they took on an onxy color. But yet the whole time as the newborn changed from form to form there was a sweet grim painted across her face, as soft coos echoes from her. And all the while a soft fiery glow consumed her, as if someone embedded fire beneath her skin. And thus as her mother and her father watch with only love in there souls, they named her Drift, for the constant changed. Fire for the glow, and incredible power her little form possessed, and wolf, for her wolven blood. And thus she was raised up for all to meet Drift HiOokami.

Also on the night, the elders of the pack had decided to keep her other blood line a secrete. For they considered her father to be a fallen Angel, and feared if the rest of the pack knew it would not only cause problems for the stability of the pack, but for the young girl as well.

This secrete went a long time before it was ever found out, for the council took many precautions to keep it under wraps, along with Drift’s Father. Every day he taught her the importance of Patients, self control, and understanding the power which raced through her veins, and every day she trained with her father to gain control over fierce power the bubbled with in her like a lava flow.

Yet all of this could not prepare a young girl who was constantly assaulted by three young boys. As much as Drift tried to avoid them, and keep herself calm, there came a day when they pushed to far. One Faithful rock launch at the back of her head, was all that was needed to be the last straw on the camels back. With out a thought, and with out a word, Drift erupted in a furry of flames, that engulfed not only her but two of the boys. Neither were killed but they were severely harmed, and the third boy had the ever living piss scared out of him. Since Drift hasn’t’ stopped there, and had continued to chase the young man, threatening to suck him dry.

The Night after the whole ordeal was dealt with, Drift father decided to take her away from the den, and into the heart of the closest city. There he had a mansion, and two older brothers for her to play with. Tho to fire it seemed that only the youngest ( maw ) had anything to do with her. Drift spent many years there, until she felt it was time to broaden her horizons and attended further education. In which she met a young man, who also has wolven blood. It didn’t take long before he swept her off her feet, and a few years down the road they married.

Once out of school Drift and her Husband Seth decided to form a new pack down south, in the heart of a swamp. A decade had passed and they had build themselves a nice little pack. It only consisted of about five people, but there was two litter of pups due any day. One litter was Drift, and she ran almost a week late before she gave birth to a litter of three. Once her small pups had been around for a few weeks, and were able to see, and move around a bit. Drift and her mate Seth went out for a night walk.

It had been the first night Drift had ever left the sight of her pups since they had been born. Deep with in her soul, she feared something terrible was going to happen. Sure enough this gut feeling came true only too fast. The sounds of gun shoots echoed through the thick swamp until it found Drift and Seth. Close behind it were the howls of her Family. In a mad dash the pair raced back to the den, only to find blood shed and destruction. At once Drift heart fell through her, as she feared for her babies. With out a thought she went to search for them, and yet she came up empty handed. When all hope seemed to be lost, a soft whimpering pricked at drifts ears. But Seth refused to let her follow it, instead he went after the sound alone.
Behind a bush Drift waited in a painful fright for Seth to return, what seemed to be hours was only five minutes. But in a leap her Seth returned with one of her pups, a struck of joy pulsed through her heart, as she nuzzled one of her children. But when Seth went to retrieve the other two, a bullet ran straight through his head, and he was dead before he ever hit the ground.

At the moment, in total sadness, and unbelievable rage. Drift transformed into her dark self and charged her enemy. It what seemed like a blink of an eye to a mere human, the three hunters who had stolen her life, her home from beneath her feet were dead. Completely out cold, as there blood stained the earth around her,.. and then drift feel to her knees. Her three small pups cuddles beneath her as she wept so hard, for a moment drift thought it was going to kill her.

For days the four of them stayed at there formal home, as Drift tried to figure out what to do next. But her grief consumed her to much, and thus she decided to just start moving. For months they travels in search of where there new home should be, it seemed as if they wouldn’t find it anywhere. But that was when they ran into another wolf. One of silver and blue fur, who laid by a small river. In much need for help, and someone to hunt with for a decent meal. Drift talked to the strange wolf, who she later found out was named Silver. After a few weeks of helping each other out, they decided to form a new pack. A family they would take in anyone who needed help, a home to live in, and people to call family.

This pack became Drift’s very life line, and she did everything she could to keep it strong. But there came a day when her life took her in other directions. Her Father who she hasn’t spoke too since the incident with Seth, asked her to come visit, so they could celebrate her successes. Thus she agreed , a week later she showed up at the mansion she grew up in for most of her childhood. The party he had thrown for her was wonderful, and she was over joyed to see her to older brothers. Jet, the oldest was coming along in the family business, and Maw had taken up a life working as a detective.

In the middle of them all catching up, there was a faithful knock on the door, and Drift Father was called outside to meet with a business partner. No one thought anything of it, until a single shot rang through the house. Jet was the first to race out the door, quickly followed by Maw and Drift. Before them laid the father covered in her own blood, the assassin stood just feet away with a message for Jet. And in the chaos maw did one thing no one should ever do. He shot at the assassin, and threatened to kill him on the spot. This did not happen, and in the end, Maws wife and small daughter were killed the next day.

Enraged Jet went after the people who killed the Father, Maw lost his mind, and Drift found herself completely confused. A few days later Word came that Jet was dead, and with it the news that the family business was a Mafia. With out a choice Drift found herself the new Leader of the Mafia. And with it many questions, answers and adventures.

At the start, Drift first order was to take care of the Green Dragons, the mafia that had killed her father. And with this she recruited assassins. This was the moment she had met what would later be her second love, Aaron. A sweet soul, a bit cocky, very amusing, and extremely loving. Together they defeated the green dragons, but soon after he disappeared. Very heart broken, Drift tried her best to move on, it was made easier with the fact Maw had returned to her side. The pair spent all the time drowned in trying to clean up the city, and set things back to the way there father had them. To there dismay, when they were almost there, a new plague started to creep up on the city.

Unsure of who the enemy was, and even more unsure as to how to fight it, They didn’t know what there first step was. And that was when Hiren walked through her front door. Drift had met him a few times in the past, he seemed to be a friend of Aaron's. In hopes of good news, she greeted him with much enthusiasm, but only to be disappointed to find out Aaron had been killed. It wasn’t until a later meeting with the immortals, that she found out that Hiren had brought Aaron to his death, by the hand of some prince named Loki. Infuriated Drift cast Hiren from her sight, but for whatever reason he lurked in the shadows.

Drift tried to pay no attention to him, but his grace, and sweet words only continued to drawl her in. Until it seemed she was slowly falling for the immortal. But those feels soon turned into hurt when he brought Aaron's killer into her house, and then later flaunted what seemed to be an already established relationship with a goddess.
Hurt and confused, yet against Drift consumed herself with the work at hand. In chaos, blood shed, and a family mystery unlocked. Drift revealed the fact that she wasn’t a half Fallen angel per say, but half immortal, and that her father was still alive. He had been sent to that planet to bring forth a guardian for it, and thus that was Drift herself. Called by a greater good, she was taken away from her Mafia, and rushed into a realm that needed much guidance.

