Should men hit women back?

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  1. I'm thinking too much again (damn my neurotic brain) so I gotta see ya'll lovely peoples opinion to calm my thoughts.

    Do you think a man should hit a woman back if he's being hit?

    My opinion is:

    Yes and bo. There is no "right". If she is not threatening his life with a weapon with intent to kill him, he doesn't have a right to hit her back just because she hit him first. If he feels the need to "put her in her place" (which can be considered an abusive mindset mind you), he needs to get some mace. Most men nowadays confuse equality with abuse, meaning that if a woman wants to be equal, then she has to take some hits. Literally.

    Yes, some women are bat shit crazy and they're the same ones who will call the police and put his ass in jail. He will lose everything: job, respect, credibility, all because he had the "right" to defend himself. Now if a man does this and 9 times out of 10, it happens way too often, the man ends up killing her or putting her in ICU. Did she, the woman, had time or the right to defend HERSELF?

    Dude does that shit to me, I will go Bayonetta on his ass. I don't condone violence unless threatened, but if I'm in that situation, if my life is in terrible danger, then I have no choice but to take his. Its different for men and women in these situations. Men get abused too, but not as much as women. Men can fight back, women who fight back can get killed one or two ways.

    People need to stop asking and comparing the differences between the two when its blatantly clear that women really do not have an advantage in defense. In most cases, defense is rarely taught so women who get into abusive relationshits, face much more than the right to defend themselves because they cannot. Men who are itching to hit a woman back, are ones you have to look out for because that's how domestic violence starts. I don't care if the bitch tap your shoulder, you do not hit her ass back! Call the police, file a restraining order! Don't be a dick just because she hit you. That's absurd, but most men do not care because like I said, they confuse equality with abuse when its not even about that. Let's not forget that some men think it's ok to hit a woman if she hits him because of something like cheating. THAT isn't acceptable at all and is indeed abuse.

    Basically I think a man shouldn't hit a woman unless she comes at him with intent to kill. No one has the "right" to hit anyone. There's a reason why most people tell women and men to get out of domestic situations nonviolently. No one should be hitting anyone. Just my take on the thing. Please don't kill me! I wanna make it to 21!
  2. Yes. Equality. Done.
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  3. If a woman is hitting me, you can bet I am not going to stand there and risk harm to myself. I will put her in a very uncomfortable arm bar until she settles the fuck down, and if she's especially viscious and capable of causing me harm (usually you'll be able to tell after the first punch or if she's actively trying to scratch your eyes out or stab you with a broken beer bottle or some shit) I will punch back.

    Yes, men are generally stronger than women. It doesn't mean woman can't harm men. I don't care who is trying to harm me, I will defend myself however necessary to protect my person.

    Of course, if we're talking like ineffectual hits that basically amount to being uncomfortable, I'm not going to deliver a haymaker. Grab wrists, tell her to calm the fuck down, shove over if necessary.

    Of course, I don't start fights and I certainly wouldn't hit anyone who wasn't trying to hurt me first. Never had to hit a girl, hope I never do.
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  4. I think its just "bo".

    Everybody has the right to self defense. You're life doesn't have to be in danger to defend yourself. Only harm.

    What about the abuse of being hit at all?

    I would love to see someone who said women have to literally take hits to be equal.

    Equality isn't about an equal end result. Its about equal potential.

    Women are the culprits of domestic abuse at a much much higher rate to men. In fact, domestic abuse (per capita) is most common in lesbian communities. I know it seems out of place of a point, but it puts in some interesting perspective.
    As I said, everyone has the right to defend themselves.
    If you are waiting until your life is in danger, then you have waited too long. The appropriate time to defend yourself is when you feel the threat of bodily harm. A single punch is enough of a cause for defending yourself.
    Again, domestic abuse done by women is much higher then men, so this is not a true statement.
    This is why I advocate the 2nd Amendment. No matter what your gender, race, age or skill level in fighting is, a gun is the one great equalizing force on the planet today. You can be a 12 year old girl and shoot a would be 200lb child molester without having to exert any kind of great feat in order to survive an attack. I'm not advocated 12 years old children to conceal carry- the example was to show the extreme situation would be fairly even with a simple tool.

