INTEREST CHECK .:| Sigil |:. The end before the beginning

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.:| Sigil |:.

~ Experience the Epic tales of The new Planet, Sigil, The Home to the Immortals. Be Apart of there constant struggle to keep their home alive and thriving. While also fighting off the groups known as pirates, and keeping a peaceful balance with other beings who have came to reside on Sigil ~

Chapter One: The begining, which lead to the end,...

A life to live forever, to never know nor see an end in sight. To some this would be a dream come true. In reality it's a nightmare that one can never be awoken from, and yet you've been awake the whole time. It's like to want sleep, to have eyes that burn for the lust of slumber. But the sleep never comes, no matter what means are taken to gain it. How I wished for that endless slumber for so long. To enjoy the peaceful end that mere mortal's fear with their very lives. How strange it is, to wish for death. But that is the life of an immortal.

My kind bares this never ending burden, for eons we've travel the stars for a place to call home. With each place we visited our eyes met with the same sad story of destruction and death. Far too many souls have passed before us, and far too many times our abilities were used for injustice deeds. And much like the circle of life, our lives ended to be begun again somewhere else. Like the never ending travels of a gypsy. All until the stars bestowed on us a timeless secret, and a place named sigil.

From a planet in the same galaxies, the blackness of space ripped open in a dance of lights. It was unlike anything any of us had seen before. Mesmerized by this display of true beauty we watched in awe. As seemingly lost in the absents of darkness. A flicker illuminated the hope of a new life. Dazed in a swirl of color, that can only be seen in the sweetest of dreams. A star slumbered in there peaceful hues. Its twinkle seen far beyond its hazy womb reached us on the bleak planet. With waves of serenity it beckoned us to come and await it's destine birth. And thus we followed not knowing we'd learn of our own fate.

In a crumble of destruction, on the eve of creation, a fire erupted. In a burst, the flames stretched across the boundless space in an elaborate dance. In a cosmic second like a rubber band snapped, the flames twisted and folded upon themselves. With sheer force this fiery cage was lifted, ripped from the seams and life's first breath was taken. As this spark was ignited in rays of ruby beauty, a glorious sun was born.

That was not the end, pulled by its overwhelming energy, varies material orbited around the new blazing sun. And as they danced this timeless waltz they formed something of equal awe. Swirled with hues of sapphire, and pearl and orbited by three soft lavender moons. A planet was born before our eyes as we rushed to what we knew would be our home.

Many light years passed before we reached our destination, but when we did it was like a weight was lifted. After so many years we finally found a place to call home, a place of our very own. It didn't take long before we scattered to explore and find places to call our own. But even as immortals we still longed for connection and family. So we build a central city to gather in. Just as it seemed everything was in place and that we found peace. Our past came back to haunt us. It seemed that we weren't the only ones to witness the glory of this planets birth, or hear its call to come. In what felt like a blink of the eye our home was infested by visitors.

We decided that we'd try to live with the visitors in harmony, since sigil was not our birth planet. The other had the same right as us to be there. With some this goal was easily achieved, for they too were only looking for a place to call home, but most were space pirates. A fearsome caravan of cut throat savengers, said to plunder a planet for all its worth. They'd take anything of remote value, even lives to be sold into slavery. But these were mere rumors, and How could we turn someone away from a potential place to call home. For all we knew, these Space Pirates were just misunderstood... Much like our own kin. So we allowed them refuge on Sigil, and in her orbit,... and thats where our story begins,...


The role-play of Sigil, is war based.

You have the Planet Sigil, which some how the Immortals are connected to, and the cosmos has called them to come.
Being wanderers of the stars, they have always searched for a place to call home, where their power and strengths will no longer be used in war,.. To finally find peace.

On the other side you have the Band called Space Pirates. Which is a Caravan of Similar Wanderers who jump from planet to planet raiding for anything of value. The Space pirates are made up of all different types of groups, some do it just to survive, others out of mischief and malicious intent, Or just plain greed.
But together all these fractions have "joined" together to "help" each other out.

And by what ever means they have both ended up at Sigil, Which is where the story starts.

The Immortals no long wish to stain there hands in blood, and seeing as they occupied Sigil, First or not. They don't feel they have any right to turn anyone away. Nor do they at first wish to spill the blood of these space pirates.

But The Space pirates doing what they do, Start attack villages around the planets which have been set up by what the Immortals call Visitors.
Other groups of people who have come to Sigil for varies reason
Looking for a new home, creating a new trade spot. research what have you.

So blood begins to spill, people get taken into slavery, and the planet itself starts to suffer as the pirates begin to mine the lands for any resources of value.

So it all bubbles down to the fact that there is a battle brewing in the future.

I've got a few different chapter ideas for this Role-play.
Granted I'm a pretty laid back person, So i'm flexiable with how things turn out

But the story will start off with the first encounter of the Immortals meeting the pirates.

If you're interested I have an OOC thread set up for people to post up character Bio, and to work out all the finer details

you can find it here