Drift soon learned that she had a sort of control over balance. That the reasons behind her abilities to compromise and settle peoples difference wasn’t necessarily an intelligence thing, but an inner power. But quickly Drift lost confidence in this charge she was given by a force she had no knowledge about. And when the other so called Guardians feel flat on there part, Drift looked for what else was out there.
That was when she found the other Immortals out in the Galaxy. As soon as she called to them, they came to return her to her rightful family. And next thing she knew they were going to a newly born planet to call there home. With much pleading before they left, she was able to take the members of her pack with her, that wanted to come. And thus they raced off to a place they called Sigil.
And the story there continues with in Sigil


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If you wouldn't mind, I think I'd like to join this.

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This look completely adorable! May I join, pleeeeeeease? ^.^ I was thinking of a healer because I haven't seen it here and it comes in handy in a war ^.^

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Name: Seith (pronunciation: Seeth)
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human (father side), shape-shifter (not immortal but long-living, mother side)
Origin: Earth (middle Europe)
Occupation: Healer
Alignment: Neutral
Condition: Healthy with few bruises

--- Advanced Information ---



Seith is 169 cm tall with brown hair that goes down to her shoulder-blades. She doesn’t tie it in any way. When she was younger her mother made her a tattoo that goes from her forehead across her left cheek and neck down to her back where it stops between her shoulder-blades. She usually wears dark cape that covers her face and shoulders only. To make it more comfortable for her to run she is wearing woollen trousers that had once been white, now they’re greyer, almost black. She wears high leather black boots with sewed shin-pads in them. As for her top, she is wearing sleeveless shirt of the same color as her trousers. She wrapped each of her forearm in pieces of fabric of different colors.

Personality: Seith hates conflicts but on the other hand without them she wouldn’t have a job, right? She is more of a thinker and fights only when she has to. Apart from that she pretty much anything, from silent reserved person (she is like that when she doesn’t believe someone) to crazy, hyper-active creature (doesn’t happen really often). However, most of the time she is listening and trying to help others. But, she wouldn’t die for anyone in a fight. She fights only for herself, to survive.



She carries with a staff which previously belonged to her dad. It is made from a flexible piece of wood though it is heavy and doesn’t break that easily. It also can’t bent like a bow. Right now, Seith is trying to find someone who would make a removable blade for her staff so that her weapon could be more effective in the future.

Armor: Apart from shin-pads in her boots she doesn’t wear any other armor. She relies on her own flexibility and quickness.



She wears those crystals given to her by her mother. Seith found out that each one of them absorbs and stores energy which then flows into her when she needs it. Especially, when she is shape-shifting. She also carries a bag with all herbs, powders and moistures in there. She also carries some dishes she needs for making moistures. Even though it sounds like she needs to carry a lot, her bag is sized between A5 and A4 (I mean the paper size to make it easier to imagine)

Skills: Seith is very good healer. She knows every plant and what it does. She can mixed moistures quicker than anyone. Also, she can be dangerous with poisons. Another skill she has is to do what her mum did, shape-shift. However, as she is just a half-shapeshifter she can’t change only into things, people and creatures she saw and remembered (her mum could change into anything she wanted just by picturing it in her mind).

--- Advanced Information Background ---

Weapon Expertise: Staff

Initial W.O.C.: Basically any type of staff. She really doesn’t mind the material but it has to fit in her hands.

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous

Techniques: Seith is more defensive than offensive. When she feels that her opponent is being stronger at some point she whirles her staff in front of her making some sort of dark round-like curtain while distracting her enemy like that she grabs a powder made from a certain type of plant that when it touches the skin or eyes, it irritates so badly that the affected person feels like their skin is being melted. Yes, it hurts a lot and might actually happen if it’s not washed away within few minutes.

Combat Styles: Seith is defensive and calm while fighting. She gets rarely that angry to start a fight.

--- Character History ---

Biography: It happens only once in a life time of a shape-shifter – giving birth. Seith’s mother, Amelia, was the lucky one to do that. On the other hand, the price she had to pay was high. What was it you ask? It was a pact with devil, literally. Once Amelia gave birth she had only few hours to secure everything that had to be done. She had to make sure that her new child is in a safe place with person she could believe. In this case it was Seith’s father. Afterwards, Amelia had to make sure no-one knows about this birth and if yes they shall not speak of it. The last two things that she did before she died were something why Seith remembers her. Amelia got her six crystals of different colors yet the secret they hold was up to her daughter to discover and, no matter that Seith was newborn, she made her a tattoo.

Seith grew up just with her father who told her about Amelia once she was able to understand it. Also, Seith grew up knowing that she is shape-shifter though she didn’t have a clue where she got it from until the day when her dad sit her down on his knee and told her the story that changed his life forever. The little girl was surprised by hearing all the wonderful things that happened to him and her mother that she wanted to experience the same. However, dad cursed her not to have a baby. Shape-shifters don’t usually die of any injury or illness. So why do they die of giving birth? Seith couldn’t understand and her father knew that sooner or later he will have to tell her. Well, he did that day. While giving birth, all the energy that is in shape-shifter’s body is focus and send to the unborn baby. Basically, what’s in mother’s womb doesn’t look like anything at all. Only mothers give it a shape at the day of birth. That’s what happened to Seith’s mum.

Since that day, when the little girl knew the whole story, she promised to herself to never get pregnant. Hence, never fall in love. It wasn’t hard though. Living in the middle of nowhere gave Seith the opportunity to isolate herself from the world, to build up her strength. As she got older her dad thought that it would be good for her to have a look in the city. Suddenly, they were moving from their small cottage into a capital. Radical change you would say and would be right. After few weeks, Seith was overwhelmed by the new way of living that she ran away from her father. Not knowing where she was going, she ended up on the outskirt of the city where she used to live. Far down the road there was a forest. It so reminded her of the place where she lived before that she headed in that direction.

She spent next few years in the forest. Hunting and getting to know the nature, herbs, plants, animals. Soon enough, she knew as much as she could. By that time, her fear of big city also faded away and she decided to see her dad again. Maybe she could apologize for what she did. When she went out of the forest, the feeling of surprise was so enormous that Seith nearly passed out. There was no city at all, only ruins remained. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t convince herself that it was just a dream. She went to investigate the ruins, trying to find her dad. She was calling for him in despair, pleading for him to show up. Nothing worked. As she was wandering about, a group of survivors found her. There were some people hurt so she helped them with what she knew about herbs.

That was another part of her life, living in a misery with the knowledge that she couldn’t say good-bye to her own dad. She was quiet and pessimistic in that era. She didn’t have any friends at all and Seith didn’t care. She wanted to be alone to drown herself in the sadness that her heart was over-flowing with. Once some new people were taken into her group and to her surprise there was a man that looked exactly like her father but this one was blind and without an arm. However, when he spoke Seith knew it was him. Their first meeting after so long was cold and uncomfortable. Dad blamed her for leaving him alone and not coming back when the war was held. Seith blamed him for not understanding her and at the first place for taking her to such a big city. Their relationship never got better. It was sour yet still had some elements of parenthood. Not long after they found each other, Sieth’s father passed away. He died of age. Even though she didn’t want to, Seith took the staff to remember the last member of her family.