    I advocate Brazilian Jujitsu. Men and women's legs can be about the same strength, and Jujitsu is a self defense geared for smaller people. Trust me, I would know.

    But, if you want to have an true advantage in defense, conceal carry.

    Then do better job at avoiding bad relationships. Women tend to be really bad at this.

    Again, women tend to be the biggest agitators in domestic situations.

    I would laugh at a shoulder tap. I do not laugh at a woman with a Nine Iron. Ever been hit by one? That fucking sucks. And in hindsight, I wish I did hit her back, instead of wresting it from her after being hit a few more times.

    I always forget that to by breaking the law, another law will always protect you.

    Sorry, I am a bit sarcastic, but its not to be offensive. Its just my personality. I like sarcasm.

    That's the perfect time to be a dick.

    I think your grasp on equality isn't quite logical.

    To be equal, either ALL abuse is bad or NONE of it is bad. You cannot discriminate based on gender.

    Why are you singling men out on this? Women think its okay to hit a man because of something like cheating too.

    What about the mental/emotional abuse of being cheated on?

    The answer to this is simple. Don't date abusive assholes, and conceal carry. Then you don't have to beg people not to kill you. You can defend yourself without words and point a shiny metal thing at them. Usually you win, because they will run without you even having to pull the trigger.

    Women More Likely to Commit Domestic Violence, Studies Show

    Woman As Aggressor: The Unspoken Truth Of Domestic Violence

    And just because I know somebody is going to try to challenge me on the Lesbian Domestic Abuse numbers, Ill throw this in from MUSC

    Fact Sheet: Lesbian Partner Violence
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  5. If someone hit you (no matter the gender) they should expect to get hit back. That doesn't mean that the second person hitting the first person is right, both are equally wrong in hitting each other, but if you decide to hit someone first, no matter the reason, that is wrong, and you should just expect them to hit you back which is just as wrong as you hitting them.

    Hitting someone is always wrong except if it's self defense. Be it a bitch slap because your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you, or a fist in the face for no reason at all, violence is wrong if someone hasn't been violent towards you and you now need to defend yourself. There is something called talking, and if you feel that someone has wronged you, you should talk it out with them or say up your relationship with them, no matter if you're friends or lovers. If you can't talk about a problem and need to resort to violence when you get angry at them, guess what, that's not a good relationship for either of the involved.

    Guy or girl, I don't think anyone has the right to hit anyone, but if a person hits you first, no matter the genders of you and them, I say that you have the right to hit back, just know that you are equally wrong for continuing that abusive behavior.

    "But women are physically weaker in general and men are physically stronger, so it won't be equal if she hit him and he hit her afterwards cause he's stronger and she will be more hurt than him." I hear a lot of people saying, and to that I only have one answer.

    SO. WHAT?

    She went into a fight with a physically stronger person, knowing he was physically stronger, KNOWING he might hit her back. In Sweden we have this extremely good saying. As you make your bed, you'll lay in it. This means that if you make your bed poorly, you will have a bad nights sleep, if you make it well, you will sleep well. Equally, if you hit someone, you will probably get hurt.

    BUT, another reason why you shouldn't take the "Women are weaker and men are stronger in general" bullshit as an excuse is because IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! If a dwarf man suddenly hit a bodybuilder woman and she hit back, would that make her more wrong than the dwarf? If a female hits another female and she then hits back, is the stronger one more wrong than the weaker? If a weaker male hits a stronger male, will we accept that the stronger male is in the wrong when he suddenly hits back? No. The only time we ever care about this is when a male hits back after a female has hit him.

    If a female is a rational thinking adult, she should realize that if she hits someone stronger than her, she is partially to blame when she gets hurt because SHE started the circle of violence. SHE made the first hit. SHE invited violence to continue by hitting someone else instead of talking about whatever she was angry about (or if she's just a random bitch who just hit a random person for no reason, then it's instead of going home to hit a pillow to take out her frustration I suppose.)

    The person who does the first hit has started the violence and is just as much to blame as the one who continues the violence, if not more. The only time you can't blame one of the people in a violent situation is if they only use violence to get away from the violence because the other violent person isn't letting them run away.

