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*shrugs* Hi.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Corina Viteazul~, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. I'm Corina but I want you to call me Cori.
    I've been a Roleplayer for 3 years now and loving it :3 I've been exploring more smutty Roleplays and it gained my interests. I have always sort of wanted to write and create my own stories and its fun to see how these RPs play out in the long run but it's just good fun for me!
    Not all that much to know about me... I'm immature in my opinion i love roleplaying and anime and i love making new friends :)
    I'm bisexual and i can roleplay as a male or female. But i warn you if i'm male i am a flirt and playfull (which is not always a good thing) when i'm a female i'm usually really shy u until you get to know me. I like the idea of petplay but i have never tried it...
    I have a few OCs that i use so message me to know more about them
    I am known for being scary and insane, yet I have a soft side for children I can be rude and very straightforward, but there's still a tad of kindness in me....

    I'm really new to forums and stuff so wish me luck, or do better and friking help me instead of wishing
    Kidding~!! XD
    Well, anyway I love me a good RP and I expect to find one here so yeah....
  2. Welcome, Rina. I'm Raiden and it's a pleasure to have to with us here at Iwaku. If you like, o ahead and jump into the RP Practice or straight into the fray!