Time passed and the civilization was getting better again. People came and went but Seith stayed the same. She adjusted to the New World, however, it never really satisfied her. So when she heard of spaceships being launched into the cosmos, she used her ability of shape-shifting to leave the new-looking planet Earth. She just needed to change the ambience but she had never expected to end up on another planet so pure and beautiful. Though, Seith never developed any special feelings towards it. She just loved the nature and possibilities it porvided her with. So instead of spending her time with other visitors she moved into the forest, investigating what it really has to offer. As soon as the war began, Seith knew most of the things and she also knew how to use them. She joined the war in order to help people and other creature she never met before. Why didn't she stayed in the forest? Probably, because she got tired of loneliness and she acknowledged the power that is circulating through her body.


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Name : Nathaniel Hawkins
Known as : Hawk
Occupation : Space Pirate
Rank : Captain

Gender : Male
Age : 28
Physical Apperance
Nathaniel Hawkins is a well-built man, medium height and not ugly. His long dark-brown hair is tied in a ponytail, and covered by a black bandanna. He wears a long, black coat, with a hood hanging from the back. He always wear boots, and long pants, and you often see him in a loose shirt. He wears a lint that's tied to his left wrist, and also has a necklace around his neck with a pirate insignia on it. A belt around his middle pulls his shirt and coat together, and gives some form of neatness to his appearance. His eyes are icey blue, and seem to stare right into your soul with their intensity when he looks at you.

Hawk says little. He has learned over the years that talking too much wastes time, and very seldom helps you in the long run. He isn't unfriendly however, and, despite his reputation, is a very carefree person. He enjoys spending time with Mary-Anne, his adopted daughter, and also has no problem in conversing with friends, even if he says little. In combat, his face is always neutral, a trait he had practiced for many years. He follows orders when he must, and does what he want when he has no leadership. He believes in honour in battle, and despite his choice of alignment, seldomly starts a battle from the shadows. He believes in honorable duels to the death, and would never battle a foe in an unfair fight if he has a choice.

Mary-Anne is a young girl of twelve that he saved from an evil man. The man had abused her, and Hawk killed him without a second thought. Taking everything he owned, the Pirate decided to adopt the girl out of pity for her situation.
She is even more silent than Hawk, almost never talking. She does, however, have a hidden power. Using this power she has the ability to bring up shields in the air that blocks almost any projectile attack. Hawk believes that this power has more to it, but she forms it as a shield to protect her from those who want to harm her. She seemed to have develop this specifically because of the abuse.
She is always by Hawk's side, wearing a brown cloak over her shoulders, which covers her entire small body. She has long blonde hair tied in two pigtails. She also has a necklace around her neck with a similar pirate insignia like the one Hawk has. She is traumatized, and the only man she doesn't fear is Hawk.

Hawk has very little on him. He lives off of supplies on the ship he commands, and only carries his weapons and tools with him.

Sufferthorn - Dagger
His usual weapon of choice, the dagger is long, and its golden blade is adorned with an intricate design of skulls and rose images. It's light-weight, indestructible and magically enchanted with the following effects :
- If it touches skin, it drains life from the target by weakening their life force. The dagger 'eats' this life, and strengthens itself temporarily making it sharper and stronger.
- Touching skin also drains the opponent's strength, weakening their stamina and physical strength.

Masemune - Two-handed Sword
If a battle requires more power, he uses the sword on his back. The Masemune, legendary katana, powers the wielder when held. It's very light and agile, and increases the user's physical strength and speed, allowing for harder and faster attacks. Its blade is extremely sharp, and when struck properly, can deal critical damage.

Matilda - Double-barreled Exposed Hammer Express Rifle
Once owned by a legendary marksman, Hawk can use the rifle to its fullest potential. It has a exceptional range and accuracy, and is a powerful weapon.

Thieving Tools
Hawk carries with him a pouch containing various forms of lockpicks, skeleton keys, electronic unlocking devices and other tools for entering and exiting doors and windows.

Non-Combat Skills
Hawk is a Captain of a pirate ship, and as such, has leadership skills despite not talking often. His men are loyal to him, and obeys him without question. He is a master thief, and is able to lockpick almost any door or window. He can move extremely silently, and is very good at following people without them noticing.

Combat Skills
Hawk has an uncanny reaction time and agility. He is able to react so fast that he can deflect bullets with his sword, or dodge most weapons using Shadow Step. This makes him a very hard target to hit.
He is also a ridiculous marksman, having learned from a master, and is able to shoot a target over 500 yards, with pinpoint accuracy and an almost perfect hit rate.

Combat Abilities
Shadow Step
Hawk has the ability to step through the Shadow Realm to allow him to teleport to any location. The Shadow Realm is present everywhere, and thus, if Hawk can visualize the location he wish to teleport to, he is able to make the jump. He can do this in very short succession, but the 'cool down' time increases with distance traveled.

Hawk is a master of illusion, and is able to create various images in his opponent's eyes to confuse them or catch them off guard. He can create visual images of himself in locations near to him. He can also turn himself invisible, but only when walking in shadows. All these abilities are part of the link he has with the Shadow Realm.

Hawk was born into a family of assassins. His mother and father did freelance murdering, and trained their kid to follow in their dark footsteps. As all things, however, their jobs had their downsides, and one day when Hawk was eleven, his father came home without his mother. Tears insued, and soon, his father faltered into the dark abyss of self-depression. It was uncharacteristic of him, and Hawk was baffled when his father took his own life on Hawk's fifteenth birthday. He lived for three years in a large mansion, left to him by his parents. He honed his skills, and prepared to take on the family legacy. But, fate had other plans for him. When he was eighteen, he traveled by sea to a new city, where he was planning on becoming an assassin for hire. His transport ship was attacked by pirates however, and he was captured. Being well-trained and fit, he was taken in as a crew member of the ship.

For three years, he plundered with them, following his captain, Fire-beard, as he pillaged the rich, and gave to the poor, like a modern day Robin Hood. When the captain died, Hawk was elected as the new captain. It was a new start for him, a new calling. He raided the seas, taking out many ships, and bringing food to struggling communities. He learned how to fight, and when not to.
Through his travels, he came upon an old pirate. The man passed on a secret to him.
He had him seal a contract with the Shadows, a dark entity of darkness. This gave him abilities far beyond his imagination.
This turned out to help him, when the Space Pirates came to his planet. They captured many, killed even more. In the end, he was recruited when he volunteered, after being captured.

