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  1. There are two siblings, one is 19 the other is 8. The 19 year old is babysitting their younger sibling until their parents get back from their cruise.


    Kate stumbled down the stairs, rubbing her eyes, still in her large t-shirt and slacks. She had on a pair of bunny slippers. "Mommy?" She yawned, sitting down in the floor and looking around.
  2. "Mom isn't here, remember? Her and dad left for their cruise last night." The voice drifted out from the kitchen where the smell of pancakes and coffee was also coming from. "I made breakfast Kate...come eat." Joel poked his head out from the kitchen, brushing his light brown hair out of his dark blue eyes and shaking his head when he saw her sitting on the floor. He was dressed in a pair of khaki shorts with no shirt on, his lean frame almost as tall as the door, tattoos visible on his left arm and his lower right hip, piercings in his lips and eyebrow.
  3. She turned. "Mommy is not here?" She stood up, stumbling over to her brother. "You fixed pancakes? Is there a smiley?" She asked as she sat down in her chair. She let a small yawn escape before she asked another question. "Wh-when will they be back?" this time her voice was anxious and full of worry. Her family was the most important thing to her. Next was the family pets, a kitten and a puppy, both asleep at the moment.
  4. "A smiley? No...I mean...we have some could make a smiley on it." He shrugged, piling two or three on a plate and sliding it to her before taking some for himself, drenching them in syrup. "They'll be home in two weeks remember? Its their twentieth honey moon trip." He said, a mouthful of pancake in his mouth.
  5. Kate nodded. "Okie Dokie." She got up, walking over and taking a few blueberries and a banana out of the refrigerator. She climbed back up in her chair, making eyes and a nose from the blueberries, then struggling to open the banana. "Can you open this Joel?" She tried once more before holding out for him. She looked up to her brother, her pale blue eyes narrowed in frustration. "Pease."
  6. He took the banana and opened it, taking a huge bite from it before handing it to his little sister. Being the older brother had some perks at least...even if they were small ones, like stealing half of a banana. He began eating his own food before checking his watch. "I have work today..where do you usually go when mom is at work?" He asked.
  7. Kate frowned. "You ate my banana! Grrrr." She pulled the piece off he bit and put it on his place, careful not to touch where he bit before putting the other half in a messed up smile on her plate. "I stay with daddy. Remember? Mommy works in the day, and daddy works in the night." she paused for a moment before whispering. "I think daddy works with vampires." Her eyes were wide as she said this. "They don't like the sun." Then, she put a little syrup on her pancake to resemble hair and cut out a bite, eating it. "This is good, thank you." She gave an innocent little smile.
  8. "Daddy doesn't work with vampires...if anything, he would kill them, not ally with them. If there was such a thing I mean." He said quickly, not wanting to catch the wrath of his mother should Kate suddenly be convinced vampires were real. "Mom said something about you going to a friend's house...but I don't remember the name." He frowned.
  9. "Sarah! That's her name silly!" She slid out of her chair and ran upstairs to get dressed. She pulled on a navy blue t-shirt that said 'Kate' in silver lettering on the front. Then she pulled on a pair of black jeans and her black tennis shoes with white laces. She pulled her hair back into a side ponytail and smiled in her mirror before running back down. "Tada!" She looked at the clock. "Record beat! yay!" She did a little hop before moving to the living room, sitting on the couch and going silent as if she'd released all her voice into the air.
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