    I know I rambled a lot, but this has been bothering me for so long. "You were slapped by your girlfriend? What a wuss HAHHAH" "YOU HIT YOUR GIRLFRIEND CAUSE SHE HIT YOU?! DEMON!"
    It's a double standard I despise. Sure, there are times when it depends on the situation, everything isn't always black and white, but in general (just like the general "women are weaker, men are stronger" that isn't always true), if you hit someone, you are in the wrong, expect payback, because you were the one who started the fight instead of just talk it over.
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  6. I meant to put no -_- fucking auto-correct. 46% of domestic violence is towards men. The remaining 54% is towards women. I'm not denying that men aren't victims but because of society, it goes unnoticed.

    There's a difference between self-defense and using unnecessary force. If a woman slaps you and you break her jaw in return, that's not equality. The problem is that men tend to hit harder which is why restraining her is the better option (unless she has a weapon of course which you should take matters into your own hands).

    I'm not against men defending themselves but some don't know what that is. When it comes to domestic violence, we're always told to leave peacefully and not fight back. If we do, we get arrested right along with the other person. If weapons get involved and someone gets killed, someone's going to pay no matter what which is why the gun argument hardly works.

    You can't tell when someone is going to be abusive so you can't say don't date abusive people. Some people grow up thinking that it's normal and let's not forget how manipulative and sneaky people can be.

    Hitting someone out of anger over something they did to you (cheating for example) doesn't solve anything and is very stupid honestly but if they end up doing that (hitting I mean), you're better off leaving since fighting back would only make things worse.

    I never said I was against men defending themselves. I am however against men using unnecessary force and resorting immediately to violence (threat of bodily harm or death being an exception of course). Just because a woman is talking shit doesn't give you the right to hit her.
  7. Its about half. Most of your points/arguments made it sound like it was "mostly against women", so I addressed them.

    I also think that abuse against men is probably higher, and they simply don't report it. I haven't.

    You did not make this distinction in your previous argument.

    Men don't just swing nilly willy to break a jaw. Yeah, some men tend to hit harder, but that is a non-point in the fact that she shouldn't have slapped him to begin with. You can choose your actions, but you cannot choose the consequences of them.

    Well yeah, domestic violence is kind of illegal.

    It works fine. Its called "Self Defense", and its a legal defense which often protects people in court as it should. If he hits you and breaks your jaw, pull a gun on the bastard.

    A quick google search can show you what to look out for. Signs are usually pretty easy to spot.

    Legitimate reasoning. Can't do anything about that though.

    I didn't say that hitting someone out of anger was acceptable if they did something even as horrible as cheating. I simply stressed that one can resort to physical abuse on a mate who cheated on them, causing emotional/mental abuse. It is understandable that people have a hard time keeping their emotions in check after such a horrible thing has happened.

    But what determines unnecessary force? What is the standard? It is quite a gray area.

    This changes the argument. We were talking about men fighting back against a woman who started a fight, or vice versa. Not a shit talker.
  8. GUYS.






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  9. tl;dr Nobody should hit anyone, but if you hide behind your sex to avoid ramifications for anything you are not in support of equal treatment as you believe whatever is between your legs absolves you from consequence. Which is, ironically, by definition a very sexist stance to take. Dare I say, entitlement? Dare I say, privilege?

    I'll let ya'll figure that one out.

    Shitstarting 101
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  10. Dick successfully measured.
  11. *scatters measuring tapes around the room*

    I'll be back when this inevitably gets out of hand.
  12. I have several points of agreements with @Dervish and @redblood when it comes to striking someone and striking back.

    Making the first strike (as in attack) is assault, but striking back can in some, or several, cases result in a brawl. One thing you do learn in several branches of martial arts is to handle the first strike correctly. In several cases restraining your attacker regardless of either gender is the more reasonable attempt.

    As for a bitchslap or something equally uncomfortable then I'm more in favor of kicking the person out, make it clear that it's not something you want in your life. When someone resorts to slapping you because they're angry then you can't trust the person to not repeat it in the near future.

    Verbal abuse? Equally not agreeable, being belittled or verbally attacked is just not right. No one have the right to treat someone like that. No one.

