Showers or baths?

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Do you prefer showers or baths?

  1. Showers

    26 vote(s)
  2. Baths

    4 vote(s)
  3. Both

    10 vote(s)
  4. Neither

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  1. When it comes to washing yourself, which do you prefer? Showers or baths? I prefer to take showers although they can get pretty long O.o like 30 minutes long -_-
  2. Shower to clean, bath to relax
  3. I like both. Baths are great in the winter time. You can soak in a tub full of hot water till you get too hot and don't mind going out into the colder part of the room. Showers are great in the summer because they open your pores up and getting out once you're done feels like absolute heaven after being sweaty and sticky all day.
  4. Five minute showers, fast as possible, so I can get back to the important stuff.
  5. Once it starts getting cold out, I live in my bath. I love to come home after being out in the cold and just warming right up in the bath. Showers are better for the summer because my place doesn't have AC so lots of cold showers. But if I could only bath I would.
  6. I used to say baths... But they get the flaw of the water soon becomes dirty, and suddenly you find yourself needing to take a prep-shower if you want a truly relaxing bath.

    While showers can be relaxing from the get go.
  7. This.
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  10. I shower so that I can take a bath.
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  11. I like to take baths, but I always shower afterwards.
  12. Work days I shower and scrub to get all the grime off me
    Day off I wanna relax and take a nice long bubble bath/bath-bomb bath with a good book and something to drink.
  13. Showers...

    So I can reasses my position in the universe as the shower bashes the sound of my tears away :c
  14. I take 15-30 minute showers lol, and it's always cold because nope, no heater in the showers at my dorm haha. It's a good way to wake up. And since it's hot in the city anyway, it's refreshing to take mid-day during weekends.

    Baths? I used to like baths for the sweet-scented bath bubbles and loofa and scrubbing my back, etc etc it's relaxing (I can read a book while taking a bath, which is a plus), but I can only take baths when I'm back home.
  15. 5-10 min showers
    2 min washing off, 1 min getting on soap/shampoo, 2-7 min washing off. Depends on how not in the mood I am of getting out in the cold air xD

    The only time I take a bath is when I really wanna swim, which either takes place in a lake or in the bathhouse, which both requires a shower afterwards :9 Just lying in the bath is not my thing.
  16. This, and if I am feeling too down, I use epsonsalts and tons of bubbles so I can pretend I'l moses.
  17. I don't have a bathtub to take baths in. So it's just showers for me. I like long warm showers but I don't get to take those often enough. Not because I don't have the time but because hot water costs friggin' money. >:[ (Not that cold water doesn't, it's just not as expensive.)
  18. BOTH!

    I like showers for a fast wash and to wash my hair. Especially my hair. Cause that's a bitch to do in the bath. c___c;

    Bath time is for a good hard scrubbing and cleaning. Shaving limbs, getting callouses off my feets, etc etc.

    And of course relaxing when I just wanna sit and soak with bath salts and bubbles. 8D
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  19. BATH! If you couldn't get UTIs from obsessives bubble baths, I'd probably take like three to day. I usually take a bath unless I'm in a rush or just need a quick wash. I just love soaking, reading a book, and relaxing! In the summer I definitely take more showers, though!
  20. I can never get people's love for using books, laptops and other water sensitive stuff by the bath.

    Cause not only do your hands always need to be dry, but you're just one slip/accident away from ruining whatever it is that you're using.
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