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  1. What TV shows have you watched to the end, that had a really good/satisfying ending? Give details if you want, there's a spoiler tag in the title so Y'ALL WERE WARNED

    Personally I really liked the endings of Friends, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Angel Beats. WBU?
  2. Hellsing, Monster and Watchmen are the ones that stick out most for me in terms of great endings.
  3. I'll second Monster and FMA Brotherhood. Monster especially, probably my favorite series ending of all time.. though I'm really counting the ending as the penultimate episode, not the stuff in the final episode which I considered rather unnecessary epilogue material for the most part.

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann had a classically great ending: the hero defeated the greatest threat of all time, he got the girl (in a moral and metaphorical sense at least... it's complicated), and he strolled off into the sunset to leave the next generation to prosper in the peace he had won for them.

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica's ending was solid. The savior figure did the savior thing and saved the world and her friends and retroactively saved tons of other people by way of rewriting the rules of reality via being the ultimate savior figure. The whole series had been building up to a moment of her finally doing something other than standing by as an observer, and she sure as hell did something when the time came.

    FLCL also had a pretty great ending, perfectly in line with the rest of the shenanigans and insanity of the show.

    For non-anime show endings, The Wire was fantastic. Didn't wrap everything up in a nice pretty bow, but it gave conclusions and new beginnings to all important characters.

    Breaking Bad also had a pretty good ending for the same reason.

    Didn't really love it, but I'll give Seinfeld an honorable mention for symmetry. The show about nothing ended up with the cast getting jailed for doing nothing. Worth a dry chuckle at the very least.
  4. inb4 M*A*S*H


    With that mention, this should have been Breaking Bad's ending:

  5. Doesn't Angel Beats have a really big plot hole though? About Otonashi's heart and Tachibana. But otherwise it was a good ending, so was Ano Hana.

    I know two with terrible endings, Akatsuki no Yona and Code Geass S1. CLIFFHANGER OP
  6. The first episode I ever watched of The Wire was actually its finale, as a lark. At the time, I found it all terribly by-the-numbers and sorta lackluster. Then, a bit later on when it was being replayed on TV, I caught the first ep and then promptly gobbled up the entire series. That last episode resonates a LOT more with all the others providing context.

    The Sopranos' ending is rather infamous, but if you pay attention, it's actually foreshadowed a couple times in dialogue different characters have about death. Like how you probably don't even know it when it hits you and how things just go black...

    Though, god, could they have drawn out Meadow's fucking parking trouble in that one any more?
  7. Omg mash, I forgot mash
  8. I thought the show Wilfred had a good ending o.o
  9. Escaflowne---there is symmetry in it, and its the capstone to a Heroic Monomyth type of tale

    SAO Season 2---fuck Season 1. Even if Fairy Dance had a good ending, it doesn't redeem being fucking Fairy Dance arc. RAGE! Season 2, though? FEELS!

    Star Wars Episodes 4-6---again, classical Heroic Monomyth story with a classical ending

    Star Wars Episodes 4, 5, 2, 3, 6 (aka, the Machete Order)---when seen in this viewing order, the Prequels and the Original Trilogy make an even bigger and better Heroic Monomyth! Machete Order is best order!

    A Certain Scientific Railgun---big ending battle, capstoning a different kind of story than you see in the first few eps of Railgun. Railgun isn't an epic tale by any means, but the season 1 ending was still quite satisfying.

    Lord of the Rings---HEROIC MONOMYTH ENDING

    The Hobbit Trilogy---HEROING MONOMYTH ENDING

    Fate Zero---Hear me out. If you're NOT a Type Moon fan, then the ending to Fate Zero is IMMENSELY unsatisfying. But those of us who watched/read/played Fate Stay Night gain a sense of completeness and closure with Zero. Now we see the full flower and brutality of the Grail War and how everything between characters, families, and concepts intersect when they fully evolve in Stay Night. Zero was a necessary tale in the Fate storylines, and seeing how things took root, grew, and ended gave much more credence to what was laid out in Stay Night

    Sailor Moon---what can I say? the first season had an epic battle against the villainness in a completely different, brutal setting (Arctic Pole), with kickass music, and many heroic sacrifices. shame they had to keep tacking on stupid storylines after it....

    Game of Thrones---hahaha, the Red Wedding. ANY ONE of those moments in episode 9 would have sent me to tears. then they kept on going. GOD, the horror! and then episode 10....i didnt know whether to laugh or cry.
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  10. Like seriously, that second ending to Breaking Bad, I couldn't go back to thinking of Brian Cranston as Hal xD.

    I pretty much third Breaking Bad, FMA: Brotherhood, and second Gurren Lagann.

    Justice League Unlimited, if I remember correctly, had a really good and solid ending. Gun x Sword's ending was....strangely fitting for me, really enjoyed it. Gungrave, out of anime, for me had one of the best, it wasn't the typical happy end, in all seriousness it's quite depressing.
  11. Stargate Universe! I hate that the show ended, but they left it open so that the story could be picked up where it left off, or people could simply create their own ending. Seriously, SyFy really screwed Stargate fans, but there will always be hope that someone might see the potential in the show and pick it back up. Doubtful....but we can hope!
  12. Firefly and Terra Nova had the greatest endings of any show ever.

    JK fuck Fox with a rusty shit encrusted pitchfork.
  13. FLCL has a great ending. So did TTGL.
  14. Frasier!

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  15. Yu-Gi-Oh! Ending (open)
    When the pharoh leaves and you see everyones lives afterward, i fele like it gives a satisfying ending. Would've liked the original Era to continue on though. All of the spinoffs Are lackluster compared to it. Leonandzigfried.png

    The pic I Posted 9iis a japanise screenshot from the final ending.
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