Should I change my name, and if so, to what?

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What is your opinion?!

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  2. Change it! NOW!

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  3. I don't fekkin know... Why are you asking me?

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  1. Hello to one and all that happen to discretely wonder across this little thing in space!
    I've started to stare at my name more recently, and I'm no longer quite in the mind of changing it, but I have NO CLUE to what I would have...
    I'm searching for something... "Divine" so to speak, the original idea behind my current name was a Seraph, the 'Inia' part was just a random blib...
    I like things starting with an; S, H, or L. Dunno why.
    That or something mysterious... Like someone behind a Veil or Shadow, out in the open but hidden by something distinctive or small.
    I don't mind how I'm contacted.


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  2. ChipsAhoyMcCoy.
  3. I swear I recognize that from somewhere...

    Oh goodness! XD
    I used to have something like that when I first started prowling the internet, but it led to some strange results...

    *Hastily changes some things*
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  4. So.... While your username is supposed to tell something about you, eventually it does become just a form of identification. People remember you by your username, and if you change it, all the street-cred, good or bad, you've built with that name tends to vanish. Of course, if you have no street-cred to begin with... :)
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  5. How long have you had your name? Are you just having an itch for something new or do you feel like the name really doesn't reflect who you are? Have you looked at trying to modify any nicknames your friends have for you?
  6. I've considered switching my screen name several times, but ultimately decided against it. Why?

    I am Seiji.

    No matter what name I go by, I'll always be remembered of that way. People will continue to call me that name, people will think of me with that name. So ultimately, there really ain't no point for me to change my nickname. It's part of who I am, for good or for worse.
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  7. I've had it for... Years now, I don't Think it has any actual reflection who I am.
    I'm not any Seraph, believe me.
  8. This is completely true, in all ways.
    A name distinguishes a person for whom they are, what they reflect, gained, and lost.
    The ideas they represent, the ones they don't.

    But there's always room for change, so to speak.
    People will notice that you used to be known as this, and now that.
    It adds an extra tint to a person.
    You start to wonder if they'l change it again, and to what.
  9. I wouldn't necessarily call that a good thing. People who change their usernames all the time are actually fairly irritating. I keep track of what I'm doing and with whom by username. Changes like that mess with things.

    Besides, change your username, and you can't use that sig anymore.
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  10. ...
    Discussion closed.
    Have a nice day everyone.

    No, not really...

    Feel free to continue posting your names! I'll likely convert them into a name for a character, if that's permitted.
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