Throughout the interplanetary space travels, he learned many new things. Space travel. Technology beyond his imagination. Several years passed, and he adopted Mary-Anne, a young girl being abused by her father. Being part of a raid on a space station, he killed the man, and decided to help the girl.
He eventually raised through the ranks, finally becoming captain of a space craft.

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Name- Leon Marquis Oraix
Title- Leader of the Black Brigade
Race- Immortal(Newly) Beast man
Gender- Male
Innate Element- Fire
Personal Hobbies- Drinking rum and brawling.

Fighting Style- ”All-In”
The style and method in which Leon and his followers have become accustom is considered to be a bit cruder than most organizations. It simply states you either go with everything you have or not at all. In personal combat, he will do anything it takes to claim victory and/or take the prize. His skill with guns and technology is astoundingly incredible and his ingenuity with them is even more so. There is a tool for every job, but he believes every tool will work for this job. Unarmed he is still considered a high threat as the nanites have increased his physical attributes. It seems that influences from Muay Thai got mixed into the world of Sambo enabling him to deliver devastating combination attacks while still being able to cripple and hinder opponents. As a tactical leader, he believes deception is the key to all winning and often uses traps and confusion to execute otherwise difficult missions or raids while still keeping casualties low and is always on the frontline with the ones he asked to risk their safety. Regardless, it seems to have been working for him and since it has become a way of living in a cruel world, it is highly doubted he will stop anytime soon.

  • Class SSv07H164-P / SS-P Nanites
  • Dual Custom Bolt Pistols
  • Mk. XIV Heavy Assault Bolter
  • Photon Grenades
  • ”Sword of Demons


  • Wave Serpent

Forces:41 Units
  • Emilia Von Roschburg
  • Black Mamba
  • Heavy Rhinos
  • Main Evisceration Assault Team

Techno FREAK: Since he was young, Leon was always attracted to technology and unlike what many told him due to his status, he never grew out of it. It became a second language to him and the most powerful of his traits. His rule is simple: If it can move by way of engine, he can pilot it. And it isn’t just pilot enough to get it to move around but to the point the can perform highly advanced moves and pull off what some would call genius. But it is not the fact he can do it that makes him special, it is being able to do it within the first five minutes of encountering new technology. Obviously some things may take a bit longer but to him they are all the same, just operated a little differently. He has been known to steal vehicles and take them on what he calls “adventures” after hotwiring them and sometimes overriding the AI’s protocols.
Immortality: Though still considered a youngling to immortality, Leon has stopped aging completely. This doesn’t mean he cannot die, on the contrary, he is still mortal and very much capable of death but he just doesn’t age anymore. The details of how he obtained these powers; however, a man known as Anselm is looking for him and it seems they have done business that left a sour taste in his mouth.
Free Runner: Growing up on the slums of Sigil is hard and often orphans die, you either adapt or perish for no one cares: they have their own lives to worry about. For Leon, he survived. It was not the most honest method, breaking into places and stealing, but he did as he must as he still does, the must is just questionable. Scaling buildings quickly and silently, jumping higher and further and just generally being highly agile, this is how he kept from being caught as many things didn’t go his way. Though he has gone a long way from breaking and entering, most cases upped the ante, he has retained the skills to keep going.
Lucky Bastard: Whether it is luck of the devil, charismatic personality or avoiding detection, despite being a bandit, people are drawn to him abnormally and put trust in him as well. The authorities seem to overlook his actions for the most part, or perhaps they do not know he is the leader of the brigade. Either way, he has managed to keep this raiding and looting up and yet to be caught: though many have their suspicions of his activities.
Fiercest: Not much know about this particular ability as even he doesn’t know much of it. It is seemingly uncontrollable and tied in with his nature and temperament. From past use, he loses control of his senses and reverts to his more bestial instincts that taps directly into his innate energy, fire. He grows a more physical mane and tail of flame while his hands and feet transform into fire claws. Last time he unleashed this power, Anselm had him pinned down in an attempt to submit when the explosive energy erupted from Leon, scarring the surrounding area black and resulting in the retreat of the lich.

-Personal Data-

Age- 115 (Looks around early 20’s)
Eye Color- Silver
Hair Color- Pitch black
Hair Style- wild and untamed
Height- 5’10
Weight- 160lbs

At the pinnacle of physical perfection and enhanced by the nanites, Leon stands proudly at five feet-ten inches and weights in at one hundred-sixty pounds. His body is highly athletic and his rather wild hair resembles a lions mane in pitch black. Leon’s skin tone is what you would expect from some one that stays in the sunlight a lot and his eyes are spiked like a cats with a silver retina. His fang like incisors are as sharp as his claws while he lacks other features, he doesn’t have issues with how he looks: he considers himself lucky to look this human. He walks around wearing loose fitting light brown pants that tuck into his black strapped boots. Gun holsters strapped to each of the upper parts of his leg are held up by a dark red belt with grenades on the backside. On his chest, there is a deep scar leading from his left shoulder down to the bottom of his right hip. A heavy light brown trench coat covers the rest of him, open in the front.


Father- Unknown
Mother- Unknown
Love- n/a
Mentor- Valien Aursolv
~Emilia von Roschburg

-Gear Info-
  • Ammunition
    • Standard Bolts comprise the following components: Outer casing, propellant base, main charge, mass reactive detonator cap, depleted deuterium core, diamantine tip. The standard bolter shell is standardized at .75 caliber, whereas heavy bolter rounds are larger, at 1.00 Cal.
    • Stalker Silenced Shells are rounds with low sound signatures, meant for covert fighting. A solidified mercury slug replaces the mass-reactive warhead for lethality at sub-sonic projectile speed. A gas cartridge also replaces both the propellant base and main charge for silent firing.
    • Metal Storm Frag Shells are best against multiple lightly-armoured targets. They detonate before impact and spray shrapnel, shredding their victims. A proximity detonator replaces the mass-reactive cap, and the diamantine tip and deuterium core are replaced with an increased charge and fragmentation casing. They are similar to flak rounds and are used against clusters of enemies.
    • Kraken Pattern Penetrator Rounds are powerful armour-piercing rounds. The deuterium core is replaced by a solid adamantine core and uses a heavier main charge. Upon impact, the outer casing peels away and the high velocity adamantium needle accelerates into the victim, where the larger detonator propels shards of super hardened metal further into the wound. These are effective against heavily-armoured infantry.

