Side Projects?

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What's stopping you from finishing that project?

  1. No inspiration

  2. No money/resources

  3. No ambition

  4. Lack of skill

  5. Plain ol laziness

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Does anybody have any side projects they've put on the backburner for whatever reason?

    I myself have a couple of small Twine games and and the skeleton of a RPGmaker game in the works. There's no excuse for me to not have my Twine games finished by now considering I have a decent grasp on the (very user friendly) program, but the development of the other game is at a standstill until I can get a better at programming with Ruby. It's pretty difficult. I was not born to code.

    I also have an entire list of drawing ideas I haven't even made a dent into. I blame my lack of talent in that area keeping me from that.

    So what about you guys? Got anything you've been kicking around for one or several years?
  2. You have no idea. I have so many freaking hobbies, I just have to drop some. I was going to do a comic for a while, and I enjoy sketching and inking it... But I don't like actually going through the digital part of the lining and painting. :\ And it'd look bad otherwise, or I'd just leave it like that.

    I should also finish a painting, the one for my icon. It's a full body, and it's been in the works for literally a couple months now... There's no way it would take me very long to finish, more like a day, maybe 6 hours, but I procrastinate like crazy.

    I'll probably be slower too, because I was thinking of learning to mold resin and make my own BJD soon. :\ I am just... I am all over the friggin' place.
  3. I have had tons of unfinished work according to myself but many people enjoy whats not finished. I draw...seriously for 6 hours everyday minimum. I am constantly throwing project to the side to start new ones, and often times start newer projects in the middle of those O.O

    there just isn't enough time in the world for me to finish every single concept that comes into my head.

    But boy, do I ever try >;]

    So If I had to pick something it would have to lack of motivation, once the motivation dies I switch immediately to the new project sometimes I go back and sometimes I never look back.
  4. I've got so many stories, fanfictions, etc, that I have started but have never seemed to finish.
  5. You forgot to add "DISTRACTIONS". O_O Sometimes I can't finish or work on something because I am too distracted with other stuff. That's usually my BIG one.

    Beyond that, lack of ambition/motivation will get me too. D: If I dun WANT to do it bad enough, I'm just not gonna do it.

    And when money is in the way, that always makes me sad. t___t
  6. Why is no time not an option? @_@

    I work full-time, have roleplays and stuff on here to keep up on, dishes to do, clothes to wash, dusting, sweeping, mopping, and other chores around the house, and THEN and only then do I have time for personal projects

    Right now I'm trying to make a new comforter/bedspread. My current one is twin size and seven years old; my bed is a queen size, so it's time for a new one. But I don't have time and I refuse to cut fabric or do anything else irreversible when I'm tired.
  7. Yes! Distractions is another! I get distracted or pulled away from what I'm trying to work on that I lose my motivation and it just doesn't feel the same as before.

    Money is in the way of me getting a new laptop, so, yeah, that's pulling away from doing work on / getting started on Photoshop, +other work that comes with better features on a computer / laptop, etc.

    Time. Time is another. There are a lot of artist that just don't have enough time to do their work, due to school, their job, etc.
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