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Welcome to Showcasing, a section of the forum where you can create you own mini-gallery or exhibition. Here is where you can show off your artistic talents and even ask for critique from the other members.

If you're working on tweaking code character sheets, you might want to use Coding Labs!

Remember to cite your sources if you use content that was created by someone besides yourself.

Be sure to follow the rules about potentially Not Safe For Work content and put risqué work in spoilers with content warnings.

Threads created by members who become inactive, banned, or deleted will be archived. If you need a thread revived, you can use the Thread Moderation Request form to ask a mod to bring it back.

Thread prefixes are colorful tags displayed at the beginning of a thread title. They can be chosen when creating a thread and more than one can be applied. These prefixes show what a thread is for. You can also click on them from the thread listing to display all the threads with that prefix within that forum. Each section has its own prefixes, so make sure to check the info sticky to make sure you're picking the right prefixes and to learn what they mean!

CHARACTERS - Showing off the characters that the thread owner has created.

FEEDBACK WANTED - People are encouraged to read the thread and talk about the contents.

ART - Artistic endeavors (which might be slow to load for mobile users due to containing images) are on display.

COLLABORATION - Some (or all) of the contents of this thread are the product of two or more people working together.

CRITIQUE WANTED - Slightly different from feedback, this prefix encourages people to review a work and talk about any potential shortcomings that they noticed with the pieces.

FANFICTION - Games, movies, and all kinds of other media inspire us and this thread contains stories that are connected to someone else's original work.

MISCELLANEOUS - Does your thread have art that doesn't fit into one of the other categories, say you're showing off your marble sculptures? This prefix is for you! It can also be used if many different types of work are collected in a single thread.

PLOTS - A collection of premises for stories or roleplays.

POETRY - Be not still, poet's heart! Use this prefix to show that poetry lies ahead.

RESOURCE - Something that others might be able to make use of lies within.

SOLO RP - Like a roleplay, but one person made all the characters and is writing all the posts.

WORLD SHOWCASE - Worldbuilding is the process of creating a setting for a story or roleplay. Here, people can show off the settings they've made.

WRITING - The art on display is of the text-based variety.
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