  • Gear Name- Class SSv07H164-P / SS-P Nanites
    Gear Type- Nanomachine
    Gear Description- It is no surprise that Leon managed his hands on these; after all, it was like a wet dream for him. As much of his things are, this was stolen and is one of the more valuable things he acquired during a raid. The SS-P Nanites are tiny machines that manifest and live within his body and due to this they behave just like organic cells. They have a variety of traits which are very handy for Leon: Increased physical attributes is probably the biggest of them; however, the most valuable is by touch the nanites will breakdown a technological weapon and store it in his body. Often he stores magazine clips and weapons that would otherwise encumber him. Regretfully, due to the nanites being a proto-type, most of the enhancements are unavailable to him.
  • Gear Name- Dual Custom Bolt Pistols
    Gear Type- Handgun
    Gear Description- Six shooters(.75 cal) he keeps holstered on his legs pack quite a punch though they are quite large, they don’t weight more than seven pounds each. Unlike most models, they are only semi-automatic and come with a variety of ammunition for the varying occasions. Admittedly, they only function in close range for optimum performance.
  • Gear Name- Mk. XIV Heavy Bolter
    Gear Type- Heavy Assault Weapon
    Gear Description- A.K.A. “The Bruiser” is stored inside Leon’s body via the nanites which make it easier to conceal despite what it is. The Mk. XIV is an anti-infantry assault rifle that can hold up to sixty rounds capable of eating through a light vehicle in mere seconds. Unlike it’s former copies, this version is less prone to jamming and a great way to unwind after a aggravating day or mowing a base down.
  • Gear Name- Photon Grenade
    Gear Type- Support Explosive
    Gear Description- More simply known as a flash grenade, once thrown it emits an extremely bright pulse of multi-spectrum light that is capable of blinding, disorienting and causing confusion my inducing sudden shock causing them to become helpless if they do not defend against it. Closing of the eyes does prevent the effects of the grenade if they are facing the direction of it and Leon is also able to be harm himself using them.
  • Gear Name- “Sword of Demons”
    Gear Type- Sabre
    Gear Description- A blade that Leon has had since he was a young lad fighting in the streets to survive. It was a gift from his mentor and unlike the negative aspects of the name, it is not an evil weapon but one of ambition and vindication. It’s stored within the nanites and was crafted within the core of Sigil’s soul. It has only three abilities. Sensing the burning desires of it’s wielder, the blade becomes enflamed with fire when its master wills it. Gliding effortlessly through the air, its master can command the winds to lift the flame from the blade and command it. Only Leon is able to wield and unlock its power. These are the three laws the sword follows and grants.

    The special traits aside, the Sword of Demons is actually composed of Nanomachine. Its twenty-eight inch curved blade is an abnormal four inches wide while the grinning skull guard stares down it warm steel. The boney spine arcs around the grip and fastens securely to the bottom. It’s caress is precise and clean, the brother of it was called “Sword of Angels.”

-Vessel Info-
  • Vessel Name- Wave Serpent
    Vessel Type- Assault Hover Vehicle
    Vessel Description- An Armor personnel Carrier that functions as both a transport vehicle and assault weapon. Able to break almost any armor by use of the star cannon mounted on its tail, The Wave Serpent can get through reinforced bunker doors and the twin-linked heavy weapons allow for easy mob control. It is designed for speed overall and is protected by an advanced energy shield which only comes down when the star cannon is about to be used. By far, this is the flag ship of The Black Brigade and the only one they currently own though it is fairly certain that it was stolen.

-Commanded Personnel-
  • Unit Name- Emilia von Roschburg
    Unit Type / Rank- Universal / Second in Command
    Unit Description- She is what most consider the side that Leon lacks. Calculative, self-conscious, well mannered and overall pleasant to be around, they are opposites. How they manage to function is beyond anyone since they bicker and bad mouth each other a lot but they are loyal to each other nonetheless. She handles the things that Leon neglects or mends his…conflicts. Though she is human, she is a fierce fighter and astounding pilot. The men that Leon controls also follow her orders just the same as they rarely question the others decisions.
  • Unit Name- Black Mamba
    Unit Type / Amount- Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol / 6
    Unit Description- Though small, the Black Mamba are the most lethal and crafty of Leon’s forces thus far. They specialize in scouting and information gathering; however, excel in assassinations and low profile killing when asked. Of all the units, they are the most loyal to him and can function without a designated leader. Incredibly athletic and able to virtually disappear in seconds in broad daylight, they have become one of the biggest assets though they are weak in frontal attacks and do not have much armor to protect them. Standard Issue: Bolt Rifle, Bolt Pistol, Combat Knife, and Stalker Silence Rounds.
  • Unit Name- Heavy Rhinos
    Unit Type / Amount- Raider / 14
    Unit Description- More less, they are attracted to Leon’s way of doing things and style and become loyal to him as they have been quoted saying, “He keeps his word.” Methodical in tactics and more versatile of the other units, they keep their casualties low and normally get the job done. Their key abilities are violent and precise. Unlike the Mambas, they can hold their own in full, head on assault but without Leon or Emilia’s orders, they are a bit disorganized and often only move to get behind safer cover in firefights. Make no mistake though, just because the dog that barked the loudest isn’t there, doesn’t mean the others will not bite. Most distinguishable physical trait is being of animalistic heritage and giant muscles. Standard Issue: Hurricane Storm Bolter, Bolter Pistol, x3 Plasma Grenades, Variety of Rounds and Medium Armor. *NOTE: Hurricane Storm Bolter: Six barreled chain gun that is belt fed one of any kind of round(Aside from the Standard, only the Kraken round is used normally. Sometimes there are special ammo brought.) Members are able to walk and fire these weapons with ease.*
  • Unit Name- Main Evisceration Assault Team
    Unit Type / Amount- Bandit Frontline / 20
    Unit Description- Majority of Leon’s forces are just those that joined up in an effort to bring up their house or those that have been outlawed looking for safe haven. Either way, so long as they fly under the colors of the Black Brigade they are under the protection of them. Primary purpose of M.E.A.T. is to act as a shield and first line of attack or defense in all combat situations. To Leon, there are always the first string that gauges the opponents power, this is them. He puts not much value into them as most are just looking to get their cut of the loot. Standard Issue: Bolt Pistol.

-Combat Overall-
Strengths and Weaknesses

Still being a youngling in the world of immortals, Leon still has quite a lot to learn about himself and the ways of the world but even so, he is still considered to be tactically brilliant and a charisma titan. He has mastery over all things technological and in the best physical shape of his life. The nanites enhanced his senses, physically attributes and overall performance while his skill with weapons far surpass that of generals. But sadly, it is the fact that he is still so young to warfare that leaves openings to weakness. He can get over-confident in the situation and think the battle is over because he is the superior but this has often come around and bitten him yet still he seems to be bull headed and he doesn’t seem to learn.

Due to his ambitious nature, he sometimes attempts to take more than he can actually chew but this has lead to his greatest accomplishments. He is a very proud individual, acts with dignity and grace and despite being more like an animal, he is still has human…ish traits. Now if only he would stop going into trouble head on without the proper support, he would be better off.

-Background Info-
Wild, powerful and full of vigor, Leon is a man of beastly proportions. His hunger for more seems unquenchable and he won’t stop until he is no longer at the bottom caste in life. Due to being an orphan, he has a rather bad habit of taking what isn’t his but for some odd reason, he often gives it back to the slums he grew up in and lurks. His standards for raids and plundering often include the wealthy stores and houses, military & research facilities and those that have monetary value on them. Some how he has developed a method of sneaking into most of them by impersonating their appearance and can act out the part completely meaning he could actually be a noble and upstanding citizen if he wanted to, but for some reason it just doesn’t feel right to him.

