Show, Don't Tell

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  1. [size=+1]Showing, not telling, is an almost cliché term used often for those who write. It's advice for how to create a more engaging story by allowing the reader to connect with the content and use their imagination instead of being led through your story. This short comic employs a good mix of necessary telling and also shows, which leads you to surmise the subtext on your own and gives the story a certain feel. The comic has an advantage over plain text, because of the pictures, but if you were to remove most of the pictures, you would still get the same general tone and would understand most of the story.

    Do you have any tips that you use for showing and not telling?
    What other stories can you think of that employ this well (or, not well at all?)
  2. This might do better in a workshop board like Roleplay Talk or Creative Challenges & Showcases

    I like the motto, it reminds me that scaring a reader is always better than just saying something is scary
  3. Ooooh really liked that comic. Nice and creepy.