    Honestly speaking I believe in "force only when necessary" so situation and context matters a lot.
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  13. Oh, this topic again. On the watch list it goes so I can keep an eye out for when it inevitably devolves into a shitstorm.

    While I'm here though, I'll throw in my two cents. The idea of self defense comes with another idea known as minimum necessary force. You are only committing self defense if you use the minimum force required to make your attacker stop. Sometimes just deflecting blows and leaving the situation is the best call. If the other person, regardless of gender, is aiming to do real damage to you then trying to defensively leave will only give them further time to try to inflict harm upon you, so you are well within your rights to stop them with physical force (such as punching them in the face until they back off). If the other person is coming at you with a deadly weapon or what seems to be intent to kill, then you are well within your rights to stop them with deadly force. Women may not on average have the brute force to cause severe damage with a normal strike, but if they're scratching at your eyes or trying to kick/knee your balls or wielding any kind of weapon then they are a threat capable of causing you grievous harm (up to and including death), therefore a man being attacked by a woman can both morally and legally justify hitting her back in some circumstances. What's fucked up about this is that the legal system will most of the time try to charge you with a crime regardless of the evidence just because of your sex, but that's another topic entirely so I'll leave it at that.
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  14. Men don't report it because they'll be taken as a joke and a wuss which is quite sad.

    Yeah I should've said it earlier. My bad. Yeah the woman shouldn't have slapped the man to begin with and while she can't choose the consequences, she can choose to escalate things further and possibly hurt the man even more.

    My point exactly. Do you wanna go down with the other person or do you just want them to go to jail?

    That depends on where you live. Some states don't have a self-defense law and even end up disregarding it. Let's not forget that women are more likely to benefit from the self-defense card than men which is another problem.

    Yeah it is understandable but it doesn't make it right. You'll be no better than the other person for repeating the cycle. Use words not fists.

    Yes it is a grey area which makes it hard to determine. I consider unnecessary force to be killing someone or putting them in the hospital.

    I brought it up because I noticed some men being too eager to fight women, going as far as to hit her if she says something to him. That's what I mean by people confusing equality with abuse.
  15. Some women are asking for it. Walking around with uncovered faces. Aladdin taught me all about those punch-sluts.

    It's a harsh world, where people will always try to attack each other and shoot each other and rape each other, all the time, the moment you let your guard down. Let's live in a state of seething violence, ready to arm-bar any bitch who messes with us.

    I for one am prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

    Merica. Land of the Free. Don't fuck with me, Bro.
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  16. x2
  17. Yes, it is unfortunate. But life isn't fair. XD

    She could hurt the man even more. She could also get hurt even more.

    Moral of the story is don't hit someone if you aren't prepared to deal with the consequences of that action. Both on the legal level, and the fact that you might get your ass kicked. lol

    Yes, and usually even when the woman is at fault, she can garner more sympathy.

    However, in general, when a case goes to court (in a state without dumbass zero tolerance policies), the aggressor gets the hammer, and the person who swung back after getting hit goes free.

    Self defense laws and using self defense in courts is different. Any lawyer worth half his salt would be able to defend a victim in court who was just defending themselves. And while yes, women gather more sympathy, they usually just get a lesser sentence instead of getting out of it at all.

    Unless you fear the same thing happening to you, correct?
    People like that are too eager to hit anyone, not just women. They are just shitheads in general. Women are just easier targets.

    I'm sorry, I just cant figure out what this is supposed to mean.

    Remember boys and girls and other things, Asmodeus is what we on the interweb call a "troll." This means that if you take him seriously you are a fool. He makes absurd statements for his own amusement and to bait others into responding to him, ideally with anger at whatever nonsense he cooked up. Like many trolls, he likely derives sexual satisfaction from your mindless anger. You wouldn't give a handjob to a troll, would you? Responding to Asmo's nonsense is basically giving a handjob to a troll.

    Don't touch troll dick. Don't respond to Asmodeus posts.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled shitstorm in the making.
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  19. Has.

    Just wanting to poke fun.
  20. Also, don't try to appeal to Kakumei with things like reason and empathy. It's like giving a troll a handjob whilst simultaneously ramming your head into a brick wall.

    Let's just get on with living our lives like decent people.
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