No matter how you look at it….one thing is for certain….war never changes. For Leon, he was no exception. During the warring, he lost both of his parents at a very young age and has long sense forgotten their names and faces. It was due to this, that he ended up being a bandit and became what he is. Life was hard living in what was considered the gutter slums, where death could walk freely and be a common site. What Leon did back then wasn’t something no one else would have done. What he did was for his own survival and he got very good at it, or at least the escaping part. Everyone looked at him as though he was nothing more than a mangy mutt that needed to be put down and due to this he loathe many.

Eventually, as all thieves do, he got caught by a man known as Valien Aursolv, an old man that had seen and been in the wars Unlike what most would have done to Leon when caught, which is death, he saw something in the boy. Something that seemed lost in the world and forgotten. It may have been out of madness but the old man let him go along with a gentle smile before walking off. Confused, Leon continued to revisit the man and every time was caught. He tried new ways of going around the traps and went through extraordinary measures to avoid detection but every time did he end up face down looking at the man. One day, instead of laying traps, the old man just simply waited in another room far away from the entry points for Leon to show and as planned, sneaking through the shadows, was he. Jumping around things, flipping to near by trim of wall and avoiding the floor, he avoiding traps that weren’t there and soon as he got what he wanted he stopped and wondered where the old man had gone off to, it wasn’t like the usual.

Quietly yet swiftly, Leon searched for him. Sniffing and tracking, he found himself going deep underneath the house. His pace quickened when the scent of blood filled the air, the sneaking became running as he dashed deeper underground and found the old man sitting at a table, his hand bandaged, he was drinking tea. Rising to his feet, the old man looked at him with soothing, gentle eyes. “Ah, so you found me. Forgive the deception but I figured it be high time we had a discussion. I have a proposition for you. So far, I have predicted all your moves down to the exact placement and the fact you came all the way down here from the upstairs proves to me that you aren’t evil. I want you to become my student, and do what I wasn’t able to. I want you to do what needs to be done.”

Panting and dazed, Leon looked at him and nodded before trying to speak, “I…..Le…..Le……Le…..” his eyes looked towards the ground in a disappointment. “Ah, this is something I didn’t expect. I mean, I should have had some kind of warning but I guess I overlooked you being beastman.” Walking over to Leon, his hand touched his shoulder, “It’s ok. I will teach you how to speak in common tongue. I will educate you in the ways of the world and help you learn how to become more than you are. I will teach you how to be a leader and most of all, how to be more than what you are. But on one condition, you must promise to help bring the slums better life. It is barren and full of despair, I want you to try and make it more than what it is.”

Nodding, Leon became his student. And over the years, he learned everything the man could teach him: how to read and write, combat, tactics, virtues, and so much more. But the most important thing, he treated him like he was a equal and believed in him. Leon kept stealing things, but it was from those that didn’t need it, or for a greater purpose. But all things come to an end, and time had finally caught up to the man and Leon was alone once more…yet…unlike the other times, he felt empowered and able to continue. He began to raise an army that stole from the rich and gave back to his community, he started something bigger than was thought. They amassed weapons and started to raid places of higher stature and hid in the slums.


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Wipe ball, looks good.
So then I take it your character is playing the role of a visitor or Sigil then.

and of course you're bio is approved sky lol

And Here is my Pirate character I'll be using

Name: Noami SilverStone

alias: Silver

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: ?

Origin : ?

Occupation: Leader of Sentinal Hands

Alignment : Evil


Advanced Information Foreground


Noami is a fairly small woman, who's height only reaches 5'4 and who's weight tops out at about 110. Even tho her stature is small,s he has a very lean, athletic build, that makes her much stronger than what she looks. her fighter type body is disguised behind a very seductive hour glass figure, which lures the eyes away from any sign of muscular strength.

Naomi's skin tone is best described as an Ivory, very soft in color, and easy on the eyes. but has a slight radiance about it, as if it had absorbed teh soft glow of the moon, Through our her skin, ribbons of shimmery silver dance in a very slow and hypnotice way, Her facial Structure is slender and feminine, with high check bones and full lush lips. Her nose is placed smack dub in the middle of her face. Her nose is small and comes to a rounded point, and just seems to complment her face. Noami's eyes are almond shaped with very bright orbs with in them. They too seem to have a very wise glow about them as there ever changing hues of blue seem to pierce into everything she looks at.

Her hair matches all the tones of her blue eyes, from deep blue blacks, to ever brilliant turquoises. The hair runs the length of her full height, and is very lush and silky to the touch. its usually pulled up into several small pony tails, which are then braided together, and then twisted and pulled up into one neat pulled back look. It cuts the length of her hair in half, as the very end of the tail rest on the small of her back. This style also keeps her hair pulled up tightly enough that its not a problem in battle

Naomi Adorns her body in simple fashion. She wears a black form fitting dress that reaches the floor. it has a very short sleeves like a cross between normal short sleeves and no sleeves. the neck lines has a small color that goes part of the way up her neck untill it reaches the side of her neck and then comes down to a V cut showing off just enough of her cleavage to greatly inspire the imagination. Along the edge of the V cut and the color is a board of a royal blue and silver. The royal blue line being thicker than the silver one, with the silver one closest to the edge.
At the bottom of the V cute starts a row of Five clasping button that are evenly spaced from the top of the outfit to the waiste. The buttons are simple, with only a slight wimsical cruve about them. and are silver. at her Waiste is a Royal blue belt that is about five inches in width. and at the front where the buckle sits, it comes down the a V point. The whole belt is trimmed with a fine line of silver. Tne belt buckle at the front is of the groups Crest ( details Later )

Below her waiste the dress breaks off into the front and the back by two large slits the run all the way to her waiste. the bottom of the dress and the edge of the slits are lined in the royal blue, and silver. These being the colors of the Sentinal Hands. Naomi's feet are placed in a simple pair of Black shoes. They are extremely comfortable, they breath well, and are just all around great shoes. But they are also practical since they are made from an extremely durable synthetic cloth that even some of the sharpest blades can not cut through them.

Aside from the Dress Naomi wears, she also wears a long black trench coat. the coat is very form fitting with corset like sides to be able to loosen and tighten it as she pleases. the coat as well is trimmed in the silver and blue just like her outfit. Along the cuffs and around her mid section the blue and silver trim is thicker by like 3 inches. Up the sides, and in the front the coat tightens and laces up with thick black ribbon. On her right shoulder is the Sentinal Hands Crest which is a a single triangle with the point routated to where they are pointing at One o'clock, five o'clock, and nine o;clock. And then inside the triangle is a five pointed star. The tip of the star pointing straight up. With the orb of an eye ball at the very center of the star. And lastly in the bottom corner of the triangle are the leaders SH, standing for Sentinal Hands. And the Left Side is a similar Crest the differences are in the center of the star instead of an eye is the Leader A, standing for her being Alpha of the group. And then were the letters SH are on the other crest,

The only other thing Naomi;s ever wears is a small chain silver necklace with a pendant dangling from it. The pendant is a deep blue sapphire with the letters SS wrapped around it. Its the only item she has from her home planet and parents which she has no memory of.


Naomi is cold, everything she loved in life was taken away. So she doesn't care, there was no happy ending, nor will there ever be one. Its the survial of the fittest and either you'll life or you'll die it all rest in your hands. And that is her philosophy in life,.. and thus she will do what ever it takes to get what she wants, when she wants it and how she wants it. If it means she comes out on top and that she'll survive then watch out. Aside from that she is an extrmely manipulity person, and no one really knows what Naomi is like, because depending on who you are depends on what type of Naomi you get.

Weapons: Bladed Tonfa. Each Tonfa has an one sided blade made out of only the best material Naomi has found thus far. The right blade is 28 inches long, with the left blade being 24 inches long. The handles are made out of Ivory, and at the top of the handles are two large diamond nobs.

Armor: She wears two long arm guards that go the length of her arm. Its made out of the same metal as her blades to ensure her source or power is never fucked with or damaged.

Accessories: none

Skills: shes an expert at the Tonfa, and her skills on psychology are more advanced than most, especially for her age ( due to the fact that before she was captured and taken into slavery, she had been studing to get her doctorine in psychology. ) along with psychology, she has fair knowledge on socialology.

Advanced Information BackGround:​

Weapon Expertise: Tonfa ( which are bladed )

Initial W.O.C. Her Tonfa, but she has fair knowledge on how to wield a Katana and Sias,

Dominate Hand: : Right

Unique Techniques:

Weapon Styles: Naomi is neither an offensive or defensive fighter, with the tonfa depending on which handling style a person uses, depends on if they alre more of the attacker or defender. Since Naomi has mastered this weapon, she can switch between the different styles with much ease and grace. She tend to perfer the most basic handling style ( where you hold the handles and spin the weapon ) Then from there she'd perfer the handling style of holding the bottom handle ( the one below the blade, and regular handle ) For she can break and parry attacks easiest in this styles which can break or make a fight,.. and then lastly she likes the style where she holds the bar running along side the blade. This is her least favorite because since her Tonfa are blades this style had to be modified so its not has effiecent as it should be. But is more powerful that normal due to the blade. She usually only uses this style to make someone look like a fool, since its easy to smack there weapon out of there hands this way.

Aside form that, she relies on her speed and small size to be able to get in close enough to make her attack. And once she is in, its a rapid attack style with quick movements, quick, yet percise attacks that offer great damage. And Since she is small, the huge blades on her Tonfa work from great defense, when held together they made a pretty large shielde.

Character History:

There isn't much to say about Naomi's history, a great deal of it she cant remember. When she was the mere age of 14 her home planet was taken over by space pirates. In fact the group she controls today were the first to dispatch upon her home planet, which she has no reconition of. When the pirates took over her home planet, her parents had started a resistance that had failed, which lead to there death. But the son of the alpha of the Sentinal hands at that time found Naomi to be breath taking. And thanks to his lust for her, Naomi's life was saved.

The son of the sentinal hands was about the same age of Naomi if not a year older at most. Hes name was Saz, and he was a sweet and kind young mad. He had no want to be apart of the space pirates, and hope to one day run from what seemed to be his doomed fate. And Now with a companion he hoped to make an adventure. Over the years as Saz and Naomi researched the perfect planet to escape to, they slowly fell in love, until they had reached adult hood at 18. Which at 18, Saz father threaten to take Naomi away to the slave trades if Saz didn't find a better purpose for her than a “friend” So it became now or never task to venture away or loose everything.

So one evening when they thought everyone was asleep, the pair venture to the docks with a ship full loaded and ready to speed off to what they hoped would be there new home together, and they're happy ever after. But Saz father thought something fishy was up and hand someone follow them, and when it was figured out just what was up, Saz's father came after them. And it wasn't long after that, that Saz and Naomi had a huge battle on there hands,.. and for a moment it seemed they'd escape and everything would be ok,.. until the Alpha landed a blow that killed his son,.. and at that Naomi knew all was lost,.. it was either kill or be killed, and thus she killed,.. until she had enough dead and the Alpha dead,.. that some how she was named the New alpha,.. and took over Saz's doomed fate.

Five years later,.. many planets destoryed, conquoered, and a whole new Empire under her belt This is where Naomi finds herself. Lost in a world she never wanted, but has taken very nicely too. And thus she continues, alone, angery, and frustrated at the cosmos,.. and there for ever chance she gets, she releases her frustration upon whatever is in front of her.

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Basically anything as long as it has a good story line.
Wipe ball, looks good.
So then I take it your character is playing the role of a visitor or Sigil then.

and of course you're bio is approved sky lol

She is a visitor ;)


Original poster
Thought so, just wanted to make sure

and Angel looks good. Tho remind me. are you playing on the side of the immortals or Pirates this time around?


Original poster
Wonderful Can't wait to see it.

and Hey tell as many of your friends about the RP. The more the better in a setting like this.

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Eh, moreless a gray gray gray area with Pirates.


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If I need to change anything at all let me know.

Valac Zandrin
Alias: Sin
Age: 800+ Appears 38
Gender: Male
Race: Hybrid (Mother Immortal/Father Shadow Demon)
Origin: Sigil
Occupation: None
Alignment: Allegiance to himself
Condition: Healthy.

Advanced Information Foreground

Form One;</SPAN> Appears Human: </SPAN></SPAN>
Height: 6’5</SPAN></SPAN>
Weight: 195lbs</SPAN></SPAN>
Build: Muscular</SPAN></SPAN>
Eye Color: Onyx Black</SPAN></SPAN>
Hair: Black, long in dread-locks</SPAN></SPAN>
Clothes: In this form he wears what you seen in the picture.
925307-male_wizard_super.jpg </SPAN></SPAN>

Distinguishing Marks: Forehead tattoo of a black orb with a sword pierced through it.</SPAN></SPAN>

Form Two; Shadow Demon:</SPAN></SPAN>
Height: 7’8</SPAN></SPAN>
Weight: 400lbs</SPAN></SPAN>
Build: Muscular</SPAN></SPAN>
Eye Color: Red</SPAN></SPAN>
Hair: None/ Has long curving black horns.</SPAN></SPAN>
Wing Span: 22ft from tip to tip(when they are out, he can conceal them within his body as it is made mostly of shadows)</SPAN></SPAN>
Clothes: None.</SPAN></SPAN>
Distinguishing Figures: Everything.
Shadow_Demon_by_BenWootten.jpg </SPAN></SPAN>

Personality: Valac, is mostly known as a chaotic being, his emotions(when he has them) tend to change directions like the winds. He can be arrogant, egotistical and self-absorbed. (Or that’s what people say anyways) Though you may be surprised to find the he is not without compassion. Depending if you’re on his good or bad say. If it’s the later, chances are he will appear to be nothing but a cold bastard without mercy or compassion, and a complete lack of care towards the lives he takes.</SPAN></SPAN>
Likes: </SPAN>Dark and damp places, the night, weapons, blood, gore, death, love(oddly) and the place he calls him, Sigil.</SPAN></SPAN>
Dislikes: </SPAN>Space Pirates, stupid questions, stupid people, fluffy objects and the color pink it just pisses him off for some reason.</SPAN></SPAN>

Cruor(Blood): Sword if 6ft</SPAN></SPAN> Is a claymore passed, well taken, from his father. It was forged from crystals and blood. Despite it’s appearance this blade his highly durable, for each victim which falls before it, they lose there soul to it, strengthening it more each time. (Not Used often, he can summon it ONLY in his shadow demon form)</SPAN>
</SPAN> 33wva54.png

Shroud:</SPAN> Sword is 4 1/2ft This blade was forged from a fragment of his heart and soul, it is with him at ALL times, he would sooner die than part with it. Considering that this blade has been forged from two such valuable parts of his being then if you kill him, you must destroy the sword as well. (easier said than done however such weapons require certain procedures to be destroyed)
</SPAN></SPAN> evil_sword.jpg

Chaos</SPAN>: Bow is 4ft This bow was carved from the bones of his first ancestor, each shadow demon which has carried it has passed part of there strength do it when they died, handed down from father to son through the ages. Valac is the 9th​ to possess it, its distance is nearly unmatched. This bow however will not draw back for even the strongest man if it has not been passed down to them, but draws smoothly to the one it has been passed to. It is alive, and works only for it’s master. It’s arrows contain the fire element, it’s tips coated in a toxin which fogs the mind. (Rarely Used, also summoned ONLY in shadow demon form)</SPAN>
Bow_design_by_Sunna_no_gaara.jpg </SPAN>

Armor: This armor appears upon him anytime he finds himself walking into battle and ONLY when he walks into battle, made from a precious metal which can be found only in the darkest abyss in the underworld.

Accessories: He wears only a black banded ring, no marking and no obvious significant meaning to anyone but him.

Skills: Swordsman/Archer/ Strategist.

Advanced Information Background

Weapon Expertise: Swords

Initial W.O.C.: Shroud(as listed above)

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous

Techniques: Flesh Eating Shadows which surround his bottom and everything in a 4ft radius if he becomes unconscious or stunned.(it is involuntary) Can command Fire at a price to his stamina. Can control the earth elements at will with the cost of little to no fatigue which varies at what scale its used.

Combat Styles: Defensive. Strategic. Calm. Without Mercy. Calculated and cruel. He WILL take advantage of any situation that presents itself. He is a dirty fighter.</SPAN></SPAN>
However, if his Shadow Demon side takes over, he is a berserker out for nothing less than as much blood as he can possibly spill.</SPAN></SPAN>

Character History

Biography: Valac was born to an Immortal mother, she had been raped by his father a Shadow Demon. He was unwanted from birth, a bastard son. He survived mostly on his own, being kicked back and forth from one home to the other. Though truth be told, he preferred Sigil to the Underworld. Though he may like dark places, he liked places that he wasn’t tortured in for amusement more. Ignored he may have been but never beaten or starved on Sigil. His father had been exactly what you’d expect a demon too be, an asshole with no soul and no care of anything other than himself. His mother had been kind, to everyone but him, however he could never find himself to blame her. After all he was a half-breed, a half-breed that existed solely because she had been raped. Eventually he found himself spending his life upon the battle-field, living from one bloody moment to the next for hundreds of years, tasting victory and defeat along the way. Experiencing hate and malice for the most part, but a few joys had found there way in as well. After 740 years of war he decided it was time it all stopped, he’d had enough blood on his hands. Had accumulated a fortune which would sustain him for a long, long time. He had no real home among the demons in the underworld, and for the most part was unwanted there, except for his blade. However, the day he told his father of this it brought about a rage in his father, only because his precious son which kept him supplied with wealth from his battles was leaving him with nothing. Needless to say, it ended in a bloody battle as well, fitting really as most of his life had been the same way so why not go out on that note. He took his fathers sword with him, the bow he had been given many years before. However, he did have one last stop before leaving for good. The one friend he had he stopped to see him, he was a weapons smith, though not your average weapon smith. He dealt in cursed and enchanted weapons, his father sword and his families bow had been made by his friends family as well. But they had nothing to do with what he was here for. 200 years ago he’d saved this mans life, and thus the man owed him. He had told Dra’il back then that one day he would come seeking an old ritual and he knew of which he spoke. Today was that day, the day a piece of his own heart would be cut from his chest, a piece of his soul stripped, bound together in flesh freely offered by another and, sealed in blood given from both and forged into anything one could desire. And what he desired was a sword, and thus Shroud came into existence. The sword would have few equals and even fewer which surpassed it, however this wasn’t it’s purpose. It’s purpose was to give life, not take it. More to the point, to protect the life of the heart and soul it contained. Which means, to truly kill it’s owner you must destroy the sword. And the only one who knew how to that was Dra’il/ The smart thing to do would have been to kill Dra’il after he finished it, to insure the secret never be found out. However, he did not, he liked the demon he was perhaps the only friend he’d ever have. So he left, he returned to the one place he knew he could find a home, Sigil. He would spend the next 60+ years here living in relative peace and away from battle. </SPAN></SPAN>

Other Information: The process to destroy the sword. First you must kill the one who weilds it and take it to it’s creator before a weeks time has passed. If you fail, even by a second, Valac will return and the sword will vanish and return to him. (of course this would not be common knowledge though)</SPAN></SPAN>


Original poster
Looks good to me

so lets see here

Immortals =
Uni = Narelle
Fire = Drift
cruor = Valac ( listing him here since it says he hates space pirates

Visitors =
wipeball = Seith

Pirates =
Sky = Nathaniel
Fire = Naomi
Angel = Leon

Well thats a fair amount of players I'll make the finishing touches to the first chapter and get it up.

I plan to keep this sign up thread Open for people to join. Consider we're dealing with a whole Planet full of people.
So if you know anyone who is up for a new RP point them this way.

Thanks again for joining everyone


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Sweetness :D

I have a freind who just joined last night, I imagine he'll be interested in this RP more than likely. Hope so anyways lol.

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Basically anything as long as it has a good story line.
Yay ^.^ I am the only visitor on the planet ^.^ for now :)


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Well bring him on by then Cruor

and yes for now.. depending on how the RP goes. I might bring in Jade ( which would be my visitor character )
We'll see, I'd rather have other people play characters LOL

Well I'm gonna try to have the RP up this evening. If not, you might have to wait until Sunday Since I woke saturday and have plans that night.
I'